Saturday, February 23, 2013

Xbox 720, when is it coming?

After seeing that there was a post of the Playstation 4, I went ahead and made a post of the Xbox 720.
(Disclaimer: This doesn't mean I prefer the 720 any more than the 4...just thought some people might be interested, plus wondering "What about the 720" after they read the article/post about the PS4.

That being said, let's begin.

It seems that in a sheet from Microsoft, it reveals that there is going to be an "Xbox event" sometime soon this year, which might possibly be the event in which the 720 is announced. 
Even though the sheet makes people wonder, and make assumptions of the event, Microsoft hasn't provided any replies to the topic or any sort of reaction to it. 
It seems they're doing quite a good job keeping their information about the 720 secret, after all.

You check it out yourself, and ask yourself if the Xbox 720 might be announced in this event. The current rumors are that it might be announced in April, but no one is 100% sure. 



  1. Wow! I bet it's going to be a really awesome console! Maybe I might get it.

    1. I think it might be a really huge thing. Or maybe it might turn out like the Wii: awesome at first, but then people hate it. Well, at least I still like the Wii. But I still hope this becomes a huge deal.

  2. Okay, but in my opinion I think no thing can now beat the new PS4, I think the new Xbox is going to be kind of bad compared to the new PS4, just by the way PS4 has a lot of new games and new controllers. The new Xbox is going to be the same thing maybe only changing few stuff that will not be a huge deal.

  3. Even though the XBox 720 would also be cool, I think the PS4 will be better than this one. I think the PS4 is better because I assume it has better graphics, better games, and less "lag." Also, I think the PS4 will be cheaper and better so I think it would be more worth it to buy the new PS4.

  4. I hope this thing comes out soon. I heard something about an event in May, but I am not sure. When the information comes out I will finally decide which one is better PS4 or Xbox 720, I hope the Xbox is better, it is probably going to be lol. Let the fight begin.