Friday, April 19, 2013

Random, funny bits

Well, as there isn't anything specific I was looking for, plus the fact that I was utterly bored and was looking for some entertainment, I managed to find old videos I'd seen a while ago which I thought would be nice to share with all. After all, sharing is caring...right?

First, the appetizer. 
This trick is already quite well known, yet I thought it'd be nice to show you all an example of it.
Don't try it could lead to serious injuries (there, my warning is there, I am now free of all responsibilities to your harm if you try it).

Second, the meal in itself. 
This is done by "theslowmoguys" who do pretty cool things with their expensive cameras able to capture scenes in slow motion (basically). I have nothing to say of the video itself...just that you'll probably end up laughing quite a lot if you do have this kind of sense of humor. Enjoy.

Last but not least, the dessert. It's nothing that will make you crack up, yet it's enough to make you smile (hopefully). So, here you go.

Well, that's it for this month as my job as guest blogger. 
So, i'll see you sometime this year/month again here.
Farewell, su-I mean, people!


How to: Open a Jar

Now, we all know that opening a jar is possibly the hardest thing one ever had to do in their lives. Plus, we have to do it multiple times in our lives, and not just once. It's hard, it's excruciatingly annoying and frustrating, and in the end, we either give up or ask someone else to do it for us just to watch the other person easily open it, making you look pathetically weak and a joke.

Well! those days are over, my friend. Here, is a video showing you how to perfectly open a jar. Yes, I said it...A VIDEO...showing you how to OPEN a JAR for the first time! 
No need to thank me, I feel as if this is something that must be shared and no credit is necessary to be given for the noble act of mine.

Your welcome, and here you go:


Ferrari cars are pee on?

Well, I am assuming most of you must have seen this video as it's one which got the spotlight in the youtube homepage for quite a while (both for youtube logged in users and guests). Yet. I do feel that maybe some might have not seen it, so why not put it here?

This channel has over one hundred videos, and he seems to like pranking people quite a lot. By this, he also seems to like to give his own little share of justice to the ones who deserve it (you'll see what I mean). 

He sees a car, and not any particular car, rather, a Ferrari, parked in a handicap spot without anything saying that the owner is handicapped, so he decides to teach the owner a lesson by pretending to pee on the car, when in fact it was just a bottle of water with a hole in the top. 

To be honest, I cannot blame the reaction of the owner by watching someone "pee" on his precious car, yet I do believe that his arguments were quite foolish. "But you were parked in a handicapped zone!" "It's.,'s a Ferrari!" Right, so owning a Ferrari suddenly grants you rights to do anything you want, right?

anyways, enjoy the video, as I'm sure that the majority of the viewers did. 


Iron Man 3

Currently, there are two Iron Man movies. Iron Man, and Iron Man 2. However now there will be a third Iron Man Movie. This is the trailer for the movie. Still, we have Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, the main person in the movie.
The trailer looks good, and I hope the movie is as good as the trailer tells us.

Are you excited about the movie? Will you watch it when it comes out?

By Sven Eskeland


"Things are only as awkward as you let them be." I find that this is my morning mantra because I do weird things all the time. The other day, I was dancing around to no music, and, as if that wasn't weird enough, I managed to dance my way into a poll. Don't judge me. Everyone has inadvertently run into something at some point in their lives. I just do it more often than most people. And I could have looked at the floor with my wide-eyed, Bambi look, which would have made people who didn't know me feel awkward. I laugh it off. I'll joke about myself and move on. Anyone looking is probably going to forget what happened in the next couple of seconds anyway. As long as you don't see it as awkward, it won't be awkward. Besides, if you're allowing yourself to be labeled, you could become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Anything that you say you are, you will become. This mostly goes for children who get an early diagnosis for ADHD or something of the sort. They believe that they are not "normal" so it significantly lowers their self esteem because they cannot be equal to their peers. But what is normalcy? How do we define it? It is only defined by yourself, so you can change that definition if you so choose.

By Victoria Arroyave (12th)

How Animals Eat Their Food

So, there's this really popular video going around on YouTube, and it's about this guy who demonstrates how some animals supposedly eat their food. What animals can you think of that these guys could have impersonated in the video?

By Arturo Girona

Youtube...No way to explain.

Any of you fairly familiar to youtube should know that there are various "places" in youtube. One of the most famous of these parts would be "The weird part of youtube" where it is quite easy to get to if one starts randomly browsing through suggested videos one by one. You eventually end up following the chain until arriving into that "weird part" of youtube, and trust me, you'll know once you get there.

Out of all these many "places," there's the "cute-mood place" where people go to watch videos filled with...well, "cuteness" I guess. Really, it's rather weird how so many people come to this part.
One great example would be this video, called "Surprised kitty."
BASICALLY, it's just a cat acting surprised. Yup.
Guess how many views it's got?

a bit more than 69 million. 


A video of a kitty, 69 million. 

Oh, and to make things better...A video of a cat having it's first experience on snow also has gotten enough attention to be considered part of this cute viral zone. 
4 million views.

Really, sometimes I do wonder if youtube is filled with people who love cuteness, fluff, and all that, with people who have a weird interest in weird things, with people who love explosions and Michael Bay, or people who love being ignorant and rather a tiny bit dumb.

Ah, youtube.
Such a wonderful place isn't it?


Thursday, April 18, 2013

The new Gangnam Style?

Lately, PSY the Korean artist who is behind the  worldwide hit "Gangnam Style", released a new song called "Gentleman". This song had over 72 000 000 views on YouTube after 48 hours.
Personally, I think the song is bad, but it is really catchy... Maybe because the video is so stupid, it becomes funny...

by Sven Eskeland

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pep Talk

So while my class was doing our speech, Ms. Adrienne showed us this video. It's this kid who's pretending to be a little kid version of Barack Obama giving a pep talk to the viewer about how you need to stop fooling around and do something with your life. I think it's a really invigorating speech he gives, and that he really gets through to people.

By Arturo Girona

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Image Courtesy of Google Images
Something I like to do is make comic strips. But the thing is, I can't draw. So how do I make them? With Bitstrips, of course! Bitstrips is an awesome website where you can create comic strips and upload them for other people to see. I've seen tons of other people's strips on that site, and I am truly amazed at all that creativity. So why don't you guys try it out yourself?

By Arturo Girona

Friday, April 12, 2013


Image courtesy of Google Images
So one of the things I really want to learn to do is animate. For that, I have a program called Blender. Blender is a 3D animation software that can be downloaded for free from The thing is, it's a professional animation software, so it's kind of hard to use. But for now, I'm just trying to figure out how to use it to make Minecraft animations, which should be fairly simple because everything's all blocky. But if you guys download it and learn to use it, too, then maybe we could all make animations together and help each other on things that we're stuck on.

by Arturo Girona

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Unknown People With Talent!

This video is from a British singer named Laura Mvula. She has a lot of talent, but unfortunately, almost nobody knows about her. If it hadn't been for Mrs. Varry, I wouldn't have known her either. Apperantly, people are starting to consider her the new Emili Sande, because of her voice. Listen to it, and you'll see her voice is very similar to Sande's.
Do you know of any other unknown artists with talent? If so, share them with us! You're doing us all a huge favor.

By: Pablo Arimany (11th)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Bubble

If moving from school to school has taught me anything, it's that every "American" school has an Americanized bubble that provides it's students with no preparation for the real world. I've found that to be the case in these last two schools I've attended.
In Austria, we had our American school where everyone was supposed to conform to a culture that was so opposite from the cultures that they would encounter outside of school. It did not prepare it's students in a social sense to interact appropriately with people from the outside world.
In international schools in general, the students are not prepared for adult life. For example, I can see how a "home economics" class or a lecture on taxes would be extremely beneficial in the long run. In our school environment, where the administration tries their hardest to promote a sense of equality among the students, some of us are coddled into believing that the real world is fair and forgiving. To break this tradition, we should initiate more programs that will teach us valuable skills in the real world.

Victoria Arroyave (12th)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Should we take North Korea seriously?

How about no. There is so much doubt about whether or not recent threats from North Korea are credible. In the past, North Korea has made the claim that they will bomb South Korea and never did. The South Koreans don't even care anymore. Even other foreign nations see this as a joke. Perhaps this is a conspiracy theory where North Korea doesn't want to be taken seriously so that when they do bomb someone, it will be a total surprise. Maybe we do have cause to worry, but I doubt that the threat is serious. Besides, if they bombed South Korea or any other nation, it still wouldn't benefit them. If they bombed their neighbor, they would probably be obliterated too. If they bombed any other country, they would be bombed them as a last revenge. In the process, we would start a gigantic world war fought with nukes that will wipe out the entire planet. Except for cockroaches, because they are invincible. Imagine being the last human being in a world of cockroaches. I think that has to be my own personal nightmare. No one should want this future. It's gotta be a joke.

Victoria Arroyave (12th)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Amazing People

When I get bored, and have nothing to do, I sometimes start searching on Youtube for videos like this one. Its amazing what people can do. These videos show the boundaries that normal people can reach. I would like to do many of these things, but many of them are quite risky... Have you ever done any of these things? Would you do any of them?

by Sven Eskeland

Friday, April 5, 2013

Really Cool Mapping

So, if you haven't watched the video yet, which hopefully you haven't, you're wondering, "what exactly is mapping?" Well, mapping is this really cool technological advance, in which the technology staff from a certain company project awesome videos in a building. It can either tell the story of the building, or it can simply be advertisement, which is the case for this particular one.
I believe that mapping is taking technology to a whole new level. It allow us to entertain ourselves watching 3D projections without the need of a movie theater screen.
What do you think of this? Would you like to see one of this in person? Comment your thoughts!

By: Pablo (11th)  

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Surprises After Judging

This video is from a British woman named Susan Boyle. You have probably already heard about her, because she's just that famous. But, when she was auditioning for The X- Factor, everyone critiqued her when she said she wanted to be a famous singer. Now a days, people judge singers by the way they look. Many people like certain singers because of their looks. Susan is not the must pretty woman that you can find, so the audience and judges thought she was being ridiculous.
She didn't pay mind to the laughs that where being heard, she just sang a very hard song, I Dreamed A Dream, from the musical Les Miserables. After singing, everyone regreted doubting her, because she left them all speechless.
I think that Susan's story is the perfect example of society's misjudgment at first sight. You have to really get to know someone's story to judge them, because they can surprise you in the end, like Susan Boyle did.
What do you think of this video? Did it teach you anything? If it did, what was it?

By: Pablo (11th)