Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fun is great!

Biographical Note:
Hi. My name is Josh, hence the title. Dictionaries burn my hands, I hate homework, I love the school lunches, I get iPod cuts, and I only have three pencils in my pocket. I used to have a quaker bird (parrot) that would sit on my shoulder and do disgusting stuff, but when I was at my friends house, the bird bit my dad's finger. So my mom got mad and gave him away to the bird pound. And those were the three most fun days in my life.

Fun is Great!

by Josh

Fun is great, but in my house, fun is too much of a privilege for my mom and dad to handle. Like the other day, I had basically no homework, so I used my time to play as much video games as I could get into a day. But of course, when mom walked in, it was too much fun. So now that I could not do that, I decided to protest by acting super-bored and staring at walls. I have to say my mom scored on that one, because protesting was fun, but still, it's like saying, "Oh, you're having fun?!? Okay, ten days in jail."
I never tell my mom that I'm bored, because she always makes me read a book. I have nothing against books, but I have everything against being forced to read a book I have already read 15 times. I think it's because they're (my parents) are jealous. If I can rot my brains more than they can, I suffer for it. But then again, every parent has something against the TV.

Not all fun is in video games though, pranks, man, I can go a million ways with that one, but the tickle your nose and shaving cream one is the winner for me. Who knew a little shaving cream could be so much fun? But since this was in my house, I got in trouble for using too much shaving cream.

And also, like in theme parks: I was about to go on the ride that scares the recently eaten food out of my stomach, and my mom said, "take your sister with you!" And I knew what that meant, no fun. To make matters worse, it was on my birthday. How cruel.

Another cruel thing is when I get a new toy, so my parents go crazy. Where do I start when they get that kind of green light? They search for every possible flaw they can conjure up:

"Josh!! I told you a million times to hang up your towel!!!"

"Sorry mom, I hang it up right now."

"You can't play with your new toy for a week."

I guess I have to stick to books.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Film changed the freaking world!

This is 11 minutes of film from 1906.


Film was only invented roughly 30 years before. By some estimates, 6 billion people worldwide will have their own MOBILE web media viewers by the year 2013. That means that 6 billion people will have access to mobile cameras and youtube.

How do you think life was different for people before we had the ability to film our lives? If you could go back and ask one of these people walking down Market Street in San Francisco questions about their lives without movies everywhere, what would you ask them?