Monday, December 2, 2013

Mr. Slim

By : Ricardo Quinones


   Last week I posted on my view on commercials today. This week's post is indeed more serious, it is about investments in Guatemala. If you have not heard of who Carlos Slim is let me give you a little insight into his life. Carlos Slim was a very poor kid who managed to overcome poverty and become the richest person in the world and the  most successful businessman. His investment are now world wide. He has a fortunes of over sixty five billion dollars, and therefore keeps his investments going. What caught my attention though was this video. Carlos Slim has the opportunity of investing in any country in the world with greater potential but instead he chose Guatemala. He has a very extended view to his type of investments but he actually wants to drill Oil in Guatemala. It is a different type of oil though I am not sure of it's name but if he looks forward to creating more jobs in Guatemala with his money, then so be it. What do you think of this man and his action in the future. Do you think his influence to Guatemala will be positive or negative?

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