Thursday, September 5, 2013

Soccer Player Gareth Bale Sold To Real Madrid for £86M

Fares Mubarak
8th Grade
September 4th, 2013

Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale, who is from Wales, United Kingdom, was recently transferred from the soccer team Tottenham Hotspur (they play in the Barclays Premier League) to the winner of 32 league trophies, Real Madrid. In the professional soccer season, there is something called the transfer market. The transfer market is basically a market in which players are sold or loaned to other teams for a couple of years. Now, after a few weeks of the market being open, the market, by rules, closes down and cannot have any more exchanges or loans. Soon before the market was close down, Gareth Bale was sent and bought from Tottenham to Real Madrid. Gareth gets paid around £300,000+ weekly, meaning around 1.2 million euros monthly. This much money will only make Mr. Bale stay for a longer time in Real Madrid. Will the raise increase? Will it decrease? Will he be happy in Real Madrid? Lets wait and see.
In my opinion, Gareth Bales didn't go for his passion for soccer but for the money that Real Madrid is paying him. Honestly, most of the society of professional soccer players don't play for their passion for soccer but for the money, and one of them is Bale.


Gareth Bale playing in Real Madrid


  1. Oh that's so cool! Even better because Real Madrid is my favorite soccer team! I'm not sure if it is a good thing to the fans because they might disagree because they might hate on him, but some of the fans may agree like me because maybe with him he could help Real! I hope they build a great team and win! HALA MADRID!

    1. First off, I can guarantee that every single Real Madrid fan that has been there for Madrid for a long time will like any player that join.
      In example, you or even me. I'm pretty sure we both agree that he's a good player and that he'll be beneficial for the Real Madrid first squad.
      Thanks for the positive comment!
      Hala Madrid!
      P.S. it is awesome that you still support Real Madrid ;)