Thursday, November 8, 2012

Which one do you prefer the original song or the new version of the song

      which one do you prefer the original version or the new version??

    Many singers take old songs and make a new remix of the old song and put their flavor to the song this is called a cover of the original song. A lot of famous singers have done this. Like Jay Z performed a cover of forever young a song that is originally from Alpha Ville and made it into his own remix , adding some rap to the song. But some people like the original song better than the new cover. Here is a song that iIhave been hearing called skinny love its by Bon Iver but has been performed by many people but one version that I liked the most was the Birdy version. Birdy is a singer who did a cover of this song. But which one do you like the most the original version by Bon Iver or the new version of the song by Birdy ??? And why????

Sofia BV

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