Monday, September 9, 2013


By. Geneis Esquilin 7th Grade
Taken from Google Images
The best show that I know is a new show in Cartoon Network call Grjoband. This show is about a 13 year-old boy name Corey Riffin (front) who is in a band with 3 of his best friend, Laney Penn (leaning by the wall) and the twin brothers Kin and Kon Kujira (Ka Je Ra) (backs side by side). Their music is AWSOME, but their lyrics stinks. So Corey plan to make his 16 year-old sister Trina to write things in her diary so they can use those words to write a hit song.

Corey is the guitarist, the vocalist, and the leader of the band. He's very kind and does whatever it takes to play music. He also had plans to make his sister angry so she can write in her diary. He uses the words in the diary into lyrics for his band.

Laney is the bassist and the band manager. Described as a short but ambitious and a firecracker, she is the only girl in the band. She is also the only member with a clear mind. She also had a crush on Corey, even though Corey didn't know about. Despite her clearly being female, everybody call her a boy.

Kin is the keyboardist. He is also good in science and technology. And he is the twin brother of Kon.

Kon is the drummer of the band. He's a large boy and isn't smart, but makes up for it with his boy like charm, such as Farting and burping. He is Kin's twin brother. He is voice by Tim Beresford.

The rest of the characters of the show is Trina’s lacky or assistant Mina Beff, the coolest kid in school Nick Mallory, and the mayor Mayor Mellow. The band has a moral rival call The Newmans. They are the bands doppelganger or gender opposites.

The leader of the band is Mina’s little sister Carrie Beff. She is the guitarist, and the vocalist. and she is Corey’s opposite.

Larry is the band's manager, their bassist, and Laney's opposite.

Kim is the keyboardist of the band and Kin's opposite.

Konnie is the drummer of the band and Kon's opposite.

If you’re interested with the show, you can go to YouTube at your house and check the show yourself. For my opinion, this show is AWSOME!!!

Her is a video if you want to know what the show looks like.
                                                                     Taken fron YouTube                                                                            


  1. Sounds like a fun show! How new is it? Has it been going on for awhile? I will have to admit, I like shows with songs. :D I can't deny it, so it's nice to know there's another song out there with songs! Haha.

    1. This show as been new since September 5, 2013. It has been going for a while. This show had stop since June 10, 2013. It only has 13 episodes so far. Thx foe checking it out!