Friday, November 22, 2013


              Their are two reasons why we made this video!First reason and the most important reason we know how much Roberto loves this song(How much he hates this song and how much this song annoys him) so we wanted to please him and make this video!Second reason the awesomeness  of the twins filming skills.Third reason we wanted to hang out and have a great time! So watch this music video!Warning you will wake up at night singing this song and the number 22 will be in your heads for a really good time so if you allergic to the number 22 for your own safety don´t watch it but if you don´t watch it you will not get to see the awesomeness of this music video. 

P.S This is dedicated to our good friend Roberto because it friday 22!

-Sofia Bv

-Sofia BV

People are awsome

                                                                  By: Marie A. Gabriel


      Have you ever tried to jump from a really high place? Have you ever tried to do a back flip or something extreme? Maybe you haven't because you're to scared which is fine, but some people aren't scared of these things. They jump hundreds of feet off the ground just grabbing on to a rope! Can you imagine yourself doing that... I can't imagine myself doing that! Some people are either dare devils, or have these abilities we simple don't have, or are just plain crazy with a death wish! We as humans have many abilities if want to exploit them, or we haven't found them yet! Sometimes people have great reflexes, are double jointed (like contortionists), are great at what they do, aren't scared, are cliff divers, are trained for these types of things, have been doing that there whole life, etc. Sometimes haven't you seen something very awesome and you want to do it too... and when your ready to do it you don't want to do it any more cause your too scared? It happens very often! Watch this video and tell me that you don't want to do something like that! WATCH IT!  

Mass Text by Tay Allyn
     Hey Guys! Remember the music video or music "Friday" by Rebecca Black? She got a lot of hate, but now there is another viral video going on called "Mass Text" by Tay Allyn. It's about her not getting a text message from this guy she likes.  The scene when the girl kisses the guy, I think the woman or girl is about 30 years old kissing a 20 year old guy. The next generation is kind of disappointing to watch people go crazy. The lyrics of this video is a bit weird. Another scene that creeps me out is when she smiles widely grabbing a barbie doll, I mean if you see it closely, she's making the creepy face. Watch it and don't get nightmares! Enjoy and comment your opinions about this! 

By: Hanna Lee 

The Doctor says to Tweet #SaveTheDay to make the Virtual TARDIS

So, as you all know, the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special is coming up, also known as The Day of the Doctor. Well, a few weeks back, this video was released on the official Doctor Who YouTube channel. It's just the Doctor talking about hashtags, but he's doing it for a certain reason.

The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special now has it's own hashtag, which is #SaveTheDay. If you go to, on that website they're making a virtual TARDIS made up of all the Doctor Who-related Tweets people are sending. I've already sent out a post with #SaveTheDay, so I should be there, I guess. But why don't you guys do the same. You can see your Tweets on that TARDIS. So let's all Tweet for Doctor Who!

By Arturo Girona, 9th Grade

Monday, November 18, 2013

Too Much Fun

Alright now who wouldn't want to put on a costume and a mask and simply do whatever the heck you want?  I must admit it would be pretty fun because no one could judge you for being too dorky, too skinny, too fat, too anything.  You could just be you.  This video shows me what kind of fun I think we all should have in everyday life.  We should all just chill and relax.  Take life as it is. If you could be a mascot would you?  Who do you think danced better the chicken thing or barney??  Which one of them was cooler?

Must Watch

Sadly, this video doesn't load onto blogspot therefore follow the link and watch it.  This is what I like to call my "happy" video.  Whenever you feel sad imagine you saying exactly what the video says.  It will make you smile any day of the week.  Ms. Vary loves this video and attributes it to me.  I take it as a compliment although many people might not, it's okay :)  When you feel sad do you have a "happy" video that you watch and it simply makes you happy.  If you could share any video with someone sad which video would it be and why?  Or what would be something you would do to become happy or make someone else happy??


Friday, November 15, 2013

Dancing Dog


    I know a couple of people liked video I posted last week, and I am pretty sure this one  will make you laugh too! Like I said last week cats and dogs are super funny to watch and play with! Believe me when I tell you that it WILL make you laugh! I also said that if you train your animal correctly they can become great pets, friends, entertainment (not in a cruel or mean way) partners, etc. Well this video I shared with you is a perfect example! Also some times dogs and cats can come with many abilities such as "talking", dancing, jumping really high, being really smart, and sometimes they can even do back flips! This dog is dancing the salsa! Have you ever seen that? Probably not! Well watch it 'cause it's really, truly funny. Personally want a pet that can do what this dog can do! Don't you? Watch this video and tell me in the comments section if you do or you don't!

                                                                By: Marie A. Gabriel      

3000 Miles by Emblem3
Hey Guys! Have you guys heard about Emblem3? Well they participated in the XFactor and won in 4th place. They released a song called "3000 Miles" and I personally think that this song is amazing! It talks about dreaming of a place called home and it's too far away! I love it! This video has about 1 million views! Tell me your opinions about this song! Keaton is the youngest, Wesley is the second youngest, and Drew is the oldest. Keaton and Wesley are brother but Drew is not but he is like the adopted one. I think they're cute and you can ask more about them to Arige, Marcia, and Dania. Hope you enjoy this song as much as I do! Comment your opinions about it. Positive comments no hate comments or negative comments! Thank you! Enjoy!  

By: Hanna Lee 

By: Ricardo Quinones

                                                           Your So Super Cool

   For the seventeen years of my life I have always wondered why people pay large amounts of money for advertising. In Guatemala people pay up to 50,000 Quetzales which is about 6,000 Dollars, just to advertise their product on one of those huge billboards. Not to mention the Tv commercials which have to pay even more. My argument at this is, most of them are useless that we usually have to turn the mute button on while the "boring" commercials finish. I always been against this type of advertising, nevertheless there is a different type of 30 second commercials which I enjoy. Indeed their is nothing better than a good laugh. The short but attention grabber film I am about to show you is how a commercial should be done. I do not mean to spoil the video for you but I would like to know what you think. Do you think they should decrease the amount of commercials that are not "comical" and have more of these? I anxiously await to know what you think.

Miley's SNL Appearance

So everyone knows about Miley Cyrus' controversial performance at the VMA? Well, on October 5th this year, she appeared in an episode of Saturday Night Live, and this was the first sketch. The funny thing about this sketch is that Miley's making fun of herself! She makes a ton of jokes about her performance. Also, apparently, whole skit is a flashback of how the United States got ruined. You find that out from the two homeless guys talking.
My favorite part is what Miley says when she gets up in the morning. I saw the complete episode that came out on TV. There were a TON of other funny sketches featuring Miley Cyrus. For example, this one sketch where she's the captain of a cheerleading squad and while they're practicing the members keep on getting abducted by aliens. Or another one where she's a guest on "The Girlfriend's Talk Show". If any of you can find the entire episode somehow, I encourage you to watch it! You will laugh your head off!  You should also watch SNL on a regular basis. They have a celebrity and a musical guest every episode.

By Arturo Girona, 9th Grade

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Does music keep getting worst?

What happened to our generation? Why has the music turned so crappy theses days? Oh I know why, people want to make money instead of producing and constructing actual music. Artists don’t care about the lyrics anymore their aim is to sell. They join together words that don’t actually make sense and just put them together because they rhythm. What happened to people who used music for an expression and for the profundity of the words they sang, for a benevolent purpose? The 90´s was a much better era than this one they had truly good musician such as Nirvana, The pixies, and daft punk. These days we have lady gaga and among others. Why do we listen to theses types of music maybe because nobody has taught us what good music is and trust me these lyrics are just rhymed based such as the famous song “just dance”. I have also noticed that music keeps getting worst each time even really good musician turned out with a song that is not the music they used to make. For example look at Maroon 5 and Coldplay their music is not the same  the have gone downhill instead of up hill. Do you 
agree or disagree?

-Sofia BV

Friday, November 8, 2013

Funniest Cats HQ

        Cat can be super funny. Their fun to watch, play with, etc. I have a cat and he is so hilarious.         When you scare them(unintentionally) they do all types of crazy thing like, jump really high, their hair stands up strait, they do a crazy noise, they can even jump on you or a curtain! Like I said before, their really funny. Although they are really funny, the can also be very loving or fierce. Many people say that cats are not good pets, but I think there wrong. If you train them correctly their peaceful! Also people say that cat and dogs don't get along really well, but they actually do. My cat and my dog are always together, and are ALWAYS playing! Their really really good friends. You wouldn't believe how friendly they are!
                                                                By: Marie a. Gabriel          

Million Dollar Smart Baby?

How many of us cry when our mothers sing?  Not very often, but this baby shows his feelings when he becomes emotionally connected to his mother's singing which causes him to cry.  I find this video very interesting in the fact that before the mother starts to sing the baby is fine.  Then Bam! the baby starts to cry and get teary eyed.  Have you ever actually wondered if babies understand what we are saying???? Many people have actually wondered if babies are more intelligent than adults but they simply speak a different language and can't express their thoughts.  Imagine if some baby saw you dancing around to One Direction or Justin Bieber.  Do you think he would make fun of you or think wow what is this girl/boy doing?  Do you think babies are intelligent and understand more than we think they do?


 Story Of My Life

As most Directioners (One Direction's Fandom) know, One Direction has released a new song called "Story Of My Life"! It's amazing! The lyrics to the song is sweet and their voices are beautiful. This song is in the album "Midnight Memories". Vevo took or deleted about 13 million views when we had about 20 million views.  Obviously most Directioners got really mad because we did break the record but vevo took views away for some reason. The music video is really sweet because their family members come out and show pictures about their childhood. 

By: Hanna Lee 
BY: Ricardo Quinones

                                                                Latin Music

   I know that many of you at Equity American school have a Gringo culture and probably never hear any other type of music besides the one's with english lyrics. I wanted you all to hear a little bit of a different type of music culture. I personally have a love for all types of music. I can listen to classical, electric, Latino and still have the same love for each. I am able to appreciate different types of modern rhythms and still listen to classical music. There are different types of latino music though, reggeaton, salsa, and other I can't really remember but the thing is this music gets you going. The feeling that this music provides is not at all like pop music and other alternative rocks. The difference with latino music and especially this song is, that it immediately makes you want to dance. For pop songs and other similar tunes, you are simply just jumping and thats the dance. With this music, it's different here you are dancing in pairs and there are moves that you must follow. It is definitely a tune for dancing, very fun indeed.  I encourage you all to listen to it and please tell we what you think, i am anxious to know.


Image courtesy of Google Images.
During the summer, I went to a tech camp where I had a course on Java. Java is free, popular programming language that is used for many different purposes, like games. Games like Minecraft and Runescape are all made using Java. A cool thing is that Java is cross-platform, meaning that if you write a program on one operating system, like OS X, you don't have to convert it or anything for if you want to run it on Windows. I spent one week in the camp, and I successfully made a calculator with Java.
Screenshot of the calculator I made while at camp.
Programming is hard, that's one thing you should take note of. But I found a website that teaches Java for free. Check it out:

I'd love to see the stuff you guys make with Java.
By Arturo Girona, 9th Grade

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wattpad!Sign up


 Have you ever written a pretty amazing story and want to share it to people but don´t have a clue on how you can share it to people? Or do you simply want to read good stories that are for free and online? Well guess what, I have the perfect site for you it´s called Wattpad. In this site you can share your stories and can read stories from other users.There are millions of users writing and publishing stories by the way there is also competitions for best books and you can even make your own trailers from the books you have published. This site even helps you if in the future if you want to be a writer or you just like reading books!Sing up its really amazing and follow me in Wattpad my name is Dreamso. The link is here if you want to sign up

Sofia B-V