Friday, February 27, 2015

What Colors do You See?

Recently people have been arguing about what color this dress is. I think this dress is gold/brownish and white/light blue. Some people think it is black, lightblue, blue, gold, brown, or beigh. What color do you think this dress has? I think many people in the school are colorblind, or maybe I am the one who is colorblind. Sebastian Lou was the one to show me this. Comment what you think the colors are.

Latino Music

By :Ricardo Quinones

 Recently I have been very interested in spanish music and thought it proper to share with you guys one of my favorite songs right now. I know that the most popular music right now is electronic music but this type of music adds a nice type of vibe to relax during free time. Also electronic music is great for jumping up and down but for dancing and having a great time with a partner, you need to learn how to dance latino music. Maluma one of the singers in this video was just in Guatemala and I went to the concert with several friends and had a great time dancing. If you are not that in to this music I do recommend you listen to several of these song and learn to love them, especially because you are living in Guatemala, and Guatemalans love to dance. If any of you wish that I recommend more of these song please comment and I will gladly respond and send you links of the latest hits. Thank you! Can't wait to hear from you all.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Stop the Knot

Recently, a video was posted on YouTube that show people running around and cutting off the the small knots/buns on the top of men's heads. Although it was later explained through another video that it was fake, it still sparked controversy. People have either loved what they had supposedly done or they were very angry. Those who were angry were upset because they felt like the men who did the prank had overstepped their boundaries and were ignorant and hypocrites.

So what do you guys think? If was something real, do you think the pranksters were in the wrong? What do you think of the Stop the Knot campaign?

Here's the original video:

Here's the video in which they explain how it was fake:

Lily Ghiz

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


I hope a couple of you know devinsupertramp. If not, you're missing out. Devinsupertramp is a famous youtuber. In his videos, he does what every person would like to try someday but knows it's never gonna happen. He has broken several world-records. His videos go from making the world's largest swing, the largest zip-line, and many more. He also films professionals  performing incredible things.
We was recently here, in Guatemala, filming the beautiful landscaped that one can find anywhere in the country.
These videos are very cool and, given that they are done by grown-ups and not children (for obvious reasons), they make me think that one is never too old to follow him dreams and that one can be a kid, not matter the age.
What do you think of his videos? It's be awesome if we could organize something like this here.

JFOB, 10th

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Landfill Harmonic

"The world sends us garbage. We send back music." This is the slogan of the Landfill Harmonic, also known as the recycled orchestra, a project taken place at Cateura, Paraguay. I can poorly explain what this is about, so I will cite their web-page.

Chávez got to know these kids and their families over 8 years ago while working on a waste recycling project at the landfill of Cateura. In this area more than 40% of children don’t finish school because their parents need them to work. Being an environmental engineer but with a musical background, one day he decided to help the children by teaching them music lessons. The idea was simply to keep the kids from playing in the landfill.

“At first it was very difficult because we had no place to rehearse and we had to teach in the same place where the parents were working in the trash,” said Chávez. “The children knew nothing about music and it was very difficult to contact parents because many of them do not live with their children.”
Eventually, parents began to see that playing music was keeping their kids out of trouble, some even reclaiming children they had previously abandoned.
Soon there were more children wanting lessons than there were instruments, so Chávez and Nicolas “Cola” one of the garbage pickers experimented with making some out of recycled materials from the landfill.  String and wind instruments are made with oil tin cans, forks, bottle caps, and whatever is around.  “Eventually the recycled instruments were improved, and in many cases, they now sound better than the wooden Made In China instruments the more able children play on.”
The recycled instruments serve another, more practical purpose: The kids can safely carry them. “For many children, it was impossible to give them a violin to take home because they had nowhere to keep it and their parents were afraid they would be robbed or the instrument would be sold to buy drugs.”

After learning of those people, I could only think of how lucky we are to have our instruments on the orchestra, and it made me appreciate everything that I have a little more. So pay attention, and try to dee the things around you with more gratitude. 

JFOB, 10th

Monday, February 23, 2015

Haunted House Prank

BlackBoxTv is an american drama TV which do skits and pranks to people. This is another prank by BlackBoxTV which features two midgets who are planning to scare a black man who is the friend of the owner of the house. I find this extremely hilarious. I would love to be pranked like this guy, it would be fun to experience being scared like that. Whoever is reading this, you should prank me like this okay. Thanks. I think the black guys reaction is priceless because of how he gets scared. I mean, I would be frightened or I would flinch, but not to the extent the guy was scared. Would you ever do this to a friend? Why or why not?  I really love the pranks by BlackBoxTv, they are very intuitive and innovative I think it's a creative way to prank your friends. I will post more pranks like these in the feature if you guys enjoy them. Comment what you think about this prank! All comments are well appreciated. Thanks for reading up to here!

By: Fares Mubarak 9th

Friday, February 20, 2015

My Favorite Three Songs

So far this 2015 I have 3 favorite songs. They are Sleepless, Stolen Dance, and When the Beat Drops Out. I like all three of them because they all have a nice rhythm. Not all of them are in the radio. Only Stolen Dance and When the Beat Drops Out are in the radio, Sleepless isn't. The creators of these songs are Milky Chance with Stolen Dance, Marlon Roudette with When the Beat Drops Out,  and Flume with Sleepless. I think all of them are good singers/dj, but none of them are my favorite. I would tell you which is my favorite singer or dj, but then I would change the subject so I won't tell you. Anyways, as I said these songs are my favorite songs.  So now, I am going to show you each of these songs. Thanks I hope you enjoy!! Comment if you don't like or if you like them.


Between Two Ferns Zack And Obama

By: Ricardo Quinones

Zack Galifanakis is a comedian is a comedian bon in North Carolina. He has some stand up comedy that is really funny and good to watch during your free time. When he started this new show called Between Two Ferns with the company Funny Or Die I started breaking in laughter. For the past months I keep repeating these video and to me here is the best one.

I have watched several funny videos this month but for some reason right now that I wanted to come up with something to write about, I couldn't think of anything. Unfortunately I could not post this video so please click on the link and watch this hilarious video of Zack Galifanakis interviewing President Obama. It happened a long time ago but I am sure not all of you watched it. Aside from just watching this video, also watch more of Zack's videos, the akwardness during his videos are just great! I wanted to post the interview Zack gave to Charlise Theron but there was a bad word in there so if you can find a clean version I recommend you watch it! I am anctious to hear what you guys thing about this interview. Please leave your comments bellow.

Shaqtin' A Fool

Some of you may know Shaquille O'Neal. He has recently been appearing in movies. And, if you have noticed, those movies are comedies! Shaq played in the NBA for 19 years (1992-2011). He played with the Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, Phoenix Suns, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Boston Celtics. And, besides being a good player, he was known throughout his career for his humor. He liked to joke around and have a good time. After retiring, in 2011, Shaq joined the NBA on TNT show, "Inside the NBA." There, he created a segment called, "Shaqtin' A Fool." During Shaqtin' A Fool, Shaq, along with Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, and Charles Barkley, review basketball-plays of the games that took place the previous week and make fun of the payers who did mistakes, or the referees or the pubic. There also are special segments featuring the best-worst plays of all time, or just the classics, including plays of Shaquille himself! Some plays are funnier than others, but I have a good time laughing at some players! So take a look at one or two segments, maybe you'll like them!

Do You Know Your Presidents?

As many of you probably know, President's Day was on Monday, meaning no school. The reason for no school was probably only a passing thought as most of you, myself included, only cared about having a three day weekend. Then, I watched this video in which a little girl knew all of the Presidents and information about them. It was interesting to realize that I am about 10 years older than her and know way less than she does. My knowledge is so limited it's almost embarrassing. This video made me want to learn a little bit more about the Presidents of my country.
Even if none of this applies to you, you can still watch this video and laugh at how cute the little girl is. How much do you know about your country's history and Presidents?

Lily Ghiz

Thursday, February 19, 2015

All-Star Weekend!

Last week, New York hosted the NBA All-Star weekend. The All-Star festival consists of a series of contests and games with famous people. Some of the most important events--to me, at least--are the All-Star Celebrity game, the the Slam Dunk contest, and NBA All-Star Game.

For the All-Star Celebrity game, Actors, musicians and players of sports other than basketball are invited to play. Although not as good (qualitatively speaking), some celebrities really put on a show worth watching. After the game, people vote for an MVP via text messages and social media. This year, Kevin Hart was voted the All-Star Celebrity game MVP.


In the Slam Dunk contest, some of the youngest basketball players use creativity and skill to perform unusual dunks, thus impressing the crowd and then being scored. The best score someone can get is a 50. This year, Zach LaVine, of the Minnesota Timberwolves, won the Slam Dunk contest.

The main event is the NBA All-Star game. People vote for their favorite NBA players, and the ones with more votes play. The players are distributed into two teams: EAST and WEST. This year, history was made. Pau and Marc Gasol are former NBA players, and brothers. They come from Spain, and they played against each other in the NBA All-Star game. Also interesting both of them fought for the tip-off at the beginning of the game. This year, team WEST won the game and Russell Westbrook was awarded the NBA All-Star game MVP award, having made 41 points.

JFOB, 10th

Friday, February 13, 2015

Top Superbowl Commercials

By: Ricardo Quinones

Television commercials are usually a drag to watch, but in fact for once they are actually enjoyable. The Superbowl commercials! We all know about them but since we live in Guatemala and the cable here does not pass the commercials I figured for many of you have not seen them I would post this video. I have watched all the Superbowl commercials but have had a really hard time coming up with my favorite one. Please watch the video above and comment, giving me your opinion on which commercial you thought was the best and Why? Enjoy!!

Hardwell On Air

Robert de Corput, globally known as Hardwell, is an electro house DJ and has recently been voted the world's #1 DJ for the second time.
Hardwell--like other DJ's, like Martin Garrix, Afrojack and Tiesto--performs weekly in radio shows and YouTube, mixing tracks the way only he knows how. His radio show is called "Hardwell On Air," a 1-hour set. I have to admit that there are some sets that are not good, but there also really good sets! You can listen to him in YouTube and also listen to him live Fridays at 5:00pm in 94.9 radio.
I enjoy most of his sets and listen to the while I do my homework, which lets me do it really fast!
Anyway, I hope you can find some time to listen to him and enjoy his sets yourselves!


“It is a ballet, a graceful sweep and flow of patterned movement, counterpoised by daring and imaginative flights of solitary brilliance.” – Dr. Jack Ramsay

 As most of you guys know, I like basketball a lot. This post features videos I found with a really good compilation of NBA plays. One of the cool things about basketball is that it is a quick game. The players of a team may have possession of the ball for no more than 24 seconds to make a basket, so you don't see one team dancing around with the ball during the whole game.
Another thing that I like is the way the teams play as a whole. Thus, they can do impressive plays that stir a lot of emotions to fans.

JFOB, 10th

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Academy Awards

As you guys probably know, the Academy Awards are coming up on February 22nd. The list of nominations has already been released. Much speculation and controversy has arisen as people debate about who got snubbed and who does or doesn't deserve an Oscar. I don't know if any of you watch the Academy Awards but below is a list of the nominations for Best Picture and a few of their trailers. I have only seen one of the movies listed below so I can't really say which movie deserves the award.

Are any of you planning on watching the Academy Awards? If so, who do you think deserves an Oscar? Or maybe you don't really care and think that it's just a waste of time. Share your thoughts in the comments.

- "Whiplash"
- "American Sniper"
- "Birdman"
- "The Grand Budapest Hotel"
- "The Imitation Game"
- "Selma"
- "The Theory of Everything"
- "Boyhood"

- Lily Ghiz

Monday, February 9, 2015

The Cab Ride Prank

This prank is a cab driver who pranks two women into him becoming a werewolf. This video is very funny and popular. BlackBoxTv, the ones who uploaded this, always upload funny pranks. The reactions in this video are priceless, both of the girls start freaking out as soon as they get in the car. I think this is a pretty fun prank to do and to be in. I mean, I would have loved to be pranked like this by someone I did not know. Watch this video and tell me what you think. I feel like this prank was fake because of the blood; it looked like syrup. Plus, the girls reactions were too good to be true. I really found it entertaining though, that is why, today, February 9th, I am sharing this with the Equity American School community. I hope you guys enjoyed this. If you liked this prank, check out the channel BlackBoxTv, they post even funnier pranks every once in a while. Comment what you think down below. Thanks for reading this, if you did.

Fares Mubarak 9th

Bloopers Suits

By: Ricardo Quinones

Please check this link out too!

For all of you who watch suits you will enjoy these Bloopers! As you all know Suits in one of the most popular shows right now, If you don't watch it yet I really recommend you start. Louis Litt is the guy in the video who from my opinion is the best actor in the show. Unfortunately if you don't watch the show you might not get the bloopers but just the faces and accents are hilarious. The show is about the best lawyers in New York solving assignment given to them. Usually shows like these can get a little boring with so much smart talk and serious faces. Fortunately this show is able to mix comedy with conflict and suspense. Please watch the videos especially the extra link I attached that unfortunately I was not able to load. Enjoy!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Barcelona is the Best This Season

After the last tough season, Barcelona now has a new coach and new players. The new coach is called Luis Enrique and the new players are Luis Suarez, Rakitic, Ter Stegen, Bravo, Vermalean, and Mathieu. So far, in my opinion, this season Barcelona has been the best team of La Liga. (comment if you disagree with me). Barcelona has made great goals and plays so far in this season. I think they are going to win the Copa Del Rey, Champions League, and La Liga. Even though Messi isn't as good as before, we still have Neymar, Xavi, Iniesta, and Suarez. Barcelona cant buy players this season because they bought a 16 year old player and you cannot do this in FIFA, but I think they should still be able to buy players this season. FIFA has stupid rules!! Anyways, now I am going to show you a video of how good Barcelona was this season.

-Saif Mubarak

Shampoo that Never goes away

Hi People, this is going to be my last post, I forgot to post last week ;)

So I’m posting may last post right now. So, I found this funny video in YouTube and I like to share with you guys. I ways worried if it has bad words in it but fortunately it doesn’t. So the original video is called “Shampoo Prank” and I actually like to try if I go to pool with any of my friend. I like how their friend is frustrated. Also I like his friend’s face at the beginning of the video too. I thought it was hilarious. It is pretty weird that the guy couldn’t find out that they are pouring the shampoo right behind him. By the way, I think they probably wasted many shampoo to do that prank. I it pretty amazing how they thought of that prank. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed it.

Cindy Kim :D


This one is for basketball fans. And for those of you who don't like basketball, watch it anyways.

Uncle Drew is an old man who still knows how to play ball. He goes to public basketball-courts and surprises everyone showing off his skills! What the people in the video don't know, though, is that the old man is NBA player Kyrie Irving. He currently plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers along with LeBron James and Kevin Love!
There are 5 chapters in the Uncle Drew series. They are mainly advertisings for Pepsi Max. In some chapters, other famous basketball players are featured, but Kyrie is the most important (in my perspective, at least).
Just think of how amazing it'd be if something like that happened before your eyes!

JFOB, 10th

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Kids React to Scott Stirling

I don't know if any of you watched the video, "Top Soccer Shootout With Scott Stirling" but it became viral awhile back and now has about 19 million views. The video is funny and cringe-worthy and now TheFineBros have released a video on Youtube in which they record kids watching the video. I really couldn't think of anything else to post, so here this is. If you didn't like the original video, you can still watch this one for the cute kids who say cute things.

- Lily Ghiz

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Science Wonders

A acquaintance of mine messaged me a link once. "Watch it!" he added. It was a YouTube video of "brusspup," an account that uploads lots of experiments that are interesting to watch. While I went through various of those videos I thought some experiments were false, but it turns out that they're not! I highly recommend that you take a look at other brusspup videos. They're very interesting and they could also teach you one or two things!
These guys are very talented and they make me want to try to perform some of those experiments myself. So, when you get home, look around you. You never know what you could do with a pen or a flashlight. You just have to open your mind and study a little bit.
I am amazed of the incredible things one can do with ordinary stuff, and I hope you can appreciate them as well.

JFOB, 10th.

Monday, February 2, 2015

The U.S. helps Ukraine Instead of Russia

U.S. was aiding Russia with guns against terrorism.  Late 2014, they were working together so that terrorism would end or have a less impact.  This bound has been deteriorating due to the Syrian civil war and the imminent war between Ukraine and Russia.  Pro-Russian rebels has been continuously attacking Ukraine for the simple fact that they want that piece of land.  Now the U.S. wants to help Ukraine instead of Russia. The U.S. will help Ukraine with anti-tanks, missiles and many other anti, as a way to protect the Ukraine country against the Russia rebels.  This is very dangerous since both sides, U.S. and Russia, knows that they can end up in the war.  The U.S. keeps giving excuses to why they will do this, but basically they are aiding the enemy of their enemy, in other words, they are insitatinng provoking a war with someone that they might not be able to handle.

As I said in my last post, U.S. is lowering the prices of petroleum in big amounts.  This is also very dangerous since they are making Russia angry for no reason.  The U.S. is slowly adding up many problems with other countries that at some point, they will have to face it.