Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Have you ever thought of a fight between burritos and tacos?

CC image courtesy of imrussia on Flickr
 You Jin and I were discussing about what to write for the M&M due last week. So I though "How about  a fight between burritos and tacos?" She didn't write about that nor did I but anyways. Have you ever thought about a fight between burritos and tacos? I will be cool imagine there would be rice and guacamole flying all around. There would be cheese cannons and bean guns. It would be a total food fight. Soft tortillas vs. hard shells. Which one do you think will win? I think that burritos would win because they are stuffed with more thing than tacos. But then tacos and harder so they would last more time than the burritos with they soft tortillas.

By: Arielle

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  1. I have to be honest, this dish does not appeal to me. It´s too much food in one plate, I don´t think I can eat that amount in one sit down. But between the two I would go and say that burritos will win, just because I like them better. I especially like the burritos from Taco Bell.