Thursday, September 19, 2013

Grand Theft Auto

Anas Shuman
8th grade

Have anybody hear about Grand theft auto? well than if you haven't your lost I guess.
This new grand theft auto is a sequel to the past grand theft autos, and this grand theft auto has amazing graphics that will blow your mind! I totally would love to buy this game and I would recommend this, but if your not comfortably with pain do not play this game. So the point is that this game is amazing and this game can be played on an xbox 360 and playstation 3, also possibly on the pc. This game has an amazing story, amazing cars, and weapons that is one of the best parts of the game. The best part in this game is that you can do missions and side missions for the best experience. This game does have three additional characters to play with, but It will sometimes happen automatically and not manually. This games has gave me an interesting experience than most games besides call of duty.  This game has more to and if your want to know more  play this game, because it is a really fun game. Thanks for reading and leave a comment done below


  1. Awesome!! This is an awesome video game. I haven't played it but I have seen gameplay on, its just so much more realistic than the last game they had released. I would really recommend this game for people that like games that are in 3rd person shooters!!

  2. I'm just waiting :) I love gta even though I kinda suck at it

  3. This game looks awesome and you are right of the awesome cars. I am just waiting for it and make something explote or get eaten by a shark.

  4. I played gta 4 in the Jacques house, but in the game you can't order any weapon. gta 5 can order any tanks or weapon which is cool. Also there are many cars and weapon than the gta 5. I always loved realistic games and gta 5 is really realistic. So I love it so much.