Friday, November 16, 2012

24 Hours

                                            courtesy of google images

BY: Ricardo Quinones

    What a TV show. This TV show was filmed years ago and currently has stopped its production. There are eight seasons, I am through five seasons already and I felt I had an obligation on persuading you to watch it. The show consists of a maine character by the name of Jack Bauer who works as an agent for CTU(Counter Terrorist Unit) in Los Angeles. Each season takes 24 hours of pure conflict between CTU attempting to stop the attacks from the terrorists. The series events take place in real time, so to watch one entire season you will have to watch 24 episodes, one hour each. 24 hours is the type of show that leaves you hanging after each episode. That is why the series is so addictive. Jack Bauer saves the day, 24 hours, one entire day were everything happening lies on the hands of agent Jack Bauer. Jack Bauer will go beyond his agent duties, against protocal, just to save his country from massive destruction.

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