Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bread & Milk

This video is basically about a man talking about bread and milk. All he says, or actually sings, is "I gotta get the bread and milk!" I actually think this video is pointless, but it is very entertaining and funny. It is funny because of the way he is saying "I gotta get the bread and milk!", I say its also pointless because, first, the video is only 30 seconds long. Second, all he says is "I GOTTA GET THE BREAD AND MILK!" *pointless*. You should give it a try and watch it, share it too, you are going to laugh hard, I hope so... The man in the video is a popular comedian named Vic Dibitetto.

By: Fares Mubarak
7th Grade

Monday, February 25, 2013


By: Ricardo Quinones

   Many of you I am sure have no idea what Ultra Music Festival is. Lets start with were is Ultra Music Festival? Florida Miami of course what better place could there be, we have the beach nearby, the area is expandable it is simply perfect. So what is Ultra Music Festival, well first of all it is a music festival exclusively for people who like electronic music, which basically what almost all the young are listening to. Two weeks of non-stop party is a once of a lifetime experience. This 2013 Ultra is holding its fifteenth year anniversary. People from all around the world are traveling to miami during mid march for their best life experience. I am very interested in electronic music and have been planning with several friends a trip to either Tomorowland or Ultra next year. Up to 400,000 thousand people are expected to attend this year, tickets are almost sold out. The most famous Djs will be there giving the crowd a nonstop two week party.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Xbox 720, when is it coming?

After seeing that there was a post of the Playstation 4, I went ahead and made a post of the Xbox 720.
(Disclaimer: This doesn't mean I prefer the 720 any more than the 4...just thought some people might be interested, plus wondering "What about the 720" after they read the article/post about the PS4.

That being said, let's begin.

It seems that in a sheet from Microsoft, it reveals that there is going to be an "Xbox event" sometime soon this year, which might possibly be the event in which the 720 is announced. 
Even though the sheet makes people wonder, and make assumptions of the event, Microsoft hasn't provided any replies to the topic or any sort of reaction to it. 
It seems they're doing quite a good job keeping their information about the 720 secret, after all.

You check it out yourself, and ask yourself if the Xbox 720 might be announced in this event. The current rumors are that it might be announced in April, but no one is 100% sure. 


Friday, February 22, 2013

The Magic of "El Delfin"

"El Delfin" is the musical sensation you've never heard of. Watch this video and let the sounds of the marimba grace your ears. The lyrical genius of "El Delfin" really shines in "Israel". The special effects in this video are one of a kind. It's almost impossible to tell whether or not they filmed on location or its a greenscreen! The best part of the entire song is "el securso del delfin". Watch the video for only this part. No one else's dance moves can stack up to those of "El Delfin". I promise you that this video will stay with you the rest of your life if you watch it, as well as improve your day. So, just sit back, relax, and let "El Delfin" make everything alright.

-Nicholas Loosle

PlayStation 4

If you did not know, a new big thing is coming in November of this year. Is the new PlaySation 4, it is a new thing in a console, is like you have the future in front of you. PlayStation 4 is the what now everyone is waiting for, if you are thiking of buying something, I recommend you to buy the new PlayStation 4. Why? Because it has a lot of new awesome games like Diablo 3, who does not know about Diablo 3. Watch Dog, It is an awesome game that with an Iphone you can hack everything you want. KillZone, It is just an awesome war game. Even Bangie the creators of Halo are making a new special game only for PS4, I think nothing can beat it. And they also changed the controllers, they are bigger, and it has a screen of it. Guys juts buy it, I think not even the Xbox 720, I do not how would the Xbox 720 will be, but one thing I am sure about, it is not going to beat the new PS4 neither the Xbox 360 can beat the new PS4. And it will only cost $500, that is really cheap. So....

Are you going to buy it?

By: Jorge Paredes

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Powerful Message

This is a project made by Shane Koyczan with the help of a lot of professional and talented people. The video has a very powerful message and is a project to go against bullying. The video is very well done with perfect match soundtracks and incredible dialogue. His words are just amazing and explains the video as it follows: he reminds society what people hear when growing up, however, when life seems so hopeless and deteriorated, we realize that life is fair and we meet another girl who was also beaten down so much who could not hurt anyone else, we also learn why she is special and particularly awesome, and opens the world to all of those who are being bullied to hear this. My favorite part if when he says that the definition of beauty starts with "mom" because mom is beauty and only mothers can understand the pain and give a child their unconditional love. This video is truly inspiring. MUST WATCH! Let me know what you guys think!!! Tell me what is your favorite part, quote, or scene!

- Di Hwang

Monday, February 18, 2013

Harlem Shake: Fast spread, fast death.

The Harlem shake, is truly something that must not be ignored by the internet community. It went viral so quickly (video-wise), that it had over 30 different versions of it by the end of the first week that it went viral. True, it spread fast. Yes, many of them are humorous. Heck, they are even used as a challenge (versions competing against each other to see whose version is best). Yet, I feel that it has reached its peek, and now it's time for it to fade into the shadows, where all viral things go after they reach their momentum at being in the youtube spotlight. 
Even though Harlem Shake is getting massive support from all places around the world, having so many videos of it being uploaded per day, there are people who have started to upload videos AGAINST Harlem Shake, as to be fair, it's been around more than it was necessary. An example of such videos (I've got one here for you, as the rest tend to have curse words in their titles) would be the following:

 This video comes from NODE, a youtube channel made by the people from "Sam and Niko" and "Freddiew", as they started working together to make videos a year or so ago.

- Kijoon Jeong/Jung
9th Grade

Valentine's Day Proposal Prank

To all people out there celebrating Valentine's Day and enjoyed it just as much as I did, these guys in youtube by the channel name prankvsprank uploaded a video of a fake proposal during Valentine's Day. The video itself is hilarious because as everyone is excited and ready to hear the woman say "yes" when the guys asks her to marry him, she suddenly runs away and reject him, so the whole crowd is baffled. Strangely enough everyone takes out their camera and couple seconds later she starts to run away. This video made me laugh, I hope you guys like it and enjoy it just as much as I did. You should check out their channel and further analyze their theme. Let me know what you guys think of their videos.

- Diego Hwang

Friday, February 15, 2013


BY: Ricardo Quinones

    More than just what the question asks, what do you imagine when you see this video? Imagination from my perspective is one of the greatest gifts in life for it allows us to express ideas inside our mind without having to share them. What I imagined during the entire video was how perfect the cycle of nature is. The flowers form from a little tiny bead, the freshwater cycles around a certain area and never stops its pace, the volcanoes are always spurring lava from their peek, the birds have a tendency to always be flying in groups in an orderly fashion, to me this is the definition of perfection. I think it is rare and hard to understand how if God created us humans and nature, how come humans are nothing compared to nature's perfection? My answer to this is nothing more than, we humans have a choice to do what's either morally right or wrong, while nature is more like God, perfect in every sense. Besides imagination this video has several different facts the make it so original and I would deeply like to know which you think they are?

Transformers in Russia

Transformers in Russia! I'm positive I'm not the only person who's seen Transformers. Watching the video above will make you reminisce about the opening scene of Michael Bay's masterpiece film, "Transformers". They came to earth in their little space pods that resembled asteroids or meteors. This particular meteor crashed into a factory in Russia, blowing out all of its windows and destroying a wall. If the Autobots really did come to earth in this particular meteor then they probably died in the atmosphere, cause that's what meteors do in the atmosphere. If they weren't killed on entry then the impact with the factory probably did those Autobots in. The Autobots would be the ones in trouble if they crashed in Russia, though, so they better watch out!

-Nicholas Loosle

Harlem Shake

If you have not seen it, there is a lot of new popular videos in youtube and they are called Harlem Shake. It is a dumb video where a guy is dancing and no one is paying attention to him, but later on everyone starts dancing with him in a crazy way. Most of the videos people are using weird helmets like a horse helmet, or a bunny helmet, or a poop helmet, I do not know. They are really cool videos because the song it is the way describes it, the song is called Harlem Shake. And everyone is dancing it right know, some are cool but some are really weird. We should try to do one, all together in school and lets see how many views can it get, because this videos has more than 100,000 views, and they are really famous. So....

Would you agree to do one as a school?

By: Jorge Paredes

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Advent and Decline of the Toaster Oven

Imagine a world where you can make toast and bagel bites using the same apparatus! What a wonder that would be! Well, good news for those of you with contrived wishes like this is that you are currently living in that dream world. The toaster oven is here, and has been here, for awhile. Its like a toaster, and a small oven in one little box. Being from the United States I was surprised when I happened upon one of these contraptions in my house. In any other country these are outdated pieces of hardware. The toaster oven was a combination that just didn't quite work, it couldn't capture the same whimsy of the spring up toaster, or the devastating heating capacity demonstrated by a conventional oven. The sad truth about the toaster oven is that, in trying to capture the operations of the two kitchen implements we know and love, it failed miserably and came out partially done, not unlike whatever you attempt cook in it.

Nicholas Loosle
taken from Google Images

Monday, February 11, 2013

When will you die?

 I warn you ahead of time: Don't try this if you tend to get scared- I mean, worried easily by these type of things. You have been warned, so if something happens to you, I hold no responsibility over it. 

                                         Proceed At Your Own Risk.

This, is "The Death Clock." It is one of the many sites which provide you with an estimated time of when you will probably die, and how much time you have left, based on your age, BMI, and current health status (such as if you are a smoker or not). Apparently, I'll die in July 22nd, 2071. Yay, I guess.
If you're worrying about security risks, don't worry. The information you put here is basic, and nothing really personal, except your date of birth. Though, if you still worry, then don't try it.
                                Point is, if you want to know when you might die...
                                                         Try it out.
                                  By the time I finished typing this, I had 
                                           1,844,044,553 seconds left to live.
                                         Click here to go to the site.

By: Kijoon Jeong/Jung
9th Grade

People Are Awesome 2013

People are just pure awesome! We can do many things, such as, stunts, world records, "impossible things", etc. The reason why my title is named People Are Awesome 2013 is because there was a video in 2011 and 2012 of the same topic, but different things done (in that year). For example in people are awesome 2013, there is only videos of awesome things that happened this year. 
Anyways, I will show you a video of people are awesome 2013, below. 
Enjoy it, and thank me later ;)

P E O P L E ~ A R E ~ A W E S O M E!

By : Fares Mubarak
7th Grade

Are you a Hipster?

If you do not what a hipster is, I am going to tell you. A hipster is a boring a dude with a beard that by listening to old music they think they are cool, and they use but really really skinny jeans, also they use twitter. Most of the hipsters are around the ages of 15 and 30 years old. Most of them live in their momma's basement, those are the ones that are really pathetic. They also use mustaches, because by putting mustaches they think they look cool and funny, but they don't. So all this things that I just mentioned is what a hipster is, if you are suffering some symptoms of this, please watch the next video, we don't a hipster around the school thinking they look cool by wearing really skinny jeans. So

Are you a Hipster?

By: Jorge Paredes

2013 Maserati GranTurismo Sport

Prepare to open your eyes to the luxurious and latest version of the Maserati GranTurismo series. Maserati began the GrandTurismo production line in 2008, releasing the MC and sports package versions of the car. The car's speed is exceptionally fast, however, not as fast as the Ferrari 458, other than the fact that the Ferrari is around $100,000 more. The Maserati's car test speed runs the 0-60 test in just about 4.6 secs. There different prices that range between $110,000 to $130,000 depending on the engine size. The engines available for the car is the V6 and V8 engines, with these powerful monster engines, the car only rages and roars an amazing sound. Likewise, think about a supercar making a tremendous motivating revved up engine, now multiply its sound by ten, thousand. In case any of you ever grows up to be a successful corporate bigshot, this is the car to go! Let me know what you guys think! This is a nice car isn't it? Would you buy this car in the future if you had the money? I know I definitely will.

- Diego Hwang

Friday, February 8, 2013


BY: Ricardo Quinones Wilson

This commercial has made millions for the Nike company and I want to know how you feel about it? Probably most of you have no interest for the sport of golf. The thing is let me tell you that this commercial could be the start of a golf enthusiasm for many people. It is short only one minute long but as the saying says brevity and understanding is the key to success. What this commercial does is that it catches the viewers attention through a fiction image. This commercial was launched to welcome the sponsorship by Nike, to Rory Mcklroy, the player in red. The contract was probably a couple of million dollars but definitely worth it for the nike company. The commercial basically shows us how good of a golfers the Nikey players are. For those of you who do not know who Rory Mcklroy is, he is one of the youngest players in professional golf. What makes him so unique is his quality in the golf game being outstanding. He is currently in the top ten best players of the world. I would like you to share your comments on the video and Rory;)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Iphone cases

Iphone Cases

Iphone cases are for protecting an iphone from bump, scratches, and bruises. But have you ever thought of an iphone case with personality. you can now get an iphone case with any shape or size. Mine for example is an oversized stitch with bendable ears, or you can get a stuffed animal case. I think that the iphone cases are awesome because they tell about you personality and what you like. there are also awsome ones for ipads and ipads minis. Try them all!!!

All pictures taken from google.

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