Thursday, September 26, 2013

Infinity Blade 3

Today I will talk about a known app called infinity blade 3 that can be downloaded on the app store for seven dollars. This game is medievil sword fighting that is really fun and there are the other infinity blade games for a price of course. This can be downloaded on Iphone 4, 4s, 5 ,5s , Ipad and ipod. But what is most fun about it is the sword play and experience points gained and money used to buy new weapons or armor. This game has an ending but when your done it automaticaly goes to the main menu and ou can go through the adventure again. Best part is that your can take it with you anywhere with you since it is on your apple tablet or mobile phone. This game has an amazing story that you are always gonna play again over and over again. This game has side missions and a events that can get you weapons or more money, but the event has limited time so you have to do it as fast as you can before its unavailable. This is a really cool app I would recommend this app and if you don’t play your loss.

Anas Shuman


  1. Well I have never played the game but what your are saying makes me want to play it. But is bad you need to pay for it better free games.

  2. Even if I didn't played yet I don't like it, because you need to pay for everything. I like free games and popular games is almost free. If you need to play for every amor and weapon it will be cost a lot. If you don't buy anything you will be lose every games so I don't like it. Sorry Anas.

  3. I've played Infinity Blade I and Infinity Blade II a few times. I think it's pretty cool and it's certainly an interesting game. What Chair does as the app developer is awesome.