Friday, January 9, 2015

Paris Shooting: 12 Dead and Terrorism in Action.

As many of you know already, there was a terrorist attack on Paris, France.  There were two main situations that day, January 7th, the first one was the Charlie Hebdo Massacre.  It was given this name because "Charlie Hedbo" is a cartoon magazine.  This cartoons were offending different religions all over the world.  This caused the massacre, the deaths of the editors of this magazine and a dead police man who got shot in the head, approximately 2-4 meters away from him.  And the second main situation was a hostage problem at a grocery store.  Inside this store there is at least six people.  
The latest update of the shooting was today, January 9th, at 9:22 ET.  In this part of the world, 8:22.

- All roads near the grocery store were inaccessible

-Yves Albarello, person of French parliament, tweeted that there was two police man who wanted to act as Martyrs.

-more than 80,000 police men had been dispatched all across France to find Kouachi Brothers.

This video shows the beginning of this deadly event and explains how it affected France and its society.  If you have any theories about why this happened, leave it in the comments below.



  1. I am speechless right now. I don't really know what to say to this. It is sad that something like a cartoon magazine can cause damage of this magnitude. I think it has become too common for me to hear about news like this. In Guatemala, you see this almost every day. However, for a country like France, it is rather unusual and frightening to see this. I watched a video that said that there were threats against this newspaper company before the attack. I think that knowing this, the people working there should have been better prepared and secured because the possibility was out there. There might not be a perfect way to get prepared for something like this, but at least something could have been done.

    1. I agree with you Arielle, it is sad that these things just keep on happening. I think that people should know better than to 1) make cartoons that make fun of other religions and 2) Let it get out of control like this. People should be wise enough to just speak against the action itself without going to the violent side of it all, and also learn to educate themselves properly before they show the world how ignorant they are. This is why the world is the way it is right now. No one seems to know how to behave.

  2. The main difference between this terrorist act and the acts of violence in Guatemala, or any country in Latin America is the inciting factor. Drugs, money, etc etc, we're now used to seeing bloodshed that revolves around these things, material things. Charlie Hebdo, the satirical magazine, was attacked because of an idea, the idea that disgracing someone else's prophet is justification for taking a life. In reality, I'm not even sure that was the main reason for the attack, it could just have been an excuse. When acts of terror from islamic extremists such as these take place it's not just the extremists who feel the effects. This can divide communities, develop into fear mongering; it could cause those who feel ostracized to seek refuge in numbers, with the extremists.

  3. It is very hard to see all of this happening and not being able to do something about it. The worst part is that these terrorism attacks are spreading out around the world. It's not just the United States, Guatemala, among others that suffer from these. As Arielle said, it is rather unsual in France. I imagine that there is an ongoing investigation about this attack and hopefully the responsible people can be caught. This is wishful thinking, but I hope that political leaders around the world can work together to search for methods to prevent these events.

  4. It is indeed sad to think that people could retaliate so fiercely and violently to such an offense. I have not seen the comic, but it was obviously offensive and the shooters had a right to be angry if their prophet was belittled. They had a right to be angry, but no one has the right to take the lives of others because we feel offended. However, that's their problem. Unless I'm wrong, the headquarters for the cartoon has been attacked before because of doing the exact same thing: ridiculing the prophet Mohammed. They were firebombed. Surely, that must be indicative that those who they are offending are incapable of forgiving, and highly capable of violence. I'm not saying the writers brought this upon themselves, since no one could've expected such an outcome; but, they should know better. Perhaps they are unwilling to back down, which is brave and everything, but at what expense will they continue to exercise their creative 'liberty'? 11 dead, more wounded. And counting.

  5. This is actually a very controversial topic. I believe that they did make a huge mistake in making fun of so many religions, they were actually asking for this. Charlie should really stop making all these offensive comic strips and prevent themselves from another attack.

  6. On one side it makes me sad that people got to the extent to kill because of the anger caused by these drawings, it is obvious that people have the right to be against their drawings, but the actions they made take away the right of freedom of speech, everyone should be free to express their own opinion towards any topic. On the other side, the people responsible for these tragedies should have thought of another, more peaceful, way to make themselves heard.

  7. Yes, it is very sad that 12 people got killed in France. It is also good that the Kouachi brothers have been found and killed, and so has the man who held hostages at a Kosher supermarket. The only alleged suspect that still hasn't been apprehended by the police is the wife/girlfriend of the guy who held the hostages. Our French teacher, Mr. Alexis, claims that he thinks this is the start of something big, not because of the 12 people killed, but because of the emotional impact this has had on French society. However, I think that the attention this event has received is overrated to a certain degree. Why? Well, in most Central American countries, there are over 20 murders on average each day, whereas only 12 people were killed in what is considered to be one of the worse massacres in the history of France. Don't get me wrong, I don't think any terrorist attack or series of murders anywhere in the world is justifiable, but should France really get worldwide attention for this? Just a thing to keep in mind... Je suis Charlie.

  8. I didn't understand this video that much, but I feel sad for the 12 people that got killed.

  9. Wow, it is really sad that 12 innocent people got killed! I didn't understand much of what the lady was saying!