Thursday, November 29, 2012

How to deal with an uncomfortable situation…

By: Adriana Sánchez (12th)

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Aaah! That was probably your first reaction when you saw the picture, and then you read the caption: "My friend Mark was born without legs. He has a good sense of humor about it." When I saw this I thought it was amazing. Whenever we face a difficult situation, we seek to complain about it to everyone. Or, not wanting anyone to know, we lament about it; crying all alone in our rooms. And these are usually problems not nearly as big as those many other people have… Everyday we face challenges, they vary from stressing out about a midterm exam (just finished them today, soooo relieved! :), or dealing with your parents' divorce. Yet, everyday, we still have everything we could want, and sometimes we take them for granted because it's just become a part of our life, and don't realize how privileged we are. A home, a family, friends, food, a good education, and I could go on and on. And then when we have a small problem, it becomes a huge deal. Now, take someone like Mark, who was born without legs. Everyday he deals with this challenge, but has learned how to deal with it, and have some fun. I think it's amazing how someone with a difficulty like this can face it, and not let it become a problem, but rather have a good sense of humor about the situation. What do you think about this? I believe that if you're stuck in an uncomfortable situation, you might as well make the best of it and take it lightly, or else matters are only going to get worse and you'll spend your life miserable. Have you ever been in a difficult situation and made the best of it?

NOTHING you see is real......

By: Adriana Sánchez (12th)

So I asked Soon Mo to help me with an idea for a blog post, and he opened up a Korean website that has the most random videos. We watched the first video that appeared on the site, believing it to be the lamest thing ever, and then were completely amazed by it!  We started "ooing" all throughout the rest of the video. WATCH IT NOW:

So, what did you think??? Pretty amazing, huh? I bet that at the beginning you were watching the video, wondering what could be so special, if it just looked like some messy kid's room, and then when they guy starts flipping the "rubix cube", you find out its actually sheet of paper with a drawing made so, so that when you look at from a certain angle, it looks like an actual object. These are called anamorphic illusions. Anamorphic comes from the word anamorphosis, which is defined as "a distorted projection or drawing that appears normal when viewed from a particular point". How many of you expected this? Were you surprised? We couldn't tell what was so special about the video when we first started watching it either. And that, if you think about it, is another illusion. We judge things by their appearances, believing them to be things that they aren't. How many times has this happened to you? Countless, countless times...

Black Friday & Cyber Monday

                                             Black Friday & Cyber Monday

So after Thanksgiving black friday was all over the world but now it is done. Even though black friday is done now you can still go to to see cyber monday deals to this day (November/Thursday/29/2012). There are some sick prices in electronics in amazon right now. For example there are three hundred dollars lowered to one hundred fifty dollars. For example i am going to buy some sweet headphones but i still haven't chosen which ones. There are some things that i don't like that amazon does fr example they lowered halo 4 from $59.99 to $59.97. And they don't have good offers for beats headphones. So some prices have lowered and some others haven't. PEACE! By: Adrian Rodriguez

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November Gaming News

                                              Halo 4, Black Ops 2, & Assassins Creed 3

November is the gaming month. So this november 2012 some of the best games that lots of people have been waiting for have come out. Some people are sad that Halo is only for xbox because they have a ps3. But don't worry black ops 2 and assassins creed 3 is out for both, and maybe some day halo will come out for play station 3. These are some of the best rated games in the world. All these games have different features. For example black ops 2 is a game of war but its in the future also as halo but the difference is that halo they are spartans fighting against aliens and black ops 2 is humans still fighting against humans. Now assassins creed 3 is a third person game where you have to fight for your beliefs and to clean your family name with Connor. By: Adrian Rodriguez


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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dumb Ways to Die

There is a famous video called Dumb Ways to Die. This video shows how many true and dumb ways you can die. They show it in a way where people can laugh and say how cute the little monsters are. But if you closely they are dying and not having fun, by doing this video they are telling the people to don't do dumb things.

There is a T.V. show called 1000 ways to die. This is almost the same but they show it with real people, but they keep laughing because by the way they die is so dumb that can be impossible to die that way, but people do dumb things that they die in a dumb way. Like going to fight against a tiger or lion, who is going to do that, only dumb people will fight against a tiger or lion. Watch this video, and tell me.

Which dumb way would you like to die?

By: Jorge Paredes


By: Adriana Sánchez (12th)

What is a Grammar Nazi??? This is one definition:

Grammar Nazi (a.k.a. Grammar Police) refers to someone who believes it is his/her duty to amend any grammar and/or spelling mistakes made by others in conversation.

So basically a Grammar Nazi is someone who is constantly correcting other people's grammar mistakes, either in a verbal conversation or an online one. Those of you who know me well know that I am officially a Grammar Nazi. Well, maybe not officially, because I only correct people when they are talking, not chatting online! Anyways, a normal day in the senior class, David will say, "This doesn't works!" Or any other phrase that uses "does" and then the verb ending in "s". Whenever he says that I feel the need to call him out on that (yes, almost every single day; I persevere, okay?!), and yet he doesn't GETS it, which frustrates me! I'm still hoping that he'll learn someday! Have you ever been on Youtube reading the comments on a video, and then there's someone who makes a comment with a small grammar mistake, and then there's someone who corrects the commenter, and then he gets called out on it? You have to have seen this at least once, or on Facebook too... I have to say that this is annoying and I find it unnecessary.

Anyways, here are some of the most common mistakes that really frustrate me!!! Especially when they come from native English speakers… BUT, but, I'm not simply going to criticize, but help you all improve :) 

 Anyways, do you consider yourself a Grammar Nazi? Or does it even slightly bother you when people use bad grammar? Or are you a victim of Grammar Nazis?

-they're (contraction for they are), their (possessive), there (in that place, or introductory; equivalent to "hay" in Spanish)

Ex. They're going to the movie theater. 
      Their car is awesome.
      "Are you going to the beach?" "Yes, I'll see you there."
      There are many people here.

- and (interjection), an (article)

Ex. I have math and literature homework.
      He will give you an infraction.

- your (possessive), you're (contraction for you are)

Ex. Your book is in my house. 
      You're very hyper today. 

- it's (contraction of it is), its (possessive)

Ex. It's very hot today.
      The dog was in pain because its collar was too tight. 

Monday, November 19, 2012


                                                  image taken from google images

BY: Ricardo Quinones

      What do you think about a difficiency that can really affect you. I have studied this through my observations and have reached these outcomes.  The weakness of over-thinking sets a complete new problem to our lives. Over thinking is no longer the process of thinking correctly instead we are now creating ideas and probabilities that confuse us.  There is no benefit to over thinking as there is for thinking, period. I say all this for past experiences in life and on a golf course. Similar outcomes of result have turned to be. This is not a problem only for me but for every human being in the planetThe weakness of over thinking is a goal in life we all strive to ignore and fight back. It is not positive for it only causes confusion.  What experts in life from the most highly intelligent and sport like men and women in this world I can tell you they have been able to control this weakness of over thinking and that is why they have been so successfully in their lives. Do You Agree With me YES? or NO?

Friday, November 16, 2012

24 Hours

                                            courtesy of google images

BY: Ricardo Quinones

    What a TV show. This TV show was filmed years ago and currently has stopped its production. There are eight seasons, I am through five seasons already and I felt I had an obligation on persuading you to watch it. The show consists of a maine character by the name of Jack Bauer who works as an agent for CTU(Counter Terrorist Unit) in Los Angeles. Each season takes 24 hours of pure conflict between CTU attempting to stop the attacks from the terrorists. The series events take place in real time, so to watch one entire season you will have to watch 24 episodes, one hour each. 24 hours is the type of show that leaves you hanging after each episode. That is why the series is so addictive. Jack Bauer saves the day, 24 hours, one entire day were everything happening lies on the hands of agent Jack Bauer. Jack Bauer will go beyond his agent duties, against protocal, just to save his country from massive destruction.

Tetris Mania!!!!!

Have any of you noticed students playing tetris online lately?  It's not just any game it takes a lot of concentration (at least for me) in which you have to beat your components by creating lines with different blocks that are different shapes.  It takes a great mind to crush everyone else.  Take for instance those people that are pros at tetris like Hanuel.  She can beat us all like we are little bugs.  Are you caught in the Tetris frenzy?  Do you think it takes a lot of concentration?? to play :) haha!


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Angry Birds Star Wars

If you didn't know, Angry Birds Star Wars came out. You can buy it for 3 dollars. It comes with new birds, and the birds have new abilities, so you can kill the piggies faster. I recommend you buying this game, you will not regret it. If you haven't play angry birds, download all of them and have fun. Angry Birds Star Wars come with all the star wars character like R2D2, Yoda, Luke, Darth Vader. If you like Star Wars you should buy this game.

If you go to the main website of Angry Birds, you can vote in which side you want to be, Rebellion or the Empire. The Rebellion is the good side were Yoda and his friends are. The empire is were Darth Vader is and his  bad piggies. I am going to give you the website

Which side do you want to be?

By: Jorge Paredes

Monday, November 12, 2012

Gangnam Style Almost Reaches a Billion Views!

Hello everyone! Its Fares Mubarak from the 7th grade class, I felt I had to mention something to everyone, GANGNAM STYLE IS ALMOST REACHING A BILLION VIEWS!! Yes, almost 1/7 of the world's population. Most people say that Gangnam Style is pretty amazing, it hit 7 million + much quicker than the long ago great hit, "Baby" sang by Justin Bieber. "Baby" hit 7.8 million views in about 2 years, which subsided its record when Gangnam Style hit 7 million in about 4 months.

What do you think about this? Should it actually reach 1 billion views? Is it good enough to reach that amount of views? Is "gangnam style" better than "baby"?

- Fares Mubarak

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Dora the Explorer - Movie Trailer

Hey! So many of you people have probably heard of CollegeHumor before. If you haven't, it's this awesome website that makes really comic videos, just about the most random things ever. They're really high quality too, both acted and animated. Many of your younger siblings, or cousins, or even you, have watched the Dora the Explorer tv show. It's about this little girl called Dora, who goes on a "mission" to catch Swiper the fox who committed some sort of crime, and she has a talking backpack and map that help her. Like most children's tv shows, the characters "ask" the kids watching the show to help them find something. This video is really funny because it is a movie trailer for Dora the Explorer, but a more 'realistic' version of it, and it shows how ridiculous it would be if children's shows were actual movies. The ones who made this video are very creative, and the actors are good too. Watch the video, tell me what you think about it, and if this makes you want to watch the other CollegeHumor videos.

By: Adriana Sánchez (12th)

Friday, November 9, 2012

A New Music

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   BY: Ricardo Quinones

   Music has always been a way in which we distinguish our personalities as humans. Music plays quite a roll in our lives that it can reach the extreme of us not being able to live without it. For those doing the perspective project with Mr. Steve White we have learned much of how music played a role during his teen years. We have also researched how music played a role in the life of other people. What I am trying to get with this is that music is a type of word sounds, that mean different for each person. I want to know what each of you feel about a new type of music.

    Electro music has revolutionized us humans. The difference between the music we heard before and this electro music is that, with electro music every aspect of the song is arranged on your computer device.  No instruments are needed to arrange the songs rather now due to the advances of technology one is able to create a song technologically. Due to certain designed computer programs for creating electronic music, the producer is able to arrange a series of sound effects in such an order to form a melody that will be very attractive to the ear. These computer programs for designing music usually consist of thousands of sound effects that one must use to arrange his song. I am not saying that electro music is always played without instruments for in fact some timed the song producers called Dj's may use electronic pianos with certain sound effects in each piano key as another way to creating their songs.

Bigfoot? Really?

I have to put this as a hunter and because I am from Utah.  Apparently a group of people were hiking in the woods and they came across what they thought was a black bear.  Now you must understand that black bears are quite rare in Utah.  They decided to film this so called bear when it stood up.  The people took off running like crazy and have now called it the Bigfoot in Provo Valley. Ok now how many of you believe it really was the Bigfoot?  I mean does it look like bigfoot to you?  If you ran into this in the woods what would you do??

- Ganzie Brough

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Steve Aoki

Taken from Tumblr
Ok. So one of the best DJ's in this era is coming to Guatemala this wednesday, 28 of November. Some people are worried that the great DJ Steve Aoki is going to cancel his concert because of his broken neck. Steve Aoki broke his neck in Puerto Rico while trying to make a trampoline stage dive and badly failed. The concert is in the zoo La Aurora. The concert is at 8:00 p.m. The concert has really good prices. For example dance floor is only Q240 if you buy them online, if you buy them at the concert it will be Q300, VIP Gold is Q505, and Platinum is Q690. For more Info. go to or ask me. They are really adjustable prices so are you going? PEACE!

Adrian Rodriguez

Which one do you prefer the original song or the new version of the song

      which one do you prefer the original version or the new version??

    Many singers take old songs and make a new remix of the old song and put their flavor to the song this is called a cover of the original song. A lot of famous singers have done this. Like Jay Z performed a cover of forever young a song that is originally from Alpha Ville and made it into his own remix , adding some rap to the song. But some people like the original song better than the new cover. Here is a song that iIhave been hearing called skinny love its by Bon Iver but has been performed by many people but one version that I liked the most was the Birdy version. Birdy is a singer who did a cover of this song. But which one do you like the most the original version by Bon Iver or the new version of the song by Birdy ??? And why????

Sofia BV

Friday, November 2, 2012

Catchy Phrases

        Hello. So, many people, and probably every one of you all have experienced this at least once in your entire life. It's impossible if you haven't. So, you know that moment when you hear a horrible song from a commercial or just a normal horrible song, and you absolutely hate it. Then, after it is over, minutes later you find yourself SINGING it. TAN TAN TAN!!!! I know, it's horrible. So, many of you have probably seen that open english commercial in spanish. And as you may or may not know, the dude starts singing/rapping i don't really know what you call that, and yeah. How many of you have found yourself singing that song afterwards? Raise your hand if you did. Come on, don't be ashamed, RAISE YOUR HAND. It doesn't matter if there are people around you, just put that dang arm up.
        Ok, anyway, the people around you might find the fact that you are saying that phrase over and over again quite annoying without you realizing it. Unless of course you are surrounded by close people who are telling you to shut up every second. If you, by any chance, haven't seen this commercial, check it out!


By: Arige Mubarak

My Glasses

By: German Paredes

Many of you guys think that i have my glasses
just for fun but not really. I use my glasses because
i dont see really, and because my glasses looks really
cool on me. But I want to tell you a story about
glasses, the Wayfarer.

My glasses are Ray-Ban Wayfarer, these glasses
used to be sunglasses during the 1965. During
the early 1950s and 1960s the Wayfarer
became super popular in the history. The Wayfarers 
were the best selling during the 1950s to 1960s and 
now days still the best selling. The Wayfarers
are the best selling in the history.
During the past years the Wayfarer started
to become popular again. The company
Ray Ban came with a new revolutionary style
of  the Wayfarer, that are the ones I am using.
The style of Wayfarer, the ones I have, are no more
sunglasses. Therefore these glasses can be
use for people that need to use glasses to see
 ,or can be use for sunglasses too like
old times. The Wayfarer is a retro
style that many people are loving it.
Artists and singers are using to much these
type of glasses

Think about this,
would you like to revive old fashion
by wearing the Wayfarer glasses?

Bond vs. Cullen

Bond vs. Cullen

So this Fall season there are many popular movies that people believe will be giant hits. However there are two movies that are making a commotion one of them is already out in movies and one is not. They are "007 Sky Fall" and "Breaking Dawn Part 2". They are both sequels to past movie successes. "007 Sky Fall" is the sequel to the popular and successful spy movies of James Bond. "Breaking Dawn Part 2" is the last movie to the Twilight series and has been anxiously anticipated since November of last year. Which do you think will be more succesful? Do you prefer one over the other. 


By: Gabriel Diaz

Flat Earth Society !?

What if I told you there is an entire society formed around the belief that the Earth is flat. You would probably call me a liar. Surprisingly I'm not a liar, well, not this time.

There is actualy something called the flat earth society. I went to the the flat earth wiki to get some information on them. I found this very interesting paragraph. "Throughout the years it has become a duty of each Flat Earth Society member, to meet the common Round Earther in the open, avowed, and unyielding rebellion; to declare that his reign of error and confusion is over; and that henceforth, like a falling dynasty, he must shrink and disappear, leaving the throne and the kingdom of science and philosophy to those awakening intellects whose numbers are constantly increasing, and whose march is rapid and irresistible. The soldiers of truth and reason of the Flat Earth Society have drawn the sword, and ere another generation has been educated and grown to maturity, will have forced the usurpers to abdicate. Like the decayed and crumbling trees of an ancient forest, rent and shattered by wind and storm, the hypothetical philosophies, which have hitherto cumbered the civilized world, are unable to resist the elements of experimental and logical criticism; and sooner or later must succumb to their assaults. The axe is uplifted for a final stroke - it is about to fall upon the primitive sphere of the earth, and the blow will surely 'cut the cumberer down!'"
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For me the most surprising thing about that paragraph is that this people actually know what the internet is. They also answered why the water doesn't simply fall of earth. Apparently the south pole forms a ring around the earth preventing the water to fall off, yeah. So this is pretty crazy, what is the craziest thing you've ever heard of. Post them in the comments so my I feel even worse about humanity, but I doubt it's gonna be worse than the flat earth society.

Gabriel Rodriguez