Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Jacques Cole
September 5,2013

Bruce Wayne a rich kid son of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Thomas owened the Wayne Tower. The bigges companie in Gotham City. One day the Wayne family whent to the thater and they went out to the theater to go back to the Wayne manor. They went by the crime alley. Both of his parent were murdere by Joe Chill in front of his eyes. Bruce for the following years take care by his buttler Alfred. Bruce always feard Bats. When he grew up he noticed there was a lot of crime in Gotham. He want to become something that robbers and people in crime feard. He choosed the bat something he feard. He took and bought differents kind of vehicles electronics and advance technology from his company and other companies. He found a cave under the manor and build there the Batcave. He made his suit. Since that day the Batman has protected Gotham City. Keeping his identity secret.

taken from Google Images
 The best detective of the world,the dark knight you know who I am talking about  exactly the Batman. His first appearance was in DC(Detective Comics) number 27 in  May 1939. He is know by his movies and TV shows. He is one of the superheroes with the most movies and TV shows like. Batman the movie (1966) played by Adam West, Batman (1989) plaied by Michael Keaton, Batman Returns(1992) played by Michael Keaton, Batman Forever (1995) plaide by Val Kilmer, Batman and Robin(1997) played by George Clooney. Batman Begins(2005) Batman The Dark Knight(2008) and The Dark Knight Rises(2012) played by Christan Bale, Batman vs Supermaan(2015) it will be play by Ben Affleck.  


  1. This is great! Batman has always been one of my favorite superheroes and the movies have been pretty cool so far. However, I am not so sure of how successful "Batman vs. Superman" will be. All we can do is wait and see what Ben Affleck can come up with for the movie.

  2. Dude batman is my favorite super hero