Monday, February 18, 2013

Harlem Shake: Fast spread, fast death.

The Harlem shake, is truly something that must not be ignored by the internet community. It went viral so quickly (video-wise), that it had over 30 different versions of it by the end of the first week that it went viral. True, it spread fast. Yes, many of them are humorous. Heck, they are even used as a challenge (versions competing against each other to see whose version is best). Yet, I feel that it has reached its peek, and now it's time for it to fade into the shadows, where all viral things go after they reach their momentum at being in the youtube spotlight. 
Even though Harlem Shake is getting massive support from all places around the world, having so many videos of it being uploaded per day, there are people who have started to upload videos AGAINST Harlem Shake, as to be fair, it's been around more than it was necessary. An example of such videos (I've got one here for you, as the rest tend to have curse words in their titles) would be the following:

 This video comes from NODE, a youtube channel made by the people from "Sam and Niko" and "Freddiew", as they started working together to make videos a year or so ago.

- Kijoon Jeong/Jung
9th Grade

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