Monday, September 30, 2013


Tristan Arroyave

In 2028 in detroit Alex Murphy, a police officer was leaving his house when all of a sudden his car exploded right when he was in front of it. The explosion hurt him badly and made him lose a leg and a arm. He is a very good officer so doctors tried to fix him up. He would need a new suit. His suit would be his body, he can’t take it off. His suit would make him think he was controlling it but it is just an illusion. Later on alex is overriding the system and takes over the suit. Alex’s new body would be invincible bullet proof and able to run fast. He hardly ever saw his family again.

One of his bad guys was a bad drug dealer who sold bad stuff. He ended his life when the bad guy drove straight at him but hit acid. The acid then mutated him and he became messed up. While he ends up walking on the street he gets hit by a car and gets blown up into juice.

Assassin’s Creed Black Flag

Tristan Arroyave

Have you ever wanted to feel like a boss well more than usual? Well just get Assassin’s Creed  4 (no pressure). This game would let you feel like you’re the character. The great news is you don’t have to wait for long because it comes out on October 29, 2013 but it might be a while for it to come out in guatemala. :(

This game was made by a video game company called Ubisoft. In the game you will be a pirate called Edward Kenway, a british pirate. Most of all the characters in the Assassin’s Creed series are like spider monkeys. They can climb building super easily and fast. They also fight very well to. The setting will be in the caribbean. Some of the cities that will be in it will be Havanna, Kingston, and Nassau.

You will never get bored of this game. You can hunt (i'm not sure but i think so), you can buy stuff like mines and blow people up. This game will be able to be played on the Wii U, the Playstation,the Playstation 4, the Xbox 360, and Xbox 1. It might get boring when your done with story mode or maybe not but thats for you to find out.

Color IQ

It is a fact that 1 in every 255 women have some degree of color blindness. For men that number is 1 out of 12. This is because men just aren't as great as women, but I digress. Color plays a huge role in everyday life. When we are young, one of the first questions of opinion you are expected to have an answer to is "What is your favorite color?". As it turns out, we don't all perceive color the same way. Some people are better able to discriminate between subtle variations in color. The link below is to a color test. Scoring a 0 means you have perfect color acuity, while 99 means you're basically color blind, *cough cough Mr. Sanders*... I scored an 11, which isn't horrible, but there are a fair number of people who get 0. Try it out and see if you're one of them.

By Gabriella Loosle

Friday, September 27, 2013

X Factor Season 3!!

Guys! X Factor season 3 had aired on TV on 9/11 and so far, it's pretty intense. Although I may feel that last season's contestants were better and more interesting, I absolutely love the judges panel this year! Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio are replacing last year's judges L.A. Reid and Britney Spears. With them as this year's judges, the auditions were very fascinating. Right now, X Factor is on its 6th episode of the season and 40 contestants remain. If you are interested in watching, please do so that I can fan girl with it you about it! Here's a video showing one of my favorite contestants. Enjoy!


Video taken from Youtube.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Infinity Blade 3

Today I will talk about a known app called infinity blade 3 that can be downloaded on the app store for seven dollars. This game is medievil sword fighting that is really fun and there are the other infinity blade games for a price of course. This can be downloaded on Iphone 4, 4s, 5 ,5s , Ipad and ipod. But what is most fun about it is the sword play and experience points gained and money used to buy new weapons or armor. This game has an ending but when your done it automaticaly goes to the main menu and ou can go through the adventure again. Best part is that your can take it with you anywhere with you since it is on your apple tablet or mobile phone. This game has an amazing story that you are always gonna play again over and over again. This game has side missions and a events that can get you weapons or more money, but the event has limited time so you have to do it as fast as you can before its unavailable. This is a really cool app I would recommend this app and if you don’t play your loss.

Anas Shuman

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Three Easy Tips

The three ways to make any scary monster/movie not scary anymore. First, imagine whatever scares you doing something really embarrassing. The boogeyman isnt as scary if he is blowing his nose really loudly or stuck in the toilet with no TP. Second, no movie is ever truly scary if you follow its production videos. Watching the characters act normal with their scary make up still on helps to elevate some of the impact and realism of the movie. That kind of defeats the purpose but it helps more than you would think. Third, most fear is just in our minds and everything sounds better with a joke. When your down a scary corridor that you just have to get past tell yourself an old joke, you may not burst into laughter but it will help you a lot. By Gio Abouajoude

Friday, September 20, 2013


By: Jorge Paredes, 9th grade

As everyone has heard, the new IOS 7 has come out with new features. The new update has changed everything in the Iphone, Ipod, and Ipad. The new update works with the Iphone 5, 4s, I am not sure if it works with the Iphone 4. This also applies with the Ipod and Ipad. So, sorry guys, if you have an Iphone 4, you will not get the new update, or I am not sure,  just try. The new update is pretty cool for teens and maybe adults. I do not think this is good for business men or women, because they want to be elegant, and lets say the new update is not that elegant, it is more for teenagers. 
So what the new update brings is a lot of new features. One of them is that the icons changed, they look better and it is simple to notice them. Also Siri changed, not she is more human-like than robot-like, she understand better and now she is faster. It bring a control center, where you can lower the brightness or make it higher, also you get a flashlight in the control center, also you can do a lot of stuff easily than going back to the settings, which took a lot of time, now os more efficiently. One thing that also changed is the camera, you can changed it to squares, panoramic, and other things. So if you like to take pictures, or you feel like a professional, this will help you. 
There are more features in the new update so if you do not have it, it will only take like 15 min if you have good internet, it worths it. So do you have the new update?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

McDonalds, No Class

Cameron Ford and Adam Welland tried, and in my opinion succeeded, to bring class to a McDonalds in the Kingston. They brought cutlery, fake candles, table cloth, plates and even got dressed up in white shirts and black ties. Although many found it funny the gentlemen of the evening were asked to leave by one of the employees. The reason was the use "cutlery". However, the employee was later overruled by the rest of the other staff and customers who felt that the prank was actually funny. The prank was streamed viral continuously via twitter which helped it spread like wildfire among the media. One of the boys, Ford, tried to take the prank one step further by insinuating in one of his tweets that they were in fact a couple but Welland quickly pointed out that they were in fact not a couple. Apart from that public reaction seemed positive and the boys are thinking of their next prank.

Their antics got the boys in trouble, claimed that a staff member told them to 'leave or you're banned' but most staff and customers found it funny
Picture from MailOnline

By Gio Aboujaoude

Washing the Paint from the Stars

In this day and age it is not uncommon for girls as young as 10 and 11 years old to begin experimenting with makeup. They run to their mothers bathrooms and dawn copious amounts of eyeliner, clot  eyelashes with mascara, and smear on the most atrociously vibrant shade of lipstick they can find. Why is it though, that these girls have the urge to play with makeup? Well, perhaps they are attempting to emulate celebrities. It is absolutely necessary to maintain a certain image when in the spotlight, and makeup helps keep up this illusion. Eventually, we become used to this person as we have seen them. Well polished, perfect hair, white teeth, and flawless skin. Let us now, for a moment, take some time to appreciate the natural beauty of these lucky few who have been able to hold our attention long enough to be called a "star".

Joan Rivers 

Lindsay Lohan

Cameron Diaz

Gabriella Loosle

Grand Theft Auto

Anas Shuman
8th grade

Have anybody hear about Grand theft auto? well than if you haven't your lost I guess.
This new grand theft auto is a sequel to the past grand theft autos, and this grand theft auto has amazing graphics that will blow your mind! I totally would love to buy this game and I would recommend this, but if your not comfortably with pain do not play this game. So the point is that this game is amazing and this game can be played on an xbox 360 and playstation 3, also possibly on the pc. This game has an amazing story, amazing cars, and weapons that is one of the best parts of the game. The best part in this game is that you can do missions and side missions for the best experience. This game does have three additional characters to play with, but It will sometimes happen automatically and not manually. This games has gave me an interesting experience than most games besides call of duty.  This game has more to and if your want to know more  play this game, because it is a really fun game. Thanks for reading and leave a comment done below

Why Makeup?

Image taken from Google images

Believe it or not, I absolutely hate the idea of makeup. Yes, I am a girl but I don't see why we have to cover our original faces with an alternate one. Makeup makes us about 13 days older if on your face for too long, and I don't want to age any faster than I already am. Although I don't like makeup, I still use it for special occasions. I guess makeup for special events is exceptional for me because you have to look nice and stuff. But it feels so uncomfortable to wear makeup! You wanna itch your eye? Well too bad! You are going to ruin your mascara. What happens at the end of the night? It takes forever to take the makeup off. You want to know something interesting? Girls are not the only ones who wear makeup! It turns out, there are tribes in Africa where guys are the ones who wear makeup! Isn't that so cool? Anyway, I feel like guys have it easy because for special occasions they just wear a suit, brush their hair, and stroll in the party like a boss. Sometimes I feel jealous. Girls, do any of you guys feel envy of how guys have it easy for getting dressed up? 


Image taken from Google images
Image taken from Google images

Friday, September 13, 2013


 OK so this one dad, Scott Makintosh, in Utah decides he's had enough of his daughter wearing inappropriate clothing. Now the question remains how to show her how demeaning and embarrasing she is with those short shorts. The answer, literally SHOW HER how it feels. He took a pair of scissors to jeans and let loose. The dad, the daughter, the family and a whole bunch of Utahns were about to get the 'full view'. It was reported that the teen girl held strong after a game of minigold and dinner at a restaurant  but broke down, and stayed in the car, when the family decided to stop for milkshakes. There is some conjecture over whether or not the girls friends were there. There has also been no sitting of his daughters short shorts since the entire incident went viral. Surprisingly the incident in question has come at a somewhat tense time as there is currently a dispute over whether or not parents should have the authority to tell their children what to wear and that if they do have the right is public humiliation a reasonable way of teaching that lesson. What do you think? Feel free to post below.

 image courtesy of creative commons

By Gio Aboujaoude

Iphone 5S and 5C

By: Jorge Paredes 9th grade

I think everyone has heard the news that the news Iphones are coming out. Some people are excited for the news (especially Roberto). The new features of the Iphone 5S is the fingerprint which is really cool, also the IOS7 Chip which is going to make the Iphone really fast.  Many people as always are criticizing the Iphone, because it did not change anything. For me is really cool because your password can be your fingerprint, which is going to make it difficult to steal it. 
Now the Iphone 5C which is the same thing like the Iphone 5, the only thing that changes are the colors of the background and it brings cool cases. If you are a person that likes simple but cool things,the Iphone 5C is for you. It brings also the IOS7 which is going to make it fast. 
Apple is getting better at inventing things like the Iphone 5S, they are improving and showing people that they ar the best company in phones and technology. And what the iphones are going to bring is the new update that is going to bring new things and the icons of the apps are going to change, and is going to make it cooler. So , if I had the money to buy one of these to phones it will be the Iphone 5S, just because it is fancy and it brings a fingerprint, so people will not try to get in my phone.

So, Which one would you buy?

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Wombat Droppings

Gabriella Loosle

You're walking in an south-eastern Australian forest one day. Don't ask me why,  that's just how it is. The sun is beating down through the leaves onto your head and shoulders, you're sweating like a pig. The decision to sit down and take a break is an easy one. You find a nearby log and take your rest. With your eyes closed you breathe in slowly, but instead of inhaling you are met with the stench of crap. Your eyes flutter open and you look to your right in search of the source of this smell. A small cube shaped piece of dung sits proud on your log. You smile, knowing somewhere nearby this little creature is lurking.

I'm sure it's a question many of us have asked ourselves. Why do wombats poop cubes? Well, children, I have the answer. Wombats need a way to mark their territory. Like most other animals they do so through relieving themselves. Wombats are an interesting specimen; their feces comes out in neat little cubes. How does their crap end up this shape, you ask? Special bones in the rear of the wombat help mold, squeeze, and slice their stool. Now you know.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Cup Song

I believe everyone agrees that the cup song is the most genius song ever invented. But, the cup routine is just so hard to do! Most of you guys, particularly the 8th grade girls, have mastered this routine, and all I have to say is, I WORSHIP YOU. I am the type of person who lacks coordination in almost everything I do, therefore, why not give recognition to the people who can do something, I think, is almost impossible to do? If you guys have the same "problem" as I do, watch this really funny video!! It will definitely make you feel better! Click here for the video


Image taken from Google images
Image taken from Google images

Hal Jordan (Green Lantern)

Tristan Arroyave
Sept 6, 2013
Grade 7

Hal Jordan was once just a jet pilot. But when he was just walking in the desert he found Abin Sur; a dying alien. Abin Sur was escaping a monster from Green Lantern Core and jumped into an escape pod. When he crashed in a Californian desert the impact made him even more unstable. Hal came running to the crash area and saw the alien. When the alien saw him he gave Hal a ring. He told Hal it was so powerful it could create anything before your very eyes. But the rest is for you to find out.
Taken from Google Images

Hal Jordan’s father was an Air Force pilot. One day when he was testing a new plane something was wrong with its engine. At first everything was going ok but when he landed the whole plane blew-up right in front of Hal’s eyes. Later on in Hal’s life he fallowed his dream and became an Air Force pilot. He was very good at flying but sometimes he would be mischievous. He would do flips in the air and do stunts. Usually a pilot would be fired for that but sense Hal is so good
They can’t get rid of him.


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