Friday, January 31, 2014

Middle Earth Shadows of Mordor™

The setting is in Middle Earth, Mordor. The time is 60 years before the time in Lord of the Rings. The time is around about when The Hobbit ended. The main character is called Talion he is a ranger.

            In the game Sauron kills Talion’s family and him. After, Talion gets revived and when he gets revived he gets special abilities, and goes to mordor to get his revenge. On his journey to defeat Sauron, he must kill all the ork chiefs, then kill Sauron. In the game you will some characters like golem and others.

By: Tristan

2014 Winter Olympics

2014 Winter Olympics is coming soon! This XXII Winter Olympics begins on February 7th, at Sochi, Russia. You would think Russia is the best place for this Olympics, but now there is a problem in Russia. According to IBT TImes, last week's temperature at Sochi was higher than its average temperature. Fortunately, ski is the only sport that will be affected by this warm weather, but nobody really know what will happen, so we have to wish for luck.

 By JiYe Yang

The Fault in Our Stars

Isabella Diaz

We all know this "Coming Soon" movie, and i can say that many of you are really eager to see! People have told me that the movies seems to be exactly like the movie, but I can surely agree since i haven't read the book. How many of you think that its going to be exactly like the book? how many of you think that its going to end up like the Percy Jackson series?

Mango Worms

First of all, don't watch the video if you are weak with abhorrence things.
The video might contain disgusting scenes that can bother you.

Have you heard about Mango Worms?
Their scientific name is "Cordylobia Anthropophaga".
Those mango flies lay eggs on the washing when it is hung outside or on the ground. If the clothes are no ironed, the eggs are not killed, so when people wear those clothes with eggs, the eggs hatch and burrows under the skin. Also, when mammal animals such as dogs or cats play on the ground, they can have mango flies' eggs thrust inside their skin. The body starts itching after 3 days and the worms inside the body starts to grow. According to Yahoo, the worst thing is that they can actually feel the worms moving inside the body. 

What I found from some videos, those worms can grow until their size is similar to a chubby thumb. 

Be careful with your pets playing outside and you wearing your clothes. 

Please, don't blame me putting these videos. There was nothing to write today...hahaha.

I have warn you! The video is really disgusting, hahaha. 

Kye Ri Park


Photoshop is a program used to edit pictures. Many big companies use this to make covers for their works such as games, movies, books, and more. Photoshop is a productive way to have fun because you can make funny photos by fusing photos together. There are many tools in photoshop, so fusing photos is one of the many other things you can do. Many people, usually girls, use photoshop to edit photos of themselves to make themselves look better. Below I will put a picture I made with photoshop. I think photoshop is a good way to make unique pictures by combining several pictures. Have you used photoshop? What do you think about photoshop?

By: Tae Hong Ahn

Monday, January 27, 2014

The Selfie

The other day one of my friends showed me this video created by Dove. It's all about seflies. It's sounds kind of odd at first, but watch the video and you'll understand the message Dove is trying to get across to not only young teens, but adults nowadays as well. I love their message of embracing your own beauty and simply stop comparing ourselves to the bar that media and society has set. This goes for both girls AND boys. :) So many times in our lives we judge ourselves against others and it's not healthy in the slightest way. Everybody is different and so is their beauty, but I think that differences make us who we are. Why spend your life beating yourself up and trying to look or be like someone else? Just a thought. :)

Enjoy this video! It's a bit long, but the message is worth it. :) 

By: Lindsey Duncan (10th)

The Most Amazing Movie

     Most of you guys have seen the movie "frozen" Its a movie more for little kids but i guess that you could say that it is a really good movie. The movie itself has been released in more than 25 different languages. Also the movie itself made enough money for the producer to pay the debt that the United states has 5 times! It has been the most viewed movie since the "Lion King"You Guys should Watch it if you haven't! It is a really good movie with a different ending then most Disney movies.

-Isabella Diaz

The 2014 Winter Olympics

This 2014 winter, the Winter Olympics held every four years is going to take place in Sochi, Russia. This is the first time and Olympic event is held in Russia. The event is going to start in February 7 and it's going to end in the 23rd of the same month. 88 countries are going to compete and there are 98 different events for 15 winter sport disciplines such as ice hockey, ice skating, ski jumping, and more. Many people are excited because this is an event held every four years, but some are worried that Islamist terrorists are going to do something during the event. I like watching the events because I can bet with my friends about which country is going to win. Do you like the Olympics? Are you happy or are you worried about it?

By: Tae Hong Ahn

Friday, January 24, 2014

Let It Go From The Movie "Frozen" in 25 Different Languages

Have you seen the movie "Frozen"?
This movie gained its fame with the song called "Let It Go". The song is translated into 25 different languages. Since the movie has almost half of the story with songs, you can hear other songs also. The movie itself is pretty good (if you don't mind seeing lots of snow). It is all magical and musical. The movie is more for children, but I think around my age is fine, and maybe more for the girls. First, I didn't really like the song. It was just 'fine'. However, it become catchy and I kept singing it pretty often. Try to listen this song in multi-language version.

Kye Ri Park

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Last week I watched a great movie, "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty". It is about a man who lives a fantastic life only in his dream. In reality, he is just a common man who got nothing special. When I watched trailer, I thought it would  be another superman, hero movie, but when I actually watched it, it was so out of my expectation. Great photography, great story, and great music. I am sure you won't regret paying money for this movie.

- JiYe

Monday, January 20, 2014

Improv Everywhere

Have you ever wanted to be a part of a flash mob or prank? Well on YouTube there is this channel called, "Improv Everywhere" and this is exactly what they do. They love causing chaos and confusion. Their motto is, "We create scenes." Some of the things they've done so far have been pretty hilarious. For example, a few years ago they got together a huge group of people to go into Grand Central Station and then suddenly all at the exact same moment, freeze! The video is very entertaining to watch, and I suggest looking up. Below are two videos they've done a few years ago. Both of the videos are actually musicals! It takes a lot of courage in my opinion to be a part of something like this, but I would love to someday! :)
Let me know what you think.


By: Lindsey Duncan (10th)

Friday, January 17, 2014

Age of Ultron (Avengers 2)

This plot is from the comic

The unthinkable has happened. New york is in ruins and Ultron has come back to Earth to take over everything and everyone. Most super heroes have been killed and some are hiding in a secret place under central park. The surviving super heroes are iron man, Wolverine, Emma Frost, Luke Cage, Hawk Eye, Black Widow and Captain America. Captain America’s shield is broken and everyone else can’t do anything. Ultron is sending people to bring super heroes to him to kill. He almost was killed spider man but Hawk Eye saved him. Like I said the unthinkable happens.

      By: Tristan

Mac & Beth

After all the effort and time, seniors finally finished their T.I.P. project. They adopted "Macbeth" by William Shakespeare into a high school version, and filmed a trailer. The one who doesn't know the story of Macbeth might think this trailer is confusing, and the one who already knows the story of Macbeth might think it is confusing as well. Seniors agree on that, but once you figure out the symbolisms in the trailer,  you will admire it. I am sharing this cryptic trailer of Mac & Beth with you, and I hope you enjoy.

By JiYe Yang

The New Movies

Who is excited about the movies that are coming out this year? I know that I am! There are so many cool movies that are coming out this year! Th best part is that most of the movies are from book series that most of you have read or are reading. In the year of 2013 most of the movies were about the super heros don't get me wrong because this year there will be some super hero movies but producers are focusing on book series movies. I think that this year will be one of the years with the most movie releases. I'm also really excited about the release of The Divergent movies.
--Isabella Diaz

Faking It by José Keenan

José Keenan is an independent artist that produces awesome songs. Gabriella Loosle, a 11th grader of Equity American School recommended me few days ago a song called "Faking It" by José Keenan. This song is really calm, but also rhythmical. The link below is a page that you can hear his music and if you like, you can 'thumbs up' his song. Try to listen. It is really good.

Faking It by José Keenan

Kye Ri Park

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

Last week, I watched this horror movie called, "Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones," in 4D. The movie wasn't that scary because there were no ghosts, but there were scenes that surprised me. This was the first movie I watched from the "Paranormal Activity" series, and I liked it. However, since this movie contained several parts that linked parts from previous movies of the series, I couldn't understand those parts. This movie is about a guy called Jesse who was marked with a sign by a witch when he was born. Throughout the story, Jesse becomes more and more possessed, and does more bad things to his once beloved ones like his family and friends. Since I'm not supposed to spoil the movie anymore, I will just tell you that you should watch this movie if you like horror movies. Enjoy.

By: Tae Hong Ahn

Monday, January 13, 2014

100 Seconds of 100 Years of Fashion

The other day I came across this really cool video. It's 100 seconds of the past 100 years of style. It's pretty entertaining and interesting to watch in my opinion and simply watch how much society and fashion has change in only 100 years. I think the creators of this video did an incredible job! Not only are the different fashions interesting, but the dancers and the music really captures your attention. It just makes me wonder what style will be like 100 years from today. Let me know if you liked the video and what you think about how much fashion has changed over 10 decades. I've heard a lot of people say that fashion has declined over the years, and I've heard others disagree, so let me know what you think! :) 

By: Lindsey Duncan (10th) 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Captain America The Winter Soldier

Tristan Arroyave

Some people think that the new movie “The Winter Soldier is about Captain America, but its about his companion Bucky Barns. Everyone thinks he has died but instead he lived when he fell of the train in a scene in da movie. During the fall Bucky’s left arm was hurt during the fall and had to be cut off. Later a Russian patrolman found him and took him in. His body was preserved in ice just like his friend Steve Rogers (Captain America). Bucky had suffered brain damage so he lost his memory.  Bucky later on gets a electronic arm. His job was to assonate people. You guys are probably mad that I spoiled some stuff so sorry :I.

Angelina Jolie is Back!

After her movie, "Kung Fu Panda 2" Angelina Jolie, had not been making any more movies, therefore there was a rumor that she had a silent retire. A couple days ago there was a trailer that had been released of a new movie called "Malificent" in which Angelina Jolie will b playing the role of Malificent and Elle Fanning the role of Princess Aurora. I hope you all enjoy it! i can't wait to watch the movie.

-Isabella Diaz

A Korean Song Being Issued by Pleasurizing

A song called "I got C" by Geumury (with Meong Soo Park) was being issued by pleasurizing an another song from Caro Emerald called "Liquid Lunch". The song was made from a TV program called "Infinite Challenge" in Korea. From the start that this song was showed to people, many people liked it and it rapidly became popular. However, after it was discovered that the song has pleasurized a song from Caro Emerald, it called more attention and was a hot issue in Korea. Watch the videos below and see if those songs sounds really similar to you or not. For me, they sound like English version and Korean version of the same song.

by. Kye Ri Park


Figure is an app I found while I was browsing through the App Store on my Iphone. At that time, this app was the Free App of the Week, a paid app that the app store recommends and makes it free for a week. At first, when I was looking at the cover, I didn't know what the app was about but since it was a free app , I decided to download it. This is an app where you can feel like a DJ. You make songs by doing your own drum, bass, and lead synths. There are tons of types of sounds you can choose from to make your music. You can even choose the key and beat of your song.  With this app, you can make your own electronic music only by sliding your fingers across your phone or tablet screen.  It might cost a dollar right now, but if you are interested in the making of techno music, you should try this app to see the concept of how the famous dj's around the world do their work.
You can check it out here:

By: Tae Hong Ahn

Thursday, January 9, 2014


A few months ago my friend showed me this really neat website that I find quite entertaining! It's a website where you can draw. Yep, that's pretty much it. But you'll find that it's really fun. There are so many different options too, to make your drawing even more cool. You can change colors, blend colors, adjust the symmetry, and so much more! Also they place music in the background while you're sketching. I highly suggest this website! It is called After you are done with your picture you can even save it to your gadget, and send it to a friend! Another pretty awesome thing is that you can get the app on your iPad or iPhone. Have fun! Below are some really amazing pictures different people have drawn. :)

By: Lindsey Duncan 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Libre Soy

         The awaited movie from Disney is out in cinema, and I absolutely love it! Frozen is a movie about a princess who has secret power and her lovely sister. This theme song of Frozen, 'Let it go (Libre soy)', is played when her power is revealed and she runs away from the palace. While the song is being sung, she build her own beautiful, icy castle, and this scene is fantastic. This song is sung in many languages; I've heard it in English, Spanish, and Korean. You might like English or other versions better, but I truly love Spanish version! Here's the Spanish version of the song. Enjoy!