Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Advent and Decline of the Toaster Oven

Imagine a world where you can make toast and bagel bites using the same apparatus! What a wonder that would be! Well, good news for those of you with contrived wishes like this is that you are currently living in that dream world. The toaster oven is here, and has been here, for awhile. Its like a toaster, and a small oven in one little box. Being from the United States I was surprised when I happened upon one of these contraptions in my house. In any other country these are outdated pieces of hardware. The toaster oven was a combination that just didn't quite work, it couldn't capture the same whimsy of the spring up toaster, or the devastating heating capacity demonstrated by a conventional oven. The sad truth about the toaster oven is that, in trying to capture the operations of the two kitchen implements we know and love, it failed miserably and came out partially done, not unlike whatever you attempt cook in it.

Nicholas Loosle
taken from Google Images

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