Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hal Jordan (Green Lantern)

Tristan Arroyave
Sept 6, 2013
Grade 7

Hal Jordan was once just a jet pilot. But when he was just walking in the desert he found Abin Sur; a dying alien. Abin Sur was escaping a monster from Green Lantern Core and jumped into an escape pod. When he crashed in a Californian desert the impact made him even more unstable. Hal came running to the crash area and saw the alien. When the alien saw him he gave Hal a ring. He told Hal it was so powerful it could create anything before your very eyes. But the rest is for you to find out.
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Hal Jordan’s father was an Air Force pilot. One day when he was testing a new plane something was wrong with its engine. At first everything was going ok but when he landed the whole plane blew-up right in front of Hal’s eyes. Later on in Hal’s life he fallowed his dream and became an Air Force pilot. He was very good at flying but sometimes he would be mischievous. He would do flips in the air and do stunts. Usually a pilot would be fired for that but sense Hal is so good
They can’t get rid of him.


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  1. Awesome superhero you chose. Although i like batman more green lantern is one of my favorite superhero because his unique skills.