Thursday, April 30, 2015

Daredevil (Web Show)

Tired of seeing posts about superheroes every week? Well I'm sorry, but this time won't be the exception. Today I will talk to you about Daredevil. This series is only available on Netflix (sorry for tv lovers). Daredevil is based on Marvel comics, starring the character of the same name. This production is made by Marvel for Netflix. The original comics were written by Stan Lee and Bill Everett on April 1964. The main cast of the movie includes actors like, Charlie Cox as the main character (Daredevil), Deborah Ann Woll, Edsen Henson, and Tony Leonard Moore. Marvel worked in association with ABC Studios to produce the series. All the first season episodes were released on April 10, 2015. The episodes are all available on Netflix. Daredevil is not be like previous Marvel movies, because it is darker and will have much more blood.

I think Daredevil is a really good web show that many people would like, especially the people who like superheroes and the ones who like action movies and series with a lot of blood. Maybe Daredevil is not very famous right now because it is not a movie, nor a tv show, but a web show. But if you liked the trailer (video below) you should maybe go right now to Netflix and watch it :)

     -Sebastian Benito

Dear future generations: Sorry.

"Only when the last tree has been cut down; Only when the last river has been poisoned; Only when the last fish has been caught; Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten." Geronimo. With that quote I want to open this post about our planet. It is probably that you cannot see the damage that our planet has suffered, but the future generations will. This video is an apology letter to the future generations that are going to come due to our destruction of the environment. It sketches a future in which there is lack of vegetation, fauna, and invasion of pollution in nature to it extremist form. Why? For money. This future may not look possible, but we have actually experienced harsh destruction and damage of the environment before and we are also experiencing it right now as the video shows. I personally think that a future with such destruction and contamination of our planet is kind of surreal; however, if we do not do something about it, it will not erase that fact that it is possible, it could happen. Please be aware of the environment. we are part of it. If we destroy nature, we destroy us. If we save nature, we save us.

Llamas with Hats

This video is funny and pretty bloody but it is still worth watching it. If you don't like violence and blood or scared of it, don't watch it because it's bloody. I recommend watching it because who doesn't love llamas with hats, Kappa? When you finish watching this, your minds will be blown, but do NOT copy what this video does(The more you know). This is similar to ASDF but bloodier and with colors.

- Kyu-Ho Lee


Most people surrounding us own some kind of smart device. I think its great how technology has evolved and how useful and entertaining the new devices can be. They are a great example of what people are capable of imagining and creating. Now, we can all take pictures and videos at the moment. There is no need to have one of those huge old cameras that were used back in the day. We can just take out our phones or tables or whatever it is that we have and capture the moment we desire. There are countless of applications that could be useful for school, work, and other environments. There are applications for calculators, online books and textbooks, instant messages among others. Technology has changed life. However, some people tend to overuse it, which is not that great of an idea. This video is about how overusing a smart device can significantly influence people's lives. Not just the one spending the whole day on his or her phone, but also everyone else around that person. I think it is a great video so watch it and comment what you think.

Gaby M.

Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 is a FPS (First Person Shooter) game released in October 13, 2013 by Electronic Arts (EA). It is successful for it's multiplayer, graphics, and gameplay, selling over 7 million copies. However it's sometimes criticized for it's mediocre single player storyline and some bugs/glitches. You can buy and play this game on the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 260, and the Xbox One. One thing I like about the game, is that it's really realistic. For example, if you destroy the pillars of a tall building, instead of just staying there like most other video games, the tower collapses and falls down. One thing I don't like about this game, is that even when you buy the game, it doesn't contain everything that the game offers. EA made several DLC(DownLoadable Content) all grouped into one purchase called Premium, and it costs as much as the game itself.
I recommend this game to anyone plays video games. Since a lot of time has passed since the game was released, it should be cheaper than the newer games in the market.
By: TH

Friday, April 24, 2015


The only reason I am posting is because Mister asked me to. He said there wasn't going to be that many blog posts so he wanted me to post something. I asked Izzi what I should post and she told me to post this. I watched the video and I think its funny, but also these girls are so dumb. Why would they do it for than long. Obviously it wasn't going to work as planned. It's funny to watch them try to talk with their fat lips. Maybe I can get Gwen, my little sister to do it. Just to see her talk with the fat lips. Knowing her though she will probably do it perfectly and get the best lips in the world. I like pizza. I also like shrimp. I am very hungry right now. Someone please give me food. I get to eat salad for lunch. I will take any food donations for lunch(unless it is ravioli).  Here are some suggestions for the food donations: bread, sandwiches, rice, steak, shrimp, chocolate, hot dogs, and mac & cheese. 

By: Ivy Irene 9th Grade 

Social Networking On Real Life

Hello everyone! It's me again :) So I was watching videos on Youtube the other day and found this. I thought it was very funny. I am sure we all do so many things on social networks that seem so normal and not creepy at all, but if we did all the poking, following, and liking in real life, everything changes drastically. I love how the woman is not shy at all to talk to strangers. I know I would definitely not be able to do it. It is really hard for me to talk to some stranger in the street. Maybe just the usual greeting out of education, but apart from that, nothing. Would you be able to do that? Would you be able to walk in the streets and talk to random people like the woman in the video did?
I am sure it would be fun because of all the weird responses you would receive.
Well, I hope you guys find this video as entertaining as I did. Please comment what you think!

Gaby M.


Jorgito is a 13-minute video made in Equity American School. It was made in 2012 and it features Jorge Paredes, Juan Fernando Gabriel, Chris Galves, Ricardo QuiƱones, Luciano Meneses, and Gaby Maldonado. They made it because of a project they had to do in Spanish class. 
The video is about Jorgito (Juan Fer) getting bullied and abused by Moises (Ricardo), Jonathan (Jorge), and his alcoholic dad (Luciano). After finding out about Jorgito's issue, his teacher(Chris), tries to solve the problems. Also, after Jorgito is depressed after seeing his dad drunk and messed up, a girl named Alejandra (Gaby) comes and tries to make Jorgito feel better. Then, Jorgito, his dad, and the teacher had a conference and discussed about the teacher adopting Jorgito. In the end, Jorgito becomes his teacher's adopted son and live happily. 
They also included some bloopers they had during the production of the video. Once, a library teacher actually thought that Jorge and Ricardo were bullying Juan Fer, and told them to stop. These videos made in school are quite funny. 

By: Tae

Introvert, extrovert, or ambivert?

Hello! As always , I was looking youtube videos in the search of a one that I could post here. In my search I found a cool one about what would happen if the sun disappeared; however, it was too long and it wouldn’t have uploaded. Instead of that one, I found one that can be uploaded and that will not have the risk to end up being that boring. The video is about introvert vs. extrovert problems. It shows how despite having different characters, they still have problems due to the way they are. I personally think that we should not be boxed in a stereotype and be judge by how we behavior sometimes since I think we all have some of the other. Despite that I know I’m more of an introvert than an extrovert, but I still have my extrovert moments. So, as I said, we all have some extrovert and introvert in us. I hope you liked the video! Comment below if you are an introvert, extrovert, or maybe an ambivert (both).

Belen Garrido

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

Okay, so when we talk about superheroes, a lot of questions pop out, like, who would win or who is the best. But, we all know that those are personal opinions. There comes discussions, rows and stuff like that. Marvel or DC? In this case we will talk about and review the trailer of DC's new movie....Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. This movie will feature the characters Batman and Superman (duh). The main actors in this film will be Ben Affleck, and Henry Cavill, as Batman, and Superman respectively. Other actors will be Jeremy Irons, as Alfred. This time the actress Gal Gadot will be Wonder Woman. This film is based on the graphic novel (comic) The Dark Knight Returns. Dawn of Justice was announced at 2013 San Diego Comic Con, after the release of Man of Steel. Batman v Superman was announced to be released in the United States on March 25, 2016 in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D.

I think this movie, next year, will be one of the most watched movies around the world. I say that because the movie is already causing a lot of expectation from superheroes fans all over the world. And what do you think about this movie trailer (below this description)?

    Sebastian Benito

Friday, April 17, 2015

Best Proposal Ever???

In ICT class, my friend Hanna Lee was watching a video. I, being so nosy, walked up and watched it. The video was nice. It was really creative. Of course, there were some cheesy parts, since it was a really big proposal. The video starts out with a couple on a date, however, another girl comes up to the man asking why he cheated on her. The girl was very disappointed and was crying. The boy left and that was when everything began. And by everything, I mean lots of music and a lot of dancers. Marcia Orellana said on the video, "It was extreme. I would probably get out of there if people just randomly started dancing." I agree with Marcia. It would be pretty random and extremely awkward if people begin dancing while I sit there crying. I would also hope that I'm not being filmed as I ran away.
I will not be posting the video here, because I am unfortunately out of time and the video takes forever to download. Sorry for being so lame... So here's the link.
Now you have a reason to be on Youtube!
Watch this video everyone! And enjoy it. Laugh or cry, do whatever you do. And comment! Don't forget please.

Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart with Jimmy Fallon

Hello everyone!
So last month (I think it was last month...) someone posted a lip sync battle involving Jimmy Fallon and Emma Stone. I must congratulate the person who posted that because I really liked that video. I think JP was the one who posted it.
Anyway, when I finished the video I watched some of the videos that were suggested to me by Youtube. One I really liked was another lip sync battle. And yes, it was with Jimmy Fallon.
This one included Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart. I have to say, this video is one of the most hilarious videos I have ever seen. Will Ferrell is really funny.
So please watch this guys. I'm pretty sure you will all enjoy this video as much as me. I'm also pretty sure that some of you have already seen this video. So comment and stuff because you want points in this class. Thanks!
(If this video does not work, it's not my fault. The blog is working oddly.)

Suits Webisode :)

Hey guys!! So I am not sure if you noticed, but I have been guest blogger since march, so I am running out of ideas of what to post. If you have any suggestions, please email me. All your ideas are welcome. Here is my email, gabriela@eas and you know the rest.
Now, about the video I posted. I went on youtube and it was the first video I opened, so it's probably not the best one, but I thought it was pretty funny. I love suits, specially Louis. For those of you who do not watch the TV show, it is about a law firm, so the the guy in the video is a lawyers There are three lawyers that are the main ones. There is Harvey who is the best lawyer in town in the show and there is also Mike who works for Harvey. The third lawyer, Louis, is next in line after Harvey, but he is awesome! He is the guy from the video. If you do not watch the show yet, you should. You are going to love it. I hope so, at least. Moving on, the video is not part of an episode, it is just something that was filmed separately, so it is not spoiling anything. Hope you like it! :)

Gaby Maldonado


Reincarnated(2012) is a movie/documentary made by Vice films about hip-hop artist Snoop Dogg becoming Snoop Lion. Snoop Dogg used to sing and perform with other rappers and hip-hop artists such as Wiz Khalifa, Dr. Dre, and Tupac. He was famous for being "gangsta," but after he experienced the deaths of several friends and was  convicted for murder in 1996, he wanted a more peaceful life. He decided to follow the path of reggae music and went on a trip to Jamaica to learn more about the "Rastafarian" culture for his new reggae album, Reincarnated.
During the film, he joins up with Diplo, a dj, Bunny Wailer, a reggae artist who has once been in a group with Bob Marley, and others.  He learns more and more about the Jamaican and reggae culture with all his partners and releases his album in April 19, 2013.  This post was inspired by Jorge Paredes, who is a fan of Snoop Dogg/Snoop Lion. Comment below on whether you prefer the old Snoop Dogg or the new Snoop Lion.
By: Tae


Hello everyone! As the title states, this video is about ghosts. Wait! Don’t go yet. This video is not an actual scary one. Is more like an informative one. This video is basically about the history and evolution in the belief of ghosts in our society. First, it explains how ghost had a common apparition in ancient literature and how their presence started to evolve in something more creepy and related to demonic stuff. Later, the guy explains the creation of seances, a meeting in which people try to have contact with the dead, which turned to be complete fraud after Houdini reveled that they were just using pure illusions. Furthermore, the guy in the video keeps explaining how there  are many groups that are dedicated to explain paranormal events with scientific proof, which  left many people without jobs. At the end of the video,  he also explains that we are basically ghost since our bodies replace 98% of our cells every year. Pretty interesting in my opinion. It was not scary, right? Comment below what is your opinion about ghosts. Do you believe in them? Have you ever had an experience with a phantom? Share it below!

Belen Garrido

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (second teaser)

Have you waited too much for the newest Star Wars movie to come out? Well you will have to wait a bit more. You will just have to wait eight months to be able to watch.....Star Wars: The Force Awakens *Star Wars cool song*. This movie will be the seventh one from the series. Some of the actors appearing in the movie this time will be John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, Oscar Isaac, Andy Serkis, Domhnal Gleeson, and Max Von Sydow. And if you were wondering if actors from older Star Wars movies were going to appear in this film, I will have the honor to inform you that this will happen. The actors Harrison Ford as Han Solo, Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia, and of course Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker, will be some of the main characters. Obviously in this film they will not look as before because they are a little bit older, having in mind that this movie is set approximately 30 years after the events of Return of the Jedi that was released in 1983. Star Wars account on YouTube uploaded the second teaser of this movie on April 16, 2015, announcing that the movie will be released on December 18, 2015.

    -Sebastian Benito

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hearthstone is a RNG(Random Number generator, in other words, luck) based card game. It's 95% luck and 5% skill. It's got common, rare, epic, and legendary. Commons are pretty easy to find. Rares are hard to find and better than common. Epics are harder to find and better than rares. Legendaries are cards that are the hardest to find and extremely rare to find. You can also disenchant cards to get other cards. If you are interested to play, play in the Europe version. If you would like to friend me, my code is #1189 or It's a very fun game to play and I would recommend playing it. Good luck and have fun! :D

                   -Kyu-Ho Lee

Friday, April 10, 2015

I'm coming home

Hello everyone! You guys probably remember the horrible event when Paul Walker experienced a tragic accident that took away his life. A lot of us grieved over this devastating news for months. I almost cried when I read the news for the first time. Ok, that is not true, but I was shocked. And I got over it the day after, but I am sure that there were some fans out there that grieved over his death for months.
On April 2, the thursday during spring break, the seventh movie of the fast and furious movies was premiered. The song of the video was the soundtrack for the movie. It's a great song. The reason why I think it is so great is because I think that it can be adapted to other people's lives. There are so many people who have a close friend of relative that recently passed away and they can perfectly relate to this song. Or not, depending on how they are handling the experience. Either way, the video touched my heart and the the song's lyrics are just amazing!
I hope you enjoy the video!

The Purges

The Purge, a movie that came out during the year 2013 was a "horror" movie about people killing each other for one day. The setting takes place in the United States during the year 2022, when everything is peaceful and crime is gone. However, for twelve hours, the government allows all crimes to be legal to control the population. The first movie is about a family trying to survive the event, but turns out having problems that leads to the father dying. The sequel to The Purge, The Purge: Anarchy, the second movie that came out during 2014, is about another family surviving the purge.
Although both movies didn't receive the best reviews and ratings, but they were both successful since the first one made over $89 million out of a $3 million budget and the second one over $110 out of $9 million. The directors of this franchise are planning to make a third movie called The Purge: Vengeance supposedly by July, 2016. Here are the trailers for one movie if you are interested.

Dumb Things You Have Probably Done

Hello everybody! While watching videos on Youtube, I found two that I think are pretty relatable with most of us, specially with my clumsy self. I’m sure that most of us have had some really dumb and awkward moments in which we ask ourselves if we really just did that. Well, here are two videos which are compilations of very dumb and awkward moments that most likely happened to you before. This video is from a channel in Youtube named BuzzFeedviolet which has some very interesting and relatable videos. There are some situations in both videos that haven't happened to me, but most of them have. Tell me in the comments if some of these things have or have not happened to you. If any of these have happened to you, which I find it weird and you a liar, then comment a dumb or awkward situation similar to these that have happened to you. Mine is to bump into things and throw away the thing that I want instead of the one I want to trash -.-

Belen Garrido

The Luckiest People in the World

This video is so funny! As soon as I put the video on, my whole class starting laughing their heads off! This video is about LITERALLY the luckiest people in the world. If the had taken one more step they would have been seriously injured or even worse... killed! This is definitely one of the funniest videos I have seen all year. I would personally like to have those peoples luck so I don't get killed by a car or a truck. For some people this is really funny, and for others it is really frustrating or scary! Can you imagine what those people felt when they were about to die, but didn't? In the video there is a couple of "bad" words, but I liked it so much I had to post it! My favorite part is when a guy is building a bridge and it collapses, the guy doesn't get injured at all! I really hope that you guys like this video. It personally changed how I think before crossing the street. ENJOY!!

                       - Marie Andree Gabriel

James Bond 007: Spectre

What comes to your mind when you hear someone say "James Bond"? Action? Guns? Adrenaline? British Accent? Whatever came to your mind when you read James Bond, we all agree it's just a really awesome movie. This time, Daniel Craig, the main character of James Bond movies will amaze us with Spectre. This film is the twenty-fourth James Bond movie produced by Eon Productions. The movie will be the second film of the series directed by Sam Mendes, and this movie will feature Daniel Craig in his fourth performance as James Bond. This time Christoph Waltz as Franz Oberhauser will be James Bond's enemy. The film is scheduled to be released on November 6 2015.

I think this movie will be one of the best releases of the year, as James Bond movies always get to be. Even though I have not seen all James Bond movies, I am a big fan of these movies. Or at least of the ones that I have seen and I will see. I totally recommend everyone I know this movie, because it is a very complete movie. This movie is also very classic, that is why many people of many ages like these movies.

Flour Bomb Challenge

You all know what this is about and I don't really have to comply to a word minimum, so, without further introduction, here's the video:

- Mr. Diego