Monday, September 9, 2013

Ruler in the technological era

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September 6 2013
7th grade

Glassified ruler is cool, because it is transparent and it can measure exactly and if you draw the ball in it, it roll around and in the ruler you can draw some line to bounce the ball or to move.
Also it is educational because it can show the example of the shape and teach the size of the shape. Also it is fun to play with it because the ball roll around what you made. It is not that expensive that you think but it is more expensive than the normal ruler of course. If I had enough money to buy it I would with my own money or for my birthday present. My parents think it is educational so they will buy it for me. The bad thing of the glassified ruler it have small space to draw so you can’t draw big shape to show to the whole class. So if they make the big one and expansive so the teachers can use it for the class.

You can see the video in this link

taken from Google Images

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