Friday, November 9, 2012

A New Music

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   BY: Ricardo Quinones

   Music has always been a way in which we distinguish our personalities as humans. Music plays quite a roll in our lives that it can reach the extreme of us not being able to live without it. For those doing the perspective project with Mr. Steve White we have learned much of how music played a role during his teen years. We have also researched how music played a role in the life of other people. What I am trying to get with this is that music is a type of word sounds, that mean different for each person. I want to know what each of you feel about a new type of music.

    Electro music has revolutionized us humans. The difference between the music we heard before and this electro music is that, with electro music every aspect of the song is arranged on your computer device.  No instruments are needed to arrange the songs rather now due to the advances of technology one is able to create a song technologically. Due to certain designed computer programs for creating electronic music, the producer is able to arrange a series of sound effects in such an order to form a melody that will be very attractive to the ear. These computer programs for designing music usually consist of thousands of sound effects that one must use to arrange his song. I am not saying that electro music is always played without instruments for in fact some timed the song producers called Dj's may use electronic pianos with certain sound effects in each piano key as another way to creating their songs.

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