Tuesday, January 10, 2012


CC Image Courtesy of Keith Roper on Flickr

I think tigers are a fascinating specie. They are really pretty and wild. I did not know about tigers that much so I decided to investigate. This are some of the most interesting facts that i found about tigers.


1. A tiger's stripes are like fingerprints - no two are alike. In fact the stripes' pattern is often used to identify individual tigers in the wild.

2. Tigers are highly ferocious and unlike the laid back male lion, it's never wise to turn your back to a tiger even in captivity. Even seasoned zoo keepers report tigers assume a stalking position and prepare to strike when they turn their back to them in the cage.

3. A tigers canines ( Sharp Teeth) can reach up to four inches long.

4. They can be eleven feet in length and they can weight up to 660 pounds.

5. The name ´Tiger´ is taken from the Greek word Tigris, a derivative of the Persian word for arrow, referring to the animals great speed.

Now that you have read this interesting facts, what do you think about tigers? Has your view about them changed?

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By: Carlota Carrillo


  1. 4 inches?? that's pretty big teeth!! I think i might be afraid of them now but I still like them! They are beautiful!!

  2. Well, I still think they look pretty cool and I would love to hunt a tiger but they are endangered so there went my dream :( Like Gaby said those teeth are big!!!!!!!!

  3. Even though I would freak out if I saw a tiger in real life and close to me, that would be so awesome!! And i think it is cool how the strips are used to identify the tigers!

  4. the tiger is my favorite animal. and I love them because they are very brave and I love them too because of their cool colors. When I was little, i watched a program called animal duel which was a duel between animals and I was always impressed about the the things the tiger did

  5. The tiger in the pic looks hungry. The way it sticks out its tounge! creepy!

  6. Cool facts... Although tigers are nice animals, they are very dangerous. I don't like the fact that they are in danger of extinction, though. I thought tigers weighted a little more, but still 600 lb. is a LOT! Also the 4-inch teeth, like Gaby and Ganzie said. And about the stripes, zebra stripes are never the same either.

  7. I have always thought that tigers were fascinating. Many of the facts that you mentioned were things that I didn't know about tigers. The fact about how all of the stripes are different was the most interesting, because I used to think that all of the tiger's stripes were the same.

  8. Wow! The meaning of Tigris is really interesting! I wonder how they got the idea to name tiger as tiger haha

  9. It would still be awesome to see a tiger out and about, but if I ever got to, I'd have to keep an eye on my own back, just in case.

  10. Wow, many interesting facts about the tiger:D also I like the picture
    |Baby tigers are so cute

  11. Tigers really are amazing creatures, but they are also very dangerous. I would like to raise a baby tiger, because I have hard that people have done it and they become tames. Even though I know that wild animals will always be wild.