Thursday, March 26, 2015

How to make FNAF 3 Not Scary

Everybody knows what Five Nights at Freddy's is by now. If FNAf did not come out, the whole scary games genre will be destroyed and nobody would play the games anymore. Who like scary video games or movie? Scott Cawthon has made games that can even scare you until you pee your pants. Scott (the creator) had nightmares with bonny and the animatronics

Perfect Proposal

Ok, guys! Please take notes. This is how you propose to your girl. Even if you do not have one yet, at least you have an idea on how to get her. Show her you care!!! This is very cheesy, but I think it is adorable. A guy takes seventeen months to plan the perfect proposal. Seventeen months people!!! Isn't that sweet? That is how you show that you really care about someone and the importance they have in your life. 
Girls, wouldn't you love if a guy did something like this for you? Wouldn't you be left speechless and start crying? Would you fall in love all over again? Or would you just not care? Or what if you do not like the guy back? Would you have the guts to say no even after they went through so much trouble? Comment what you would do and what you would think.
Guys, would you do all this for someone you love? What would you do if you got rejected? Please comment your thoughts.
I hope all of you enjoy watching this video!

Gaby M.  


Hello People. Izzi showed me this music video, and I thought it was pretty funny and random. One of the best parts in the video is when the police men are trying to catch the people in the car and are playing rock paper scissors the car drives up behind them and passes them. I love how in the ending she kisses him and then leaves him there to fend for himself against the police, and makes a run for it. Well, I hope you guys like the video. I know you won't read what I wrote, nobody ever reads the writing, but Mr.Diego. Mr. Diego only reads them because he has to grade them. If he really had a choice he would never read them. Anyway, back to the video enjoy and have a good Semana Santa!

Red Bull King of The Air 2015

Ever since the beginning of kiteboarding there had been one competition that stands above the rest. The prestigious Red Bull King of The Air competition. This race doesn't many rules. The only requirement is that you have to fly as high as you can and hope that the judges counted it. It is just how it sounds. The person that shows the most commitment,  height,  technical difficulty and risk will be the champion. I really can't talk to much about this competition aside from its crazy. The champion this year is called Aaron Hadlow. He was 5 time world champion and now he is king of the air.

Aaron Hadlow

The champion is back. Aaron Hadlow, a 26 year old professional kiteboarder from England. He started kiteboarding when he was a 12 year old. A couple of years after he started he won his first competition in England. When he was 15 he decided to go professional and he stated to compete in a much more luxurious type of competition: the world famous PKRA (Professional Kite Rider's Association). The first year he became world champion and he continued to win for five years in a row. The year was 2009 when he was finally defeated. He dedicated himself the triple s venues. Until 2013 he decided to make his comeback into competition. On 2014 he ended up third in the world with a fractures rib. So it is safe to say that he is on the road of being the champion again. The video above is of him training for the 2014 season. D best.


One of my favorite things to do when I'm bored is watching videos on youtube. There are a lot of youtubers I enjoy watching, one of them is Miranda Sings. Over 3 million subscribers in her channel. Miranda is a character interpreted by Colleen Ballinger also known as psycosoprano. Most of Miranda's videos are of her making "covers" of famous songs. What I like the most about her videos is that they are all funny. Even though in her videos she sings really bad and dances weird, in real life Colleen is a singer. You can see that Miranda has a funny and egotistical personality. Many people assume she is a person with problems or that she is crazy but if you are close part of the youtube community you will know she is just making this for her viewers. I hope you guys like the video. This is the first single she released. It is called "Where my baes at?" I love the video and I hope you guys enjoy it too. If you would like to check out her videos go ahead and type "Miranda Sings" in youtube, I can assure you guys you won't leave without having a good laugh. Also if you want to see her "normal" self and listen to her beautiful real voice search "Psycosoprano".

Jeni Koo 11th grade

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Ronaldinho Best Skills

Many might not know who is Ronaldinho so I'm going to tell you. Ronaldinho was the Brasilian player who won 2 tims the Ballon D' Or or so. For me he is the best player, ever he might not be th best player right now but during his career he won the Ballon D' Or, the World Cup with his team, and many other trophies. In this video They show how ronaldinho when he played in pro professional football how he didn't even think twice before dong it but he just did it.

I know many other players from Brazil who were really good also like Kaka, Rivalro, Ronaldo, Pele, Neymar, etc. but no one of them is like Ronaldinho. He was one of the only players who were clean but clean at the time of playing. He played for 3 of the best clubs from Europe like: FC Barcelona, AC Milan, and paris Saint-Germain.

-Juan Pablo Romero

Lip Sync between jimmy Fallon and Emma Sone

We all know Jimmy Fallon, he is funny, enthiusiastic and he always challeges his guest in his show. In this video that was pubished like in April from 2014 Jimmy challenges his guest Emma Stone to a Lip Sync Battle in which Emma wins the challenge. Each contestant in this case Emma and Jimmy get to pick and sing two songs. Jimmy picks "Fancy" from Iggy Azalea and "Mr. Roboto" from Styx. And Emma picks "Hook" by Blues Traveler and "All I do is win" by dj Khaled. I seriously liked this video because it wasn't only that they sang those songs but their face expressions were really funny, if you pay close atention to thier face expressions they didn't just pretend that they were singing but they also laughed at each other because they knew that if they looked funny, they wouldn't want to see themselves.

-Juan Pablo Romero

Michelle Obama against Ellen in a dance competition

Many of you know Ellen from her show because she tries to invite famous actresses, politicians, and other people. In this video she invites The wife of the President of the United States, Michele Obama.In this video Michelle Obama chalenges Ellen to a dance competition in witch they invite some dancers to dance with them the song of Bruno Mars called Uptown Funk.

Also Michelle Obama tells ellen that she recuested her friends or artists to show them a routine of how she will lose weight. They show the videos that they sended to Michelle Obama. Such artist were Beyonce working with some weights, Nick Jonas doing push-ups, and even some austronauts from NASA sended her videos of how to lose weight. Afterwards they don't do anything except that in the midle of the dance competition Michelle Obama had to put her phone on vibrate.

-Juan Pablo Romero

Fast&Furious 7

As it the title states this is the trailer about Fast&Furious 7. The movie as always is always starred by Vin Diesel. In this movie I'm not sure if they are going to include Paul Walker during all the movie or are they just going to "exclude" him by killling him i the movie. After that in the trailer you can see that the older brother of one of the bad guy that appeared in a movie before, I think it was the move number 6 but I'm not sure. So the oolder brother tries to hunt them and kill them because he wants to take revenge to what they did to his brother.

Apparently the movie is going out to theaters April 3, 2015 in the U.S. I'm not completly sure when is it coming out here in Guatemala but I asume that it will be like in June or July. I hope it comes out around that time but maybe it will not be like that. This might be a really good movie because they have done so many that the audiencereally likes this movies.

-Juan Pablo Romero

Friday, March 6, 2015

This is the worst thing from YouTube. If they change or delete this it will be better for people watching it. YouTube is the future of entertainment but it won't get to that if they don't change the dumb stuff. I would really like to see that YouTube cared a lot about things we do or we like. We do not use the watch later or what to watch section I mean this not 2009 or so. YouTube is one of the best things ever made and people will hate it for the littlest thing ever. Who does not like YouTube? Who agrees with every thing I said? And who reads this BTW) 

What Song Makes You Happy?

Hey everyone! So lately I've been hearing this song on repeat because it makes me really happy whenever I hear it. I really like the lyrics because it has meaning and the melody just makes my day. Someone probably made a post about the same thing, but we're a school with the majority of the student body having an interest for music. So, it doesn't matter! What song makes you happy? Did you like this song? They're british so some of the words may sound weird. But anyway, I want to hear about it, so write in the comments!

- Dania
Lot's of people have been fighting over the famous dress. Some say that it is "black and blue", and others say that it is "white and gold"...well the truth is that the dress is actually black and blue. Humans interpret color depending on the shadow and the type of lighting it is being used on the photo.This video explains why we see the dress as we do. If you were in Art yesterday you will probably understand it a little better. I personally find it really interesting how we all see stuff differently. At first I didn't understand but if you really think about it you will eventually. I see the dress as "black and blue", but when people told me that they saw it "white and gold" I thought that they were crazy... or I was.  Asapscience videos have a lot of fun and cool thing we can learn. I recommend it to everybody because sometimes we have a doubt or are just curious, and most of these videos have the answers.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hey guys! How are you? Hope you are all doing well! :) So I am the lucky one from my class who gets to be guest blogger for two months in a row, so you will be reading a lot from me in the next few weeks. Exciting, right? 
Anyway, I am sure most of you know that the oscars were a couple of weeks ago. There was the Disney star, Zendaya, who wore a beautiful white dress with dread locks. Then, on the show Fashion Police (I am sure all of you know about this show, but just in case that there is someone who doesn't, it is a show where a group of people talk about celebrities' clothes, hair, or anything related to fashion), they were talking about how everyone looked at the oscars. Commenting on their looks, as usual. However, when they got to Zendaya, Giuliana Rancic made a comment that surprised everyone. It is all over the internet now. Some people said that she was too mean and crossed the line. Watch the video and comment what you think. Was she too mean or do you agree with her? Or do you just not care? 

Gaby M.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Denver the guilty dog

I came across this video a year ago and I couldn't stop laughing after watching it. The video is about an owner that finds this cat treats eaten by one of his pets. He goes around his living room trying to find who ate the treats. I find this video really funny and cute. The owner makes the situation seem more dramatic than it actually is and the background music really helps to make the video seem like a big drama about finding people guilty of a crime. If you like making fun of your own pets and looking at their reactions when you mess with them, please do watch the video, I'm sure you will enjoy it. Besides who doesn't like watching dog videos. I always find videos like this about people with pets that do really funny and cute stuff, yet I never managed to find something weird or cute my dogs did when I had them. Comment if one of your pets has a weird or cute habit. I hope you guys enjoy the video and if you want more of Denver, check this video out.

Jeni Koo 
11th grade

Monday, March 2, 2015


This video consists of a guy who goes skydiving for the first time. At first, it seems as if everything is fine. However, a few seconds into the skydiving, he begins to experience a seizure. Luckily, the jumpmaster, the guy jumping with him, managed to grab him and open his parachute just in time so he doesn´t get killed. The guy who was having a seizure managed to snap out of it just in time to land. He came back to the world at 3000 feet before he hit land. The guy who saved his life deserves a golden metal. If I were the guy being saved I would owe my life to the dude who saved me. Honestly, it was a miracle that he managed to land safely. I think more protection or preparation should be integrated into skydiving, because as seen, it would end up pretty disastrous. However, I would still kill to go up there and try it myself. Skydiving has always been a dream of mine. I think it would be pretty fun. What do you think of this video? Would you still go skydiving after witnessing this.

By: Fares Mubarak 9th