Friday, February 8, 2013


BY: Ricardo Quinones Wilson

This commercial has made millions for the Nike company and I want to know how you feel about it? Probably most of you have no interest for the sport of golf. The thing is let me tell you that this commercial could be the start of a golf enthusiasm for many people. It is short only one minute long but as the saying says brevity and understanding is the key to success. What this commercial does is that it catches the viewers attention through a fiction image. This commercial was launched to welcome the sponsorship by Nike, to Rory Mcklroy, the player in red. The contract was probably a couple of million dollars but definitely worth it for the nike company. The commercial basically shows us how good of a golfers the Nikey players are. For those of you who do not know who Rory Mcklroy is, he is one of the youngest players in professional golf. What makes him so unique is his quality in the golf game being outstanding. He is currently in the top ten best players of the world. I would like you to share your comments on the video and Rory;)

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