Thursday, November 29, 2012

NOTHING you see is real......

By: Adriana Sánchez (12th)

So I asked Soon Mo to help me with an idea for a blog post, and he opened up a Korean website that has the most random videos. We watched the first video that appeared on the site, believing it to be the lamest thing ever, and then were completely amazed by it!  We started "ooing" all throughout the rest of the video. WATCH IT NOW:

So, what did you think??? Pretty amazing, huh? I bet that at the beginning you were watching the video, wondering what could be so special, if it just looked like some messy kid's room, and then when they guy starts flipping the "rubix cube", you find out its actually sheet of paper with a drawing made so, so that when you look at from a certain angle, it looks like an actual object. These are called anamorphic illusions. Anamorphic comes from the word anamorphosis, which is defined as "a distorted projection or drawing that appears normal when viewed from a particular point". How many of you expected this? Were you surprised? We couldn't tell what was so special about the video when we first started watching it either. And that, if you think about it, is another illusion. We judge things by their appearances, believing them to be things that they aren't. How many times has this happened to you? Countless, countless times...


  1. I wish i could have those amazing drawing skills.

  2. That video is amazing and fascinating!

  3. Wow, At first I was wondering why everything was on paper, and now my thought is that it must have taken a really good printer and lots of time.

  4. wow.... I thought it was real!!!! That is so cool !!!!!