Thursday, December 5, 2013

Next Big Thing

Many people often watch singing shows to find the next big thing.  Or something just slightly different. It doesn't matter if it takes place in the United States, the UK, or even Australia.  Simon Cowell has famously taken place in several of these singing competitions creating a name for himself and several new additions to the singing world.  Take One Direction for example many girls are simply in love with these singers however there are several other people whom Simon Cowell has helped on their journey toward fame.  As a fellow member of the current X Factor US, and old member of X Factor UK and American Idol.  He has seen through several artists journey.  Right now he is seen as the creator of the new found boy group Restless Road.  Tell me what do you think about Restless Road? Do you think they are the next big thing??

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Team StarKid

So anybody like that guy Darren Criss? You know, the guy who plays Blaine Anderson on Glee? I don't really follow that show, but here's on thing you may not have known about him: before, he and some other guys founded this pretty cool theatre company called Team StarKid! They make these really funny and cool musicals! For example, the first musical they ever released was called A Very Potter Musical and it's a parody of Harry Potter, with Darren Criss staring as Harry. It's really cool to see how young he looked back then, plus the play's really hilarious! Here's the first part of it. The play was so popular that it has two sequels: A Very Potter Sequel and A Very Potter Senior Year!
They also made some other cool plays, like Starship and Holy Musical B@man! Starship is a science-fiction musical that takes about a thousand years in the future. It's about a bug on an alien planet who wants to join this human armed forces group called the Starship Rangers. Holy Musical B@man is a parody of Batman where Batman's having trouble coping with the fact that he's alone. They're latest play is called Twisted, and it's just a parody of Aladin but this time the main character is Jafar, as far as I know. I haven't actually had time to watch it lately. But you guys should seriously check out Team StarKid's YouTube channel. You'll laugh your head off.

By Arturo Girona, 9th Grade

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

People Are Awesome 2012-2013


          I noticed that some people liked the last post I made about People are Awesome. So today I will be posting another People are awesome! You might see a couple things you have seen in the last video, but this one has a couple of new thing you are diffidently going to like! SO DON'T SAY IT'S THE SAME THING CAUSE IT IS NOT!  When I first saw this video I started to laugh 'cause it has a couple of funny thing, and I also started to think that some people are plain crazy like I said before! It's funny when you see people do this and you say that it is easy, but when you try it it is really hard! Hasn't that happened to you? I am pretty sure it has! Once I tried to do a backflip... it did not go well at all! DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!

                                                                 By: Marie A. Gabriel

Monday, December 2, 2013

Who Said Golf Was No Fun

By: Ricardo Quinones

  Many people argue that golf is not a sport, that golf is not fun, and that those who play the so called "sport" are old men with no personality. Just to tell you guys a little into how I started playing golf and to how it related to this video, I was thirteen when a couple of friends who were not members of a golf club told me if they could take a few golf classes at my golf club. In order for this to happen I had to take the golf classes with them. The first three classes were torture, I told myself this "sport" is for old people with no personality. It is a frustrating sport and it is no fun. By the fourth class I was hooked, it was a sport contrary to all that I though. People had fun playing it and by no means was it boring. In this video you see four of the best golf players in the world. They are in the top ten ranked worldwide, just below tiger woods and they have certainly showed me that golf is all about having fun and playing the sport you love. Watch this video it is very funny and tell me what you think.

Mr. Slim

By : Ricardo Quinones


   Last week I posted on my view on commercials today. This week's post is indeed more serious, it is about investments in Guatemala. If you have not heard of who Carlos Slim is let me give you a little insight into his life. Carlos Slim was a very poor kid who managed to overcome poverty and become the richest person in the world and the  most successful businessman. His investment are now world wide. He has a fortunes of over sixty five billion dollars, and therefore keeps his investments going. What caught my attention though was this video. Carlos Slim has the opportunity of investing in any country in the world with greater potential but instead he chose Guatemala. He has a very extended view to his type of investments but he actually wants to drill Oil in Guatemala. It is a different type of oil though I am not sure of it's name but if he looks forward to creating more jobs in Guatemala with his money, then so be it. What do you think of this man and his action in the future. Do you think his influence to Guatemala will be positive or negative?