Friday, January 30, 2015

Fantastic Four

The trailer for the new Fantastic Four just came out, and it does not look that fantastic. This movie is a new take on the Fantastic Four. Having younger actors and changing their origins story. The Fantastic Four will get their powers when a teleportation experiment does't go as planned.  With their new powers they are going to bring down a new thereat, Dr. Doom. This new Fantastic Four will have movies with the X-Men. The actors are Miles Teller (Mr. Fantastic/ Reed Richards) ,Kate Mara (The Invisible Woman/ Sue Storm) ,Michael B. Jordan (Johnny Storm/ The Human Torch) and Jamie Bell (The Thing/ Ben Grimm). In my opinion they could have done better. I think they choose actors that are too young to play this characters.

-Jacques Cole

Thursday, January 29, 2015


So today I have two videos for you, because I was torn between which of the two I should post for my last post. So I decided to give you two. One of an old guy teaching you how to eat watermelon and giving you some new recipes for all you watermelon lovers. Like soaking marshmallows in the watermelon juice, and eating them with peanut butter. It seems sort of good but I don't want to try it. That video is like 9:00 minutes long but it's pretty very insightful and interesting... You guys should subscribe to his channel because I think they are all fruit eating tutorials but I'm not sure. The other video I bring to you is of a man (from Utah) who sings and does the cup song with guns and cups. This one isn't as informative as the old man eating a watermelon but it is a little more entertaining... Even though the old guy is pretty entertaining. So yeah those are the two videos I hope you like them I guess. Enjoy!

How to eat a watermelon:

Cup song with guns:

Izzi (9th)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Duff :P

  1. A high-school had everyone with a tag on them. The jocks, the mean girl, and the DUFF. The Duff stands for designated ugly fat friend. Every group of friends that are girls usually have a duff that makes the other girls look prettier. The duff was asking for help to a guy, because he told her in a party that she was the duff of her group of friends, and she got really mad at him. After that the guy helped her to stop being a duff, but just telling her how to dress, act, and things like that. He also told her to know that she is awesome. In the prom i guess she came so pretty and gorgeous that the guy that was helping her was so proud of her and i think he liked her after that. Hope you guys like the trailer, and please comment what you think about it please. Although I dont think there is a Duff in groups because everybody has something pretty and cool about them that someone else likes that about him or her. 


Beatrice Prior is in the movie Divergent. This is the second movie from the series of Divergent, and this is the trailer. I read the book of Divergent in 3 days, and I started reading Insurgent but after some chapters I stopped reading and never continued after. In Divergent Beatrice's mom dies, but in the trailer it seems that the mom came back to life or something. What I think is that Beatrice remembers about her mom everytime she is fighting or fighting someone. In Insurgent Beatrice has her hair short, because before this she had to cut it for the movie The Fault In our Stars. I believe that Shailene Woodly (Beatrice) looks better with her hair long. She looked way better in the movie Divergent, well in my opinion she does. This movies looks so awesome and it seems that there are going to be more conflicts between people and her. I am so excited to watch it and yah to watch it hahah. Well I hope you guys enjoy and please comment if you liked it or not. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Powtoon - An Interesting Presentation Making Program


We as students always struggle working on a presentation! Check this out. This site called Powtoon is a program that you can make your own video presentation. I started to use this page for my presentation since last year. You can select a character or more to decorate your presentation. This program has various drawings that would let you do presentation for any class. I've made some presentations for Math class and ICT class. When you finish making this video presentation you can also upload your presentation on Youtube. For some people, it might seem a little hard and for others, they might enjoy a lot. A presentation is important to contain some useful information. However, I also think it should be fancy enough to call audiences' attention. If the presentation has too many words or no picture, it would seem a little boring. Fancier the better! I think it would be a good try to have a look or try making some fun videos with this. Some of them we have to pay to use, but there are plenty of free images or characters that we can still make some cool presentation.

Kye Ri Park

Jimmy Fallon #ChristmasFail

So I have nothing to post so I'm going to post this. There's really not much to say about this video. Basically, Jimmy Fallon is telling Christmas fails that his followers tweeted him. I just find them very funny. I really don't know what to say about this. I don't know if you're going to find this funny because not everyone finds stuff funny but yeah..................................................... I know I'm getting a low grade but I don't know what to say so.......

The Maker

So, my friend showed me this cool Claymation, and I just wanted to share with you guys. I thought it was really well made out video with really good story and background music. The bunny might looks pretty creepy, but at the end it is pretty depressing. I was freaked out at the part when the bunny opened its eyes. Also I like how bunnies have its teeth like a actual human teeth. I didn't understand the video until one of my classmate explained it to me. I thought (spoiler alert!!) the bunny was making its girl friend whole time. But still I have few questions after watching videos. Like what would happen if they didn't finish their work in time, and what would happen if ingredients runs out? What do you guys think? Also there are more of these kinds of videos in YouTube. I recommend you guys “zero” which talks about racism and that every people are precious. I shared it in Grammar class. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy it.

Cindy Kim

Thursday, January 22, 2015

American Beauty / American Psycho Album

So this is a music video for a song called American Beauty / American Psycho by Fall Out Boy, from their new album American Beauty / American Psycho that was released this year. The other songs are pretty good too, and I would have posted about one of the other ones but this was the only song with a music video. It’s pretty good but the music video doesn’t make that much sense to me at all. I still think that the music video is pretty cool. I like how the ballerina sorta beats up all those guys and still makes it look elegant. I think my favorite part of the song is the chorus. Another good song thats on the album, is  JetPack Blues, I couldn’t find a music video for it because like i said American Beauty / American Psycho is the only song with a music video so far. So yeah, you guys should check out the other songs on the album because they’re all pretty good. Here is the video  American Beauty / American Psycho and here is the audio for JetPack Blues. I hope you guys enjoy.

American Beauty / American Psycho:

JetPack Blues:


Izzi (9th)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


I can only assume that most of you either have a vine account or have seen vines at one point in their life. Hopefully you will all know who this is. Lele Pons, she is a now famous viner who has made dozens of funny, interesting, and relatable videos. She is from Venezuela and is currently living in Miami, Florida (THE BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD)  Each of her videos has a relatable title to it and with most of them you can laugh over and over again no matter how many times you replay it. Hope you enjoy this video! :)

Friday, January 16, 2015

The Simple Message

Former professional wrestler, Marc Mero, tells a story about his relationship with his mother that brings this entire middle school to tears.  If you have a mother or father, tell them you love them!   “Life is not about winning the race. Life is about finishing the race, and how many people we can all help finish this race. How we can start being kinder to each other…”  Simply beautiful. This story is so sad. It brought almost all the high school into tears. This video has a very good important amazing message, that could probably impact your life. It is so sad, but I like it a lot because it gives a meaningful message. I wish you guys like this video as I did, and please comment. (and if you want, you can comment if you cried or not). When I watched this video I was a little distracted because my mom brought some friends over and they would not stop laughing, but if I hadnt been distracted I would have probably cried. Hope you guys all enjoy the video! 

-Gaby Paredes

Unfriended Trailer

So this is a trailer of a movie called Unfriended. This movie came out on 2014 (I think) so I think many of you have seen it already. This movie is about these teenagers doing a Skype video chat. One of them posted a video that this girl named Laura Barns that she didn't want anyone to see so while they're video chatting Laura's spirit tries to kill them all. So yeah, watch it...

Ship Your Enemies Glitter

So I was watching the news, and they talked about this website called Ship Your Enemies Glitter. Basically for only $9.99 you can send an envelope full of glitter to anyone you hate or anyone's day you want to ruin, if you think glitter can ruin their day. The website is a little rude, if you go to their FAQ page. The whole idea of making a website for it is a little stupid, at least I think it is, because you could do it yourself for free. Just put some glitter in a folded paper then put the folded paper in en envelope and TA-DA, you did exactly what the website does for you, but for free. The idea of throwing glitter on your enemies is pretty great though. I know most people in my class hate glitter… The website looks pretty cool and if you actually want to see how it works and stuff here is the link to the website. 
And now I leave you to send glitter to your enemies, or whoever.

by: Izzi (9th)

A Scary Movie - Ouija

So, last week I went out with my friends to watch this movie called Ouija. It is basically about some students dying by using a wooden table known as Ouija. The story starts with a character’s death (she is called Debbie), and other ‘main’ characters somehow find out that their friend’s death is related to playing with Ouija. They recklessly try to communicate with a ghost (actually their dead friend Debbie) and they end up opening a gate that connects human world with ghost world. A ghost that is not Debbie constantly appears and frightens those Debbie’s friends.

Well, what happens at the end is for you to watch it if you want. I enjoy watching scary movies and I rarely have a nightmare after watching them. This is my second time having a nightmare after watching a scary movie. The story is not bad. It has a good reversal at the end, too. And I think the movie is better than the trailer. However, the scariest movie for me is still “Splinter (2008)”. Try watching both, they are all good.

Kye Ri Park 

What would happen to Harry and Marv if Home Alone was real?

Ok, I found this video in a Korean site with Korean subtitle, and I thought I was pretty interesting so I decide to share with Equity American Students. It took a while to found video without subtitle. Anyway, I’ve never watched home alone, but I always heard that it is good movie to watch it in Christmas and TV channel’s always put them during Christmas season. Anyway, with this video I get the general plot of Home Alone, and I noticed that the ones who act out Marv and Harry is such a great actor. They keep the movie interesting. In the video you can see how many times that they could  have die in the real life. Lastly, movie is just movie. Don’t try this at home ;) I hope you guys enjoyed it!  

By: Cindy Kim

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Marvel's Ant-Man

The new Marvel movie coming out on July 17 of this year is Ant-Man. I know what you are thinking "Ant-Man, what a stupid idea." But you are wrong Ant-Man is actually a pretty cool character. He founded the Avengers, created Ultron and he is a genius that even created the Pym Particle. A particle that lets people shrink or grow. He can control insects, shrink and as he shrinks his strength increases. The movie is going to be about the second person that was Ant-Man, Scott Lang. In the movie universe of Marvel he didn't create Ultron or founded the Avengers but he will probably appear in Avengers 3. The bad guy in the movie is Darren Cross also known as Yellow Jacket, Ant-Man's nemesis.  Yellow Jacket has basically the same powers, but he can also fly. The main characters in the movie are Scott Lang(Paul Rudd), Darren Cross(Corey Stoll), Hank Pym (Michael Douglas), and Hope Van Dyne aka The Wasp(Evangeline Lily).

-Jacques Cole

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Kakao Talk - Korean Chat App.

This is an app. called Kakao Talk which you can chat and call with your friends. To compare, it is similar to WhatsApp, but I find Kakao Talk cooler because it has various of emoticons and you can do many other things. As you watch the first video, you can see some of the emoticons that this app. offers. I know that some of EAS students already has this app. (I don't refer to only Koreans). Even seniors all have Katok (Kakao Talk) in their phone and always talk in a group chat. I'm not sure about spanish, but you can (if you want) download this app. in English version. I really recommend this app, because you can also enjoy many games like "Cookie Run", "Wind Runner", etc. with your Katok account. Also, for people that maybe needs some instructions on how to use this app, second video will tell you basic things. 

Well, you might not like it. However, try it! You will love to use those funny and cute emoticons. 
Thank you for your time to read my blog post. Honestly, I didn't know what to write.

Kye Ri Park

Friday, January 9, 2015


So heres a video. My sister showed it to me and I liked, and I couldn't find anything else to post so yeah... Basically what happens is that its a prank where people blindfold random people and tell them they are going to limbo, then they end up leaving and taking the stick. Which leaves the person blindfolded and limboing under nothing. I guess I hope you like it and stuff. I think its pretty funny, the way the people look, and the looks the people gave them. I would love to do a prank like this but I'm not creative enough to think of it. If I have chance to participate, I would happily agree. But if someone did a prank like this i would probably fall for it super easily. Don't ask me what language they are speaking because I have no idea, but it doesn't really matter.
I hope you like this video and enjoy or whatever you want I can’t control how you feel about this video, but I hope you like it. I mean its better if you enjoy it.

by: Izzi Loosle (9th)

Burning Dandalion

Hi People! I think everyone played with dandelion at least once.  I’ve always thought that it is cool how the yellow flower turns white. If you haven’t you guys didn’t have any childhood. :P I shared this short video because I thought it looks really cool when the fire covers the whole flower. However, according to my friends who tried it they said this happens really fast so you actually have to put slow motion to see the dandelion burning like video. I didn’t notice that the video was slow motioned until my friends told me. By the way, I don’t remember seeing dandelion in Guatemala. I remember there was a lot in Korea. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed it :D

Cindy Kim

Paris Shooting: 12 Dead and Terrorism in Action.

As many of you know already, there was a terrorist attack on Paris, France.  There were two main situations that day, January 7th, the first one was the Charlie Hebdo Massacre.  It was given this name because "Charlie Hedbo" is a cartoon magazine.  This cartoons were offending different religions all over the world.  This caused the massacre, the deaths of the editors of this magazine and a dead police man who got shot in the head, approximately 2-4 meters away from him.  And the second main situation was a hostage problem at a grocery store.  Inside this store there is at least six people.  
The latest update of the shooting was today, January 9th, at 9:22 ET.  In this part of the world, 8:22.

- All roads near the grocery store were inaccessible

-Yves Albarello, person of French parliament, tweeted that there was two police man who wanted to act as Martyrs.

-more than 80,000 police men had been dispatched all across France to find Kouachi Brothers.

This video shows the beginning of this deadly event and explains how it affected France and its society.  If you have any theories about why this happened, leave it in the comments below.


Uptown Funk & Dads

This is a song recorded by the English producer Mark Ronson. The singer is Bruno Mars. This single was released on November 10, 2014. The song was written by Ronson,Jeff Bhasker, Mars, Philip Lawrence, Aaron Munro, Devon Gallaspy and Nicholaus Williams; with Ronson, Mars and Bhasker credited for producing it as well. It has been streamed a record 2.49 million times in a single week. 

This is a video of Dads Dancing with the song Uptown Funk. It is so funny because some of the dads dance very good, but some are just terrible at dancing, but it is so funny. I like this video. There has been a lot of parodies of this song also. Also a lot of people in Vine, have done vines of them dancing to the song also and it is very funny. In the music video I love how they dance, I wish I could dance like they do, it's so 80's. I just like this song very much!!!! You have to watch the videos they are so funny and good, I love them. Please watch and comment! Enjoy!