Friday, August 31, 2012

I'm Okay! A Message From the Boy Who Just Had Surgery

Hey, guys! I know some of you heard that I had surgery. Allow me to explain: I started feeling nauseous on Sunday, then I started having pain beneath my belly button the day after, and then my parents took me to the hospital that night where it was discovered that I had appendicitis, which almost turned into peritonitis. They had to operate on me just to figure out that my appendix was swollen.

I had to spend two-and-a-half days in the hospital doing nothing but sitting on a bed, watching TV and walking down the hospital hallways. But now I'm out of the hospital, however I'm not allowed to do strenuous activity (thank goodness!) or eat anything with lactose in it for a whole month! How am I gonna survive without chocolate ice cream for that long!?

The point is:
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So see you guys soon! I read your card! Thanks everybody!
P.S. How could I miss the field trip and Jeans Day?!

P.P.S. Dear Ms. Vary,
It would be cool if you started teaching us how to animate.

You thought Reach Forge was cool...

In Halo Reach, forge mode is one of the coolest option you can play with other than matchmaking. It was the FPS gamers's Minecraft for making the games you wanted to play. This video is showing a demo on the new Halo 4 Forge which is releasing tons of new option that make Halo Reach Forge look like Halo 3 Forge. Anyone exited to make a new game-type?

By Josh G.

Gaming help or ideas

google image
hi my name is Anas Shuman i like to play video games and to play sports.
but i love to talk about video games and sport.
i will talk about video games . but i will talk about about other games like resident evil,
assassins creed and much more, i love to play video games if u gave me a videogame i will look at it and blog about to see if its bad or not. my favorite of all times might be call of duty but i won't be talking about that. but will love any first person shooters, fighting games,and third person shooters. i also check comments about what your favorite games is, and if you need help in on games i could put up videos on how to beat games or know the story of a game. the games know about is resident evil, call of duty ,medal of honor, red dead redemption,tekken, much more. but it doesn’t matter what console you are i might playstation 3 but i could help people who have different consoles like wii, xbox 360,playstation 3, 3ds, and dsi but if you want to know when a game comes out i could tell you the release date and the video of it if possible.

Slender Man

Image courtesy of paranormal pastor on google images

There is an urban legend about a really tall man in a black suit, who has tentacles, and no facial appearances. The slender man is known for killing and kidnapping usually little children. Some people here in Equity American School have known about this computer game called slender. I personally love the game but get really scared too. I learnt about it on youtube watching a video of one of my favorite youtubers Wihteboy7thStreet who plays a lot of video games. I downloaded slender About two days ago. Like you can see in the picture he lives near trees and isn't very friendly. I was really freaked out but when i played it over and over again I saw the game wasn't that scary because they don't make him as tall as he is supposed to be, so Equity , there is nothing to be scared of. Except if you’re a little kid. NAH, I am just kidding there is seriously nothing to be scared of. Well there is this one thing remember HE IS ALWAYS WATCHING YOU. PEACE Adrian Rodriguez.


CC image courtesy of Indie Bands With a Mission on Flicker

I love strawberry. I don’t know how I like strawberry or why but I just love the strawberry. It just taste good. The fact about the strawberry is that strawberry is red with black seeds (about 200 seeds) all over their body. Strawberry is only fruit that has seeds outside. Strawberry is the first fruit that harvest in spring. Strawberries are grown in all the United states and all the province of the canada. They also produce 21 tons of strawberry annually. They have strawberry museum in the Belgium.
Strawberries are members of rose family. More than 94 percent of US householders consume strawberries and 53 percent of 6-9 year old picked strawberry as their favorite fruit. 23,000 acres for strawberry farm. They also made strawberry soup, sour cream and powdered sugar.
Strawberries are low fat, low calorie, high VItamin C than orange, Fiber, Folic acid and Potassium. 8 strawberries has 140% calories for kids. Also help reduce the cancer & heart attack, increase the flow of blood. In a test, person who ate strawberry before they exercise, burned more calorie that person who did not.
Folklore said if you split the strawberries and share with another person, you will soon fall in love. They also figured that out the emperor Napoleon was famous for bathing in the fresh strawberry juice.  
So everyone love strawberry! Strawberry is great and awesome fruit.

By Wendy Kim


Image courtesy of on Google Images

Do you like santa? Do you like sayings about santa? I think that santa sayings like this are so funny. I mean look at his face. What i’m wandering about from the picture is what if santa dies because he has to wait till morning till he can get his antidote. I am also wondering how he is going to give the antidote to santa. You guys should really go to google images and look up funny pictures of santa. You will get pictures like this one and more. I think they are so awesome.  But i also think that some have some flaws like the one i picke. Like i said before how is Michael going to give the antidote to santa. Maybe he will mail it to the North Pole. I also wonder why send our letters to the north pole i mean how do we even know if it gets to santa. I also wonder why orphans don’t get presents from santa. I think that’s mean. Isn’t Santa supposed to bring joy to kids around the word. Then why doesn’t he give to the orphanages.  Well thats my take on the on santa. Post so then i know what you think.
   By: Ivy Ghiz

roller coasters

What to you think about roller coasters?Personally I like them but I'm never brave enough to go on the upside down ones,meanwhile my brother llllooooooovvveeessss roller coasters.when we went on this one design your own roller coaster he snuck a few upside down moments.Here are some of the scariest roller coasters,would you ever ride them? I wouldn't in a million years.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bon Iver and Sunset-Flecked Snow

Bon Iver preforms "Calgary" on Later with Jools Holland

Justin Vernon leads a band called Bon Iver. If you're into indie folk, you may have heard of Vernon, a native Wisconsinite, who recorded a series of demos alone in his father's cabin in the Great North. For Emma, Forever Ago was born there.

Over time, I have come to identify deeply with Justin's work, and Bon Iver as a whole. Watching them preform is intimate; in this video, you can see how each bandmate weaves their own threads into the music. Sometimes, you can even hear the inaudible sound of winter in their songs. If there was one song that could describe my childhood winters underneath the pastel-flecked sunset, it would be this:

Is there a band, artist, album, or song that could describe a part of you, a part of your life? Share it with us!

By Edie


Art, it is fun, it means paintings architecture, sculpting drawing and many other things that art can mean. But i love art, it is like my hobby. it is when you can become creative with your imagination and you can express your feelings. there are many types but my favorite is painting and drawing. it is an artistic way to show what you feel. like if you are sad your mind will probably lead you to the darker sadder colors. but if you are mad it will probably lead you to reds yellows and oranges. it depends on what you feel. many artists like picasso expressed his feelings through his art. You don't need to be great at it. you might be better at abstract painting.
Or you might be better at landscapes but you are good at something. like i am better at landscapes and abstract. I thing art is for people that cant express their feelings as well.So do you think you have what it takes to be an artist? I hope you do have an interest and if you are not, its fine. Art might not be your skill.
 BY:Rebecca Orozco

CC image courtesy of Jeni Rodger on flickr

Monday, August 27, 2012

Michael Handson

This video takes handy-work to the limit. have you ever met somebody who can bend their fingers all the way backward or make a coin climb up their hand. Its amazing what people can do with practice. You probably have met someone who does this and may have felt a little jealous. Its alright, just show them this video where some lady has dancing hands. Can anyone compete with this?

To Scared to Sag

 First of let me point out that sagging is stupid and juvenile. I didn't always think this way. When I was younger I thought that sagging was dangerous. If a gust of wind was strong enough you could wind up mooning someone. Also It was really easy to get depantsed. This lead to a strange paradigm in my old school. Sagging became a symbol of ones power. To be able to show great weakness and not fear being pantsed was a sign stature. Also important to note the more you sagged the higher up the social pyramid you were. This was a weird fad until the point when the lights went out and everybody went on a pantsing frenzy. To be clear I never sagged! Depantsing is another story.

By Gio Aboujaoude

banned books

we have all heard those stories about some parent complains to a school because a book is inappropriate .I have also heard that once these books are banned they become even more famous.Here is a video of the most challenged books from 1900-2000 and some of these books will surprise you.
Kelly C.S

Friday, August 24, 2012


By Arturo Girona, 8th Grade

Hey guys! I have an awesome idea for people on the newspaper. Let's just say that you want to make comic strips for the school newspaper, but your bad at drawing. Then fear less, for there is:

Image courtesy of
Bitstrips is a website made solely for the purpose of making comic strips. You can also look at other people's strips and you can start a strips series.

But if you're reading this, Mr. Sanders, and you don't approve of my idea, then fear not because there's also:

Image courtesy of
This is a website that can be used for educational purposes. So I'd appreciate it if you'd at least approve of Bitstrips for Schools. Here's the link for that website:

Thursday, August 23, 2012

On Harps, the Wind and Joanna Newsom (Edie)

The harp has been a part of our history for thousands of centuries. It was born in Mesopotamia, and since then has become part of many lands, ranging from Africa, Asia, and Europe to North and South America. Harps and other stringed instruments (the lute, lyre, ukelele, guitar, goes on) have shaped musical traditions all over the world. We continue to cherish this sound.

The Great Puget Sound Wind Harp is a giant, two-story wind harp was constructed by Ron Konzak. Once, he noticed that the wind caused his Celtic harp to resonate with sound. He decided to create a stand-alone harp that would be touched by the wind, and this was born.

In this video, a harp resonates with gusts of wind. 

I really like Joanna Newsom, a harpist and composer. Her songs embody the beauty of the harp and folk influences. Here, she preforms '81 on Later with Jools Holland.

Analyze the music you listen to. Why do you like it? Do you like music that centers on one type of instrument? Tell us about your findings!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Statistically blue is the most liked color. It has something to do with the sky and the ocean being blue. I'm not sure why that should matter when considering what color you like but what should matter. Is it if the color makes you look good? If you're happy or sad does you're color change to suit that particular mood? Or do you just wake up one morning and say I'm feeling like green today?

By Gio

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Closing Ceremony Summary

By: Arturo Girona

In case any of you out there didn't see the closing ceremony of the Olympics, here's some of the highlights of the show:

The ceremony started off with a fireworks display. Then, they showed the area around the London Eye covered in newspaper clippings.
Image courtesy of

Then, the Pet Shop Boys performed West End Girls.
Image courtesy of

One Direction came next and performed What Makes You Beautiful.
Image courtesy of
Next, a huge flag parade appeared with the flags of all the countries that participated.

At the same time, Elbow performed "Open Arms" and "One Day Like This".

Then, a group of drummers appeared while 303 white boxes were being carried by performers, each box representing an event in the Olympics.

After the drummers came Kate Bush's song "Running Up that Hill". At the same time, boxes were being arranged in a pyramid, while the screens were showing some of the highlights of the Games.

Then traditionally came the medal ceremony for the mens' marathon with Stephen Kiprotich of Uganda winning gold.
Image courtesy of
And after that came "Here Comes the Sun" by The Beatles.
If you want to know everything else that happened, go to

lego robots

How many of you guys have ever built lego robots?I did once and though it was hard it was cool and fun.If only they could clean rooms instead of just avoid obstacles.I would LOVE a room cleaning robot who wouldn't.
Kelly Correa Schmick

Friday, August 17, 2012

Duct tape Everything.
I know many of you have no time to watch this video but when I did I considered duct tape to be the most useful tool the world has never known. From now on I carry duct tape around for anything and everything. if you have time to watch this video just watch the end. Its amazing what they can create with time and lots and lots of  duct tape.

by Josh


Ok this is nothing in particular. Its just a video collage of how far we are in science  mixed with a bunch of weird stuff to make you pay attention. Although nothing is discussed at length I like the video because if any particular topic interests you you can research it on your own. Also there's a lot to comment on.

By Gio

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tired of Powerpoint?

Monday, August 13, 2012


By Arturo Girona

Anyone feeling like this?
Image courtesy of

Are you more reluctant to go to school than anything else? Wishing summer lasted forever? Well, if there's anything I've learned it's this: life's not fair! Get over it! We all have to go back to school, no matter whether it's gonna be a drag or not or that it means that you're going to a new grade, that you have to do tons of homework, and learn new stuff that's really hard to understand, and worry about your grades and what's gonna come out on your report card.

But calm down everyone; school's not that bad. You get to see some of your friends again, talk with them, and do stuff with them. School is also a great place to socialize. At least that's one thing you can be happy about when you have to go back to school. If you wanna know how I feel, well I sorta feel like this:

But at the same time, I don't want to! Half of me likes school, the other half hates school. So I had mixed feelings about the new year at Equity. However, with luck, this will turn out to be a great year, for all of us!

Red Neck Olympics(RNO)

Harld Brooks is actually hosting a version of the Olympic games in his back yard(Hebron, Maine). He says he was inspired by how the Olympics brought people together. He called it 'The Red Neck Olympics'. However, the USOC didn't like him using the word Olympics in the title because they thought people would think the 'Red Neck Olympics' was affiliated with or part of the 'Olympics'. So he changed it to the 'Red Neck Blank'. There are many categories you could compete in such as daunting quarter meter high dive or the thrilling toilet seat ring toss. Wether or not the Red Neck Olympics require steroid tests is still under speculation.

By Gio

3d printing!

Right  now we can only print in 2d which is good and all but just how cool would it be if we could print in 3d! Well we can if you have $550 to buy a 3d printer which uses a computer program to create objects that you can then print in 3d.right now it might seem very sci fi bookish to print in 3d but we never know when 3d printers will become mainstream,just imagine the possibilities! we could print toys decorations or more!Way off in the future we might be able to print edible food!of course right now it is a hard process but it is becoming easier every day.kcs

Sunday, August 12, 2012

World Peace, and Other Fourth Grade Achievements (Edie)

Hopefully, this title won't make you incredulous. You were once nine years old, after all, and you dreamt and hoped. By nine, I figured that life would be just grand if I lived out the rest of my days in a gigantic tree house. I would take baths in chocolate milk and walk around barefoot and dig really deep pits in the sandbox. I would stay home from school. I would invent things to make people's life easier. I would become a writer, and write books for other people so they could figure out their own problems, too, because by then I would have pretty much everything figured out for myself.

So, think about the dreams that you had when you were nine. They were extraordinary, weren't they? Larger than life, larger than anything you could see in front of you. What do you think about them now? Can you see them, see them happening in your life?

Keep these thoughts in your mind, and watch this video:

John Hunter, the man who is this class's guide, is a beautiful, caring person. Watch his TED talk, and then we'll be able to discuss the point of my ramblings:

We all want peace. John Hunter wants it too: probably from his earliest days he imagined doing something great, making not only his life but the lives of others around him more meaningful. We all want that. Why is a person like John Hunter capable of such greatness? How is he able to not only dream his dream, but live his dream? Simply put, how?

I want to know your thoughts on these questions (or any other aspect of the World Peace Game.) I personally think that his teaching philosophy includes a portion of the mind of Socrates: according to Ian Johnston, Socrates believed that:

"we have within us the means to knowledge; our souls, as it were, possess already everything we need to know.  We are at present unaware of the content of that knowledge, but we can come to recognize it.  It can be drawn out of us, so that we realize the truth of something we possessed all along.  If we focus on this task, we can discover the truth and falsity of what we think we know.  Learning is thus not a matter of accepting as true the various opinions our culture hands over to us.  It is much more a matter of self-examination so that we unlock (or re-discover) the knowledge within us."

John Hunter does not have the answer to world peace. Life isn't about that: it is the task for us, as a global family, to work together to figure these issues out just as this fourth-grade class did. John Hunter believes that we have the knowledge already within us: it is peace, not hatred, that is our equilibrium.

Maybe, peace lies in recognizing the truth in John Hunter's words: "I'm here, standing on the shoulders of many people. I'm not here alone." 

(To learn more about John Hunter and the World Peace Game, go to:

Friday, August 10, 2012

Franchise Reboot
By Josh

                  As most of you already know, Bungie has relinquished their control on the Halo franchise and given it to 343 Industries. 343 Industries is now making a new trilogy with the Master Chief starting with Halo 4 and their most recent video they released show many of the new things in the Halo 4 multiplayer. I am really exited for this new game. Does anyone else know of a game rebooting that they like?