Sunday, January 29, 2012

CC image courtesy of DennisInAmsterdam
Field Trip
9th and 10th grade are going on a field trip on Tuesday. We all know how fun and rare field trips can be. So I wanted to use this opportunity to ask if anybody has good ideas for more fun activities at school. I know that it's the student councils job (by the way you guys are great at that) but maybe if we all put our ideas together we could come up with something everybody likes.

By Gio

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Paper Imagination

Luciano Wolff
Everyone has at least done a paper airplane since they were kids. satoshi Kamiya a paper Origamy artist spends countless hours building some of the best Origami's that I have seen. Do you like building Origami's?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


CC Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Minecraft is a really awesome computer game that involves using your imagination, surviving, and many other things. There are several game modes, which are Survival Mode and Creative Mode. In Survival Mode, you have to mine the necessary materials to build basically whatever you want. You also have to survive creepers since they might kill you, although you have ten lives. What's hard, though, is that you must find food as well in order to continue surviving. And on Creative Mode, you have unlimited resources and you can build whatever you want by using your imagination to its maximum level, you don't need food, and you can't die. In Minecraft, there is a grand variety of block types like glass, brick, iron, wood, and the list goes on forever. In conclusion, Minecraft is probably one of the best games that has existed and that will exist. Most important of all, though, is that you get lots and lots of fun while at the same time you use your imagination and you enter a whole new world inside your computer.

-By Roberto Miselem

Monday, January 23, 2012

Subida por la Vida

                                          Picture courtesy of CC search on Flickr through Fernando Reyes Palencia
Just last weekend, around 12,000 people got together and climbed el Volcan de Agua. This activity, besides being very fun, was for a noble cause. Since anyone can remember,Domestic violence has been a large problem throughout the world. This activity, called "Subida por la Vida" was an attempt to stop Domestic Violence. Unfortunately,many people think this act won't work. Some ask: "Do you really think that Domestic violence will stop just because a bunch of people climbed an inactive volcano?" What's your opinion? Do you think this activity could at least have some effect?

                                                                                            By Chris Galvez

Sunday, January 22, 2012


    People make assumptions about others based on what they see. That isn't necessarily wrong its human nature. We perceive the world using our senses, primarily sight, rather than using our minds. This is because any sense of imagination or free thinking is so scrutinized at childhood that the only thing left is fear of the unknown. Incidentally that is why kids are considered so 'impressionable' and 'pure of mind'. The funny thing is when you really think about it, experience closes your mind to everything else.

By Gio Aboujaoude

Friday, January 20, 2012

Insuperable Achievement

Image by Roberto Miselem

Eleventh-grader Amir Mubarak did something not all of us would usually do. During our winter vacations, Amir did an insuperable achievement. He finished his whole math book. The eleventh grade class is currently in Problem Set 73, and Amir did all the Problem Sets; up to Problem Set 125. I talked with him for a while and I was astonished when I heard what he said. "It's the smartest thing I've ever done. Now, I don't have to do any math homework for the rest of the year. Also, this allows me to have some more free time!" Do you also think that what Amir did is amazing? Would you like to do this yourself? It would be awesome right?

-By Roberto Miselem


Hey everybody. Just one more post, for now. I keep a blog for Ramona too, and I wrote this post for her today.

Here in Hawaii we live next door to a Kahuna. His name is Shane. The neighborhood we live in here is really interesting and a great deal of its intrigue has to do with Shane and his very extended family. 

First of all, the neighborhood has been inhabited for well over a thousand years (how many of those first inhabitants are directly related to Shane, I have no idea). Second of all, smack across from where we live is the monument to Captain Cook's death. The short version of the story goes like this. Cook arrived into Kealakekua Bay, the bay on which I live (which is also the subject of this song (not this song), one I've incidentally loved since high school) during Makahiki, the time each year when the Hawaiians were forbidden from warring or engaging in business. According to accounts of his men, he was greeted in the bay by over 10,000 Hawaiians and showered with adoration. 

Painting by Herb Kawainui Kane, CC Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Many say the Hawaiians thought he was the god Lono and when he left, he was convinced of the Hawaiian's good-will and his secure status amongst them. At sea his mast broke, so he had to turn around and head back to the islands. During his absence, Makahiki had ended; furthermore, the natives were no longer convinced that he was a god because his mast had broken. Needless to say, tensions escalated quickly, Cook grabbed the king Kalaniopu'u to hold hostage in exchange for  a boat the Hawaiians had taken, and in return they stabbed and clubbed him before he could return to his ship. This all happened in my neighborhood.

Painting by Herb Kawainui Kane, CC Image courtesy of American Gallery

Thirdly, basically the entire population of the area down where we are living is three families, all of whom are related to Shane. Fourthly, there is a Hawaiian heiau, or temple, right up the street from our house. This is significant because each heiau on the island has its own purpose, and this one is the one they used to train Kahuna. Shane is the caretaker of this heiau. He's a fascinating person, and I'm really happy to have met him. He works in community building at a non-profit, his mother used to be a pre-school principal in town before she retired to care for her mother, who now has dimentia. It's been really neat getting to know them. They're also giving us their internet, which is nice.

Anyway, Shane (at the beckoning of his older brother) decided to choose a Hawaiian name for Ramona. He called on his ancestors and wrote a really neat description for three names that came to him. We, as the parents, were to choose our favorite. Here's his description of the one we chose:

Kalikomõhala - unfolding new beginnings
Ka - The
Liko - bud
Mõhala - bloom, to unfold, to develop, to evolve into fullness

Kaona (poetic meaning) - Ruler or Leader with a clear conscience
Kaliko - A Chiefly child
Mõhala - reveal with clarity
A chiefly child who develops and reveals (things, concepts, perceptions, etc.) with clarity.

It is believed that there are those who can foresee future outcome. A great ruler or leader has foresight, compassion, and determination for an outcome for the greater good for the population. These leaders come with the pretense of New Beginnings. New Beginnings mean, change is at hand, and sometimes change is hard to embrace, but a "Revealer" is one wh effortlessly manifests visions eloquently and with style. This person is a great organizer, one who can put pieces of the puzzle together and present it beautifully like the most beautiful fill-bloomed flower. This is a person who is able to "paint a beautiful picture", and all will admire it.

Summary: "The Revealer of New Beginnings" (Precise Developer, a conscious ruler)
Literal Meaning: The blossoming bud

CC Image courtesy of Frank Hamm on Flickr

These are the liko (buds) of the 'ohia lehua (lehua tree), the first tree that grew on newly formed land in Polynesia. A very sturdy and sacred wood and the flowers are delicate and precious. It is likened to a powerful woman. In Hawaii, the woman's rank is determined by the rank of her child(ren).

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dancing in the class!

 By:Cindy Kim
Korean high school girls who dance in the class!!!!  Sometimes teachers can be so stupid in Korea!
Try doing it in your class!!!!!! See if your teacher can see you fooling around in the class.

ㅋㅋㅋㅋ (What Happened at School)

By: You Jin Han
This video is so funny! I laughed so much in the end. Look how the guy to the right tricks the guy from the left into thinking that the guy in the back is hitting him. I hope you enjoy this video like me and my friends.

Colosal sushi roll

By: Gabriel Diaz

Did you ever think that a famous movie actor could also be a restaurateur. Well I assume that you all know Jackie Chan he owns a sushi restaurant chain called G sushi this exists in China. He just recently opened a restaurant in Hong Kong and for its grand opening he ordered that they make the worlds biggest sushi roll. He tried to rap his arms around the gigantic thin but had no luck. This colossal thing is an over sized version of a makizushi the typical sushi roll it is topped with scoops of 3 different types of caviar, alot of shrimp, and is wrapped in seaweed.
here is a picture of the colossal thing.

CC image courtesy of By Alakananda Mookerjee on

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Funny failures

Have you ever watched the show "Funniest Home Videos"? Its really actually funny. Here is a really funny video of different funny accidents. I have always enjoyed watching these, and crack up every time. What if one of these people were you? Wouldn't you be crying, or just in pain rolling on the ground?ENJOY!

--Anaka Sadler

Modern Warfare 3

By: Jorge Paredes.
CC image courtesy of sucelloeiloes on Flickr

Modern Warfare 3 interests me because I like to play videogames especially about war. Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey invented Call of Duty; some companies are developing these games like Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games.
I am going to tell how to play it for Play Station 3:
  1. First to shoot, you have to press R1.
  2. To aim, you have to press L1.
  3. To move you have to move the left joystick.
  4. To move left and right, use right joystick.
  5. To change weapon, you have to press the triangle.
  6. To crouch or prone, you have to press the circle.
  7. To jump, you have to press the x.
  8. To run, you have to press the left joystick.
  9. Knife, you have to press the right joystick.
Call of Duty is the best game of war, modern warfare has a series of games and it tells a story of an old man that wants revenge against a man called Makarov. This game has been nominated the best game of the year; this game is about world war 3 and what would happen in the world war 3.

Have you ever thought of a fight between burritos and tacos?

CC image courtesy of imrussia on Flickr
 You Jin and I were discussing about what to write for the M&M due last week. So I though "How about  a fight between burritos and tacos?" She didn't write about that nor did I but anyways. Have you ever thought about a fight between burritos and tacos? I will be cool imagine there would be rice and guacamole flying all around. There would be cheese cannons and bean guns. It would be a total food fight. Soft tortillas vs. hard shells. Which one do you think will win? I think that burritos would win because they are stuffed with more thing than tacos. But then tacos and harder so they would last more time than the burritos with they soft tortillas.

By: Arielle


CC Image courtesy of gmahender on Flickr

CC Image courtesy of orangeacid on Flickr

This topic interests me because apples are fruits. I love to eat fruits and they are healthy for our bodies. Apples are one of my favorite fruits and I want to talk about them. Apple is also a company of the famous person, Steve Jobs. The word apple has 2 meanings and I want to talk about it.
            There are many types of apples. There are red, green, and many other types. There are more than 7,500 species of apples in the world. People also mutate apples with other fruits. Once I saw and ate an apple with a taste of pear. The apple had mutated with a pear, and it was so good. Do you like them and do you like to eat them?
            The company Apple, is one of the best technological companies in the world, created by Steve Jobs. Apple has created many things like the ipods nano, shuffle, and touch, the Iphones, Imacs, Macbooks, and many more. The Apple products are great and very useful. Do you have an Apple product(s)? Do you like it/them?

By: Tae Hong Ahn

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Video Game-o-rama

By: Arturo Girona

I love video games. They can be based on real life things such as war, they can be based on sports such as football and soccer, or they can be based on some magical fantasy world or something. One of my favourite video games is Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard for iPhone and iPod touch. I like shooting games a lot, so this is why it’s one of my favorites, even though you can only use five types of guns in it. A company called Gameloft made it. How many people in the school like games by Gameloft? I know there’re several kids who do. Please comment below if you like the games that Gameloft makes. For example, Modern Combat 3 and Infinity Blade 2. I’ve seen Joshua play Modern Combat 3 several times, and I see that you can use lots of guns on that. You can also stab people with a knife in it. I’ve also seen NOVA 2, and it’s pretty cool, but I heard that it’s a knock-off of HALO.

Monday, January 16, 2012

This is too cool

by: lars

Voice actors are insane! Check this guy out and tell me that you would just love to be able to do this. I would joke around all day long! More on voice acting:

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Metropolis II by Chris Burden

Hey everybody!!!

I've only got a moment because Ramona is sleeping soundly next to me, and who knows when she could wake up . . . but I couldn't not share this with you guys. Here is a brief video on a sculpture at the Los Angeles Country Museum of art. It's by an artist named Chris Burden and it's super cool. Take a look and read this article.

I miss you all! See you in a month or so!

Mr. AB

Friday, January 13, 2012

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..........................................__-~"::,-':::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::~-,
..........................._______~"___-~"::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::: :: :::::::::::"-,
......................,~"::::::::::::::¯¯::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::,: |
...................,'::::::::,-~~"~"_::',::|::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :: :::,~ ':\'-,::',"-\::'':"::::::::\|:|/
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..../:::::::::|:::::::::::::„---~~""¯¯¯::',:::::,';;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;,'::::::::: :: |_,-'
::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::"~-,_::|::\: : : : : : |: : \::::::::/:/
::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::",:::::::::::::"-':::\: : : : : : |: : :\::::::\ I'M A T-REX!!!!!!!!!!!
::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::",:::::::::::::: ::::\: : : : : : \: : : |:::::;;\
::::::::::::::::::"-,:::::::::::::::",:::::::::::::::/|\ ,: : : : : : : |::::,'/|::::|
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::::::::::::::::::::::::"~-,_::::::::::::::"~-,_:::"-,/|/\::::::::::: \::: \"-/|::|
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::"~-,__:::::::::::',"-,:::"_|/\:|\: : : : \::\":/|\|
::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::"~-,_:::::\:::\:::"~/_:|:|\: : : '-,\::"::,'\
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::"-,_:'-,::\:::::::"-,|:||\,-, : '-,\:::|-'-„
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::,-,'"-:"~,:::::"/_/::|-/\--';;\:::/: ||\-,
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :/...'-,::::::"~„::::"-,/_:|:/\:/|/|/|_/:|
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: |......"-,::::::::"~-:::::""~~~"¯:::|
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: |........."-,_::::::::::::::::::::::::::::/
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::\ .............."~--„_____„„-~~"


The T-rex a ferocious prehistoric animal that hunted anything in order to survive, the most feared living creature of its time. The largest carnivore that ever lived with a 4 foot-foot-long jaw, that was designed for “maximum-bone crushing”. It liked to play hand games??? It had very small hands that’s what I meant. Large feet equipped with claws. It also had a long, slim, stiff, pointed tail that provided balance and allowed quick turns while running. Your everyday T-rex was up to 40 feet long and about 15 to 20 feet tall. It could eat up to 500 Pounds of meat and bones in one bite. The most important fact of all is that it has a brain the size of a wall-nut. 
 By. Sebastian Kong
Libya’s terror continues By.Sebastian Kong

Just when Libya’s problems were gone after Gadhafi was killed, thousands of surface to air missiles have gone missing. They were stolen from unguarded military warehouses. These missiles are heat-seekers making it a high threat to all civilian aircraft. These missiles lock on the engines and very accurately take out the target. There are presumed to be 20,000 missiles missing and officials are working on a solution.

The U.S. military do are not giving information on how much progress they have made on finding the missiles. The biggest and most feared occasion is that Al-Quada may be in possession of many of these missiles and it is believed to be possible that they can successfully smuggle them out of Libya posting a huge threat to the U.S." Matching up a terrorist with a shoulder-fired missile, that's our worst nightmare," said Sen. Barbara Boxer, D.-California, a member of the Senate's Commerce, Energy and Transportation Committee.

The U.S. have known about this for about six months and Libya now have protection on their planes. It is something that is attached to the bottom of the plane. It is said to be able to detect an incoming missile almost instantly and shoot a laser that hit the missile and leading it away from the plane. They are mainly giving this to the planes that travel oversees and that there are over 500 planes. This was estimated to cost about six billion dollars to equip and maintain the systems.

The U.S. are sending more people to Libya so they may continue the hunt for the missiles. "We're making great progress and we expect in the coming days and weeks we will have a much greater picture of how many are missing," Shapiro said.

Kid Raps Fast

Rapping is a form of art. Poetry inscribed into music’s standards. Lyrics and rhythm in rap is what make it so genuine, so original and appealing. Famous rappers today rap about life experiences and personal views and they master the art of rap poetry so that their songs sound the best they can. I personally like rap very much, and I bet there’s a lot of you guys who like it to. From Tupac to The Notorious BIG, and from 50 Cent to Jay-z, rap comes in all styles and they talk about different things. But this kid, who has 16+ million views on this video he posted, is something different. The video showcases him fast rapping. This is a skill that few manage to achieve, and the rhymes in his song are complex and so fast that the final product is unbelievable. How fast do you think you can rap? Does this guy rap too fast, or fast enough? Obviously mainstream rap is not like this, but anyway, this guy has some serious skills. After watching this, do you see rap in a different way? This is sure an oddity in music.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Different kinds of laughter

I thought this video was really interesting because it showed all the different laughs that different people have. While I was watching it, I actually thought that some of those laughs were…well pretty interesting… They actually make you laugh, which shows that laughter is contagious. Now tell me did you laugh? What do you think of all this different kinds of laughter? Do you actually think that laughter is contagious?

By: carlota Carrillo

Awareness Test!

This video is really interesting and it really testes your awareness. It also ends with a good message that you should take into account, even when you grow older. Watch it and tell me if you were able to see or guess what they asked you to do? What did you think about this video? Had you seen it before?

By: Carlota Carrillo

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wasted Time

Time...It can take forever, yet fell like nothing. Most people get told at least once in their life to stop wasting time. What is wasting time? Are we wasting time, or using it wisely? What's the difference? People think that wasting time could be a sport, a game, work, or even just regular-day hobbies. It all depends on what you think is useful or not. Anything that is a waste of time to you, could also be one of your favorite things to do. For example, I think that reading fictional books wastes my time, even though I love to read them. Some things that I
thing are a useful way to spend my time, could also be wasted time for others, for example I know many people who think that camping is a waste of time, but personally I think that it's a great way to spend your time, because you get to learn survival, and you get to hike in different landscapes.

What do you think is waste of time and why?

By: Sariah Sadler 9th
CC Image-Courtesy of ToniVC


CC Image Courtesy of Keith Roper on Flickr

I think tigers are a fascinating specie. They are really pretty and wild. I did not know about tigers that much so I decided to investigate. This are some of the most interesting facts that i found about tigers.


1. A tiger's stripes are like fingerprints - no two are alike. In fact the stripes' pattern is often used to identify individual tigers in the wild.

2. Tigers are highly ferocious and unlike the laid back male lion, it's never wise to turn your back to a tiger even in captivity. Even seasoned zoo keepers report tigers assume a stalking position and prepare to strike when they turn their back to them in the cage.

3. A tigers canines ( Sharp Teeth) can reach up to four inches long.

4. They can be eleven feet in length and they can weight up to 660 pounds.

5. The name ´Tiger´ is taken from the Greek word Tigris, a derivative of the Persian word for arrow, referring to the animals great speed.

Now that you have read this interesting facts, what do you think about tigers? Has your view about them changed?

Sources: ,

By: Carlota Carrillo

Want to look relaxed and confident?

This video is interesting because it shows how a person can trick others using body language. Sometimes this comes in handy because on the outside you are able to have a different image than how you are feeling on the inside. This can help when you feel really nervous or when you are trying to look confident on a presentation. In my opinion once you make yourself look confident and relaxed, you will eventually start feeling that way. Well, here are your questions! Have you ever been so nervous that you don’t even know what to do? Well here are some tips so that you can look relaxed and confident. You can use this when you have to give a presentation or act in front of people. But now tell me, have you ever felt so nervous that you do not know what to do? What do you think of this video? Is it helpful or not?

By: Carlota Carrillo

Thursday, January 5, 2012

5 Easy Steps For Making Marshmallow Taffy

By: Amir Mubarak

I'm sure everyone in school is working or already worked on this exercise. The aim of this is to see if we are able to communicate effectively - not verbally - but through writing. So after you take my step-by-step guide I would appreciate it if you could tell me below if you were able to make marshmallow taffy successfully and what you think my instructions are missing. Are they concise, thorough, etc?

*We all know a marshmallow is shaped like a cylinder, and we know that a cylinder is formed by a rectangle sandwiched by two spherical surfaces.

1) Place one of your thumbs on the bottom spherical surface and one of your index fingers on the top spherical surface.
2) Then, place the other thumb and index finger on different ends, each 180 degrees apart from each other on the rectangular part of the marshmallow.
3) Now, with these four fingers, begin to smash and sandwich the marshmallow until it becomes like chewed gum.

4) Now hold the deformed marshmallow and use one hand to stretch a part of the marshmallow away from the hand that is currently holding the other half.

5) Finally, let your hands switch roles. The hand that was grabbing will now stretch, and the hand that was stretching will now grab. Repeat steps four and five until the marshmallow becomes sticky and smooth-looking, and you've got marshmallow taffy!

Has anybody been accused of something they didn't do!!!!!!????

By. Sebastian Kong

It wasn’t me!

Have you ever been accused of something that you didn’t do but can’t help it because the person accusing you is your mom or dad and you can’t tell her she’s wrong. This always happens to me and I hate it because you can’t do anything about. Its either you did it or you did it. Maybe sometimes you get a, “if you didn’t do it then who did?” And if you can’t answer for any apparent reason guess what? It’s your fault and one way or another its still you. Well I’m here to tell you that when this happens that you’re pretty much screwed and you just have to deal with it. I know its better said than done and yet again I have been threw it. Luckily this hasn’t happened to me in a while. I’m going to tell you a time when this happened to me. We go to the U.S. every summer. To Houston Texas to be exact. Three years ago in my house my bother broke a vase. A very expensive one that my mom bought in China I think. I was watching tv sitting on the couch when Ignacio asked if he could play. I said yes but after I finish with this game. So to pass the time he went outside to grab my soccer ball. He brought it inside and started bouncing it. I told him to stop because we are not allowed to bounce in the house. All he said was, “Okay.” He dropped the ball and kicked it, but unintentionally kicked it hard. Doing that he broke the vase. When my mom got home she thought I was playing soccer in the house with nacho and got in trouble. Well at least I wasn’t the only one to get in trouble.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Can you do THIS? I recently found this video of a group of guys that do normal, everyday tasks, but with a twist. A twist I would like to call completely original and creative, since they have spent countless hours creating this unusual and bizarre compilation of movements that captivate me and will probably amuse you reader as well.

These guys have definitely TOO MUCH time on their hands. How many times do you think they had to try each action until they finally got the result? I would say that that these guys probably practiced for weeks! I wanna hear what you think. And what your opinion is about the final product. This pointless video, which at the same time is a very amusing one, showcases probably a new type of art form, or hobby perhaps. Enjoy!

By: Lars