Friday, February 15, 2013


BY: Ricardo Quinones

    More than just what the question asks, what do you imagine when you see this video? Imagination from my perspective is one of the greatest gifts in life for it allows us to express ideas inside our mind without having to share them. What I imagined during the entire video was how perfect the cycle of nature is. The flowers form from a little tiny bead, the freshwater cycles around a certain area and never stops its pace, the volcanoes are always spurring lava from their peek, the birds have a tendency to always be flying in groups in an orderly fashion, to me this is the definition of perfection. I think it is rare and hard to understand how if God created us humans and nature, how come humans are nothing compared to nature's perfection? My answer to this is nothing more than, we humans have a choice to do what's either morally right or wrong, while nature is more like God, perfect in every sense. Besides imagination this video has several different facts the make it so original and I would deeply like to know which you think they are?

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