Monday, September 9, 2013

Swedish House Mafia “the separation”

Gabriela Paredes
7th grade

If you didn’t know, Swedish House Mafia broke up. In Swedish House Mafia there were 3 DJs. Sebastian Ingrosso , Axwell, and Steve Angello are the 3 DJs. All those DJs went by themselves, but they still do music. Some songs are “Reload” from Sebastian Ingrosso, “ Center of the Universe” from Axwell, and “Lights” from Steve Angello. My favorite song from the ones I listed before is “Reload” by Sebastian Ingrosso I think he is a great DJ. The genre of music Swedish House Mafia did was electronic music, the last song Swedish House Mafia did was “ Don’t You Worry Child”, and pretty good song I liked it a lot. And still the DJs do that type of music like all the songs that I listed before they are all electronic. Still when Swedish House Mafia separated they still talk to each other and they are still friends. They are not like some bands that separated that they are mean to each other and say bad things to each other, no Swedish House Mafia are still friendly people to themselves. And in some time they do mixes with each other and announce them. The song “ Don’t You Worry Child” was the last song they did, and with that song they announced their separation.

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