Monday, February 25, 2013


By: Ricardo Quinones

   Many of you I am sure have no idea what Ultra Music Festival is. Lets start with were is Ultra Music Festival? Florida Miami of course what better place could there be, we have the beach nearby, the area is expandable it is simply perfect. So what is Ultra Music Festival, well first of all it is a music festival exclusively for people who like electronic music, which basically what almost all the young are listening to. Two weeks of non-stop party is a once of a lifetime experience. This 2013 Ultra is holding its fifteenth year anniversary. People from all around the world are traveling to miami during mid march for their best life experience. I am very interested in electronic music and have been planning with several friends a trip to either Tomorowland or Ultra next year. Up to 400,000 thousand people are expected to attend this year, tickets are almost sold out. The most famous Djs will be there giving the crowd a nonstop two week party.

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