Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Maze Runner

Hello people! I am posting about the new movie called... The Maze runner! And I think some of you heard about it, but some of you didn't. Their is also a book about the Maze Runner, and the good thing about it is that its one of the bestseller books. The Maze Runner is the first book in a young-adult post-apocalyptic science fiction trilogy of the same name by James Dashner. People told me that the movies are totally different than the books, so if I were you, I would see it. The Maze Runner is about a teen that awakes in a massive maze with a group of other teens, with no memory of his past other than dreams about an organization known as W.C.K.D. He hopes to escape by piecing together fragments of his past and clues he discovers in the labyrinth. So, I think this movie will be really good :) The movie is going to come out in September 11, 2014. And if you are a fan of The Maze Runner you should see it, but if you had never heard about it. Well, see the movie or read the book!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The New iOS 8!

Hello people! I am going to be posting about the new iOS 8! The goal wasn't to release the biggest iOS for developers and everyone else. It was to create the most natural experience. And every improvement has a purpose. What makes iOS 8 the world's most advanced mobile operating system? Well, the iOS 8 allows you now to edit and organize every photo you take on all your devices. It also provided developers with low access and more tools. And with the iOS 8 you'll have new keyboard options and even more ways to divide your content. Also you'll be capable to use iCloud and Touch ID in ways you never have before. That's why every new feature deserves to be a new feature. Each function is more regarded as, each next step is more efficient. And it all increases up to an even better experience. One that is pleasantly surprising at first and becomes absolutely indispensable before you know it. But remember that the iOS 8 is coming this fall!

Why frozen really wasn't that great...

        Now that the Frozen craze has ended, I would like to bring to light the argument against it. Frozen has been described as "funny, whimsical and delightful", and most importantly, "original". All three of these things are questionable at best. The animation style of frozen has been done before, the characters lack any depth or personally and are more caricatures than actual beings. They embody stereotypes, with lackluster dialogue that tells instead of shows. Some may defend Frozen; it is, after all, a children's movie...right? This is no excuse as there have been many a children's movie with quick, witty dialogue. I cannot express these points nearly as well as the video below does, so take the time to watch it.

Do you agree with his points? Does this change your view of Frozen? Do you have anything to say in defense of Frozen?

Gabriella Loosle

Wax ON Wax OFF

I was actually hoping that they would be famous people, but Jimmy Fallon asks people from his audience to come on stage and answer the hardest questions possible. if they answer then correctly they get $100 and if they don't then their partner get a piece of chest hair waxed off. It's so funny, but because he tricks them in the funniest ways possible so they can get waxed.
-Isabella Diaz

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Would you fly in a windowless airplane?

Technicon Design made a model of a windowless airplane. Sounds scary doesn't it? Being claustrophobic, I cannot imagine flying inside that. But after seeing the pictures of what the IXION model would look like, I think it's pretty amazing. Instead of windows the IXION has panels all around its sides, so you feel like you are outside, but are still protected by the aircraft. What if you would like to know how it feels to fly over the amazon, you can ask the pilot, and he will project an image on the screens. Unfortunately, if the IXION is ever made, it would be very exclusive and only at reach of the elites of the world. Take a look at the pictures, I think they are pretty incredible.
-Sofia Lippmann

Monday, August 25, 2014

Alex & Sierra

There is a TV show called The X Factor that has been the means of discovering many famous artists including Alex & Sierra, one of my favorite duo groups. Alex Kinsey and Sierra Deaton, a long-time couple auditioned together on the 3rd season of The X Factor USA in late 2013. With a lot of hard work, and many performances followed by votes coming in every week, Alex and Sierra won by a landslide. After the show it was revealed that following every week of performance they had received by far the most votes compared to the other contestants. 

After winning The X Factor USA, Alex & Sierra spent about a year recording and making music together. Just recently, as of a few weeks ago, they have been releasing one song every other week consecutively. Of their album, “It’s About Us,” so far the songs that have been released include, “Scarecrow,” “Just Kids,” “Bumper Cars,” and “Little Do You Know.” Below you can watch a video of their music video to "Scarecrow." Hopefully you will like their music and maybe be interested in researching them a bit more. Let me know what you think about them and their music.

By: Lindsey Duncan (11th)

Friday, August 22, 2014

Disney's Pride

      So in 2001 Hilary Duff was the star of a show called Lizzy McGuire, and it ended/got cancelled in 2004. During those years she took out the movie to the TV series in 2003. After the show ended she went on to make movies that made it pretty good in Hollywood, like Cheaper By the Dozen, Cheaper By the Dozen 2, Material Girls and guest starred in Gossip Girl in 2009. she has been acting since '97 and is making it great! She is one of the few Disney Stars that didn't take the wrong turn! She is now married and has a 2 year-old son named Luca. Just to prove that fame doesn't always corrupt you! Hilary Duff is one of the few ex-Disney stars that did well with her life, that did not go into drugs or fell the hard way because of money!
Isabella Diaz

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Spongebob Squarepants Movie

One day I was happily sitting on my desk in ICT class, when Mr. Diego told me that I was the one that should post something in the blog this month, I went all week looking for something to post but I had no ideas, so I asked my classmates what could I write about and Gaby said there was a new Spongebob Squarepants movie coming, and I thought it was a good idea, therefore I searched out the trailer and some pictures to post and when I saw them I thought that it was going to be a realy good movie, not like the other boring movies of Spongebob but a realy good movie to enjoy as a family or to watch with your friends.
It seems to be a realy funny movie. The main idea is that a pirate gets a magic book where he would write something and the book will make it real, but to make the magic of the book work he needs the last page of the book, but the last page is the secret formula of the Kraby-Patty, since the pirate needs the last page, he destroys all of Spongebobs world to get the page, but Spongebob and his friends are trying to save their world so they need to get to earth and, since they have the last page, they write on it that they are super heroes and the page of the book makes them super heroes so they can fight for their world and for earth.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fambul Tok

             Recently, I spent a day quite under the weather. Being a normal human being, I amused myself with documentaries. Now, it is a widely understood fact that the search for a decent documentary (one that has the perfect balance of education and entertainment) can be a tiresome task. As I searched through the lists of the "life-changing", "shocking", and "taboo", I finally came across a documentary called Fambul Tok.
              Fambul Tok follows an organization as they attempt to bring reconciliation to communities following the Sierra Leone's civil war. Most NGOs attempt to provide aid to communities such as these through handouts, putting a bandaid over a gaping wound. Fambul Tok  approaches this reconciliation through conversation and forgiveness. Watching this documentary, and these people's ability to forgive things so heinous as torture, rape, and murder made me acknowledge that I do not have a good grasp on forgiveness. Fambul Tok means "Family Talk", and that's exactly what this is; war-stricken communities prepared to drop all hard feelings and intense grudges in order to once again become families. Now, it is important to note that a blanket of amnesty was granted to all those who committed war crimes, meaning that none of them could be convicted or punished for their cruel dudes on a legal level. For this reason communities became divided, as the criminals lived freely among the people they had wronged.          

           Do you believe that this is an effective way to resolve problems? Or is justice not served until the accused (rapists, murderers, abusers) have paid their dues? Is the guilt they live with not enough?      

Gabriella Loosle

Monday, August 18, 2014

Studio C

Studio C, for those of us who don’t know, is a sketch comedy group on BYUtv. The thing that is different about Studio C compared to other comedic acts, is that they only air clean and family-oriented humor on all of their episodes. Every episode is aired on TV on Mondays, usually at 10PM EST. 

The show was created by Matt Meese and Jared Shores. Originally it was going to be called “Common Room,” but was instead changed to “Studio C” (the Studio where it is filmed). The main actors include Mallory Everton, Whitney Call, Jason Gray and Matt Meese. The other cast members consist of Adam Berg, Stacey Harkey, Natalie Madsen, Stephen Meek, James Perry, and Jeremy Warner. 

Currently Season 5 of their show is in the making. Just earlier this month they began the filming of the first episodes which will air soon. For those who have not even heard of Studio C or find it somewhat interesting, I highly suggest you go and check them out at this link, Trust me, I think it's worth it. You'll get a good laugh. 

-Lindsey Duncan (11th)

Thursday, August 14, 2014


So there is this new show in Teen Nick called EW! starring Jimmy Fallon. So basically in the show he dresses up like a teen girl with a dress and wig and everything(even makeup). What he does is that he invites other celebrities to join him, boy or girl they have to dress up as little girls too! They talk in weird accents and discuss the latest trends, like twerking, or new songs like Come and Get It- Selena Gomez. It is such a weird show, yet it can really make you laugh. Some parts I find funny and others just plain annoying but the show itself is really good, try to watch it some time.
--Isabella Diaz 9th

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ninja Turtles!

Hello everybody! This month I was chosen to be the Guest Blogger of 7th Grade. And I decided to post something about the new movie that I think some of you heard about it and that it will come out soon in August called...Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! And the surprising thing is that the producer of the new movie is Michael Bay who Produced all the Transformer Movies. And the director of the movie ( Furia De Titanes ) Jonathan Liebesman is the director of the new movie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And in the movie their is a special actor who will be acting as April O'Neal. Who is Megan Fox! And you could watch this movie at whatever place that has Cinepolis. For example, Miraflores, Oakland Mall, Pradera Concepcion, or Tikal Futura. The good thing about this movie is that this movie before was in cartoon, and until now they are doing the movie with a better HD and it looks real. But I would recommend you to see it in 3D or in Imax. So watch it now or buy the DVD! And it may be a little scary or surprising. So try not to pee your pants. : )

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Maze Runner

Since many of us at Equity are intense readers (myself included), I decided to write about something I am quite looking forward to. The Maze Runner series by James Dashner has been a pretty popular read among many. On September 19th, the official major motion picture will hit theaters! However, because Guatemala sometimes isn’t on the same schedule, I’m not sure when it will come out down here. 

The Maze Runner series, for those who don’t know, starts out with a boy named Thomas waking up in an old metal elevator shaft, completely unaware and oblivious to what is going on. He is soon greeted by a variety of 50 or so other teenage boys. Thomas doesn’t remember anything from his past and soon discovers that the other boys don’t either. The glade, where the other boys have been living for years, is surrounded by massive walls that make up an almost inescapable maze. The maze is no ordinary maze, because creatures and other traps linger inside. Through the story you follow Thomas and the other boys as they try and figure out if in the end they will be able to escape. 

The movie is directed by Wes Ball and features actors including Dylan O’Brien, Will Poulter, Kihong Lee, Kaya Scodelario, and Thomas Brodie-Sangster. You can watch the trailer below. Let me know what you think! Have you read this series? If not, I highly suggest you do. 

 -Lindsey Duncan (11th)

Robin Williams, Dead at 63

           It is inevitable that everyone has already heard about Robin Williams untimely death. Robin Williams was a seasoned actor and comedian, getting his start on Mork & Mindy, later to star in his first movie, Popeye, as the spinach-guzzling sailor. Robins was a master actor, simultaneously starring in serious, Oscar winning roles, all the while pursuing his career as a comedian. Robin Williams will be unforgettable. His role as Dr. Sean Maguire in the Academy Award-winning film Good Will Hunting. 
           Where did Robin Williams come from though? Williams was born in Chicago, Il; his father a Ford executive, his mother a former model. Williams received a full ride to Juliard, where he studied until 1976. It was obvious from that start that Williams was extremely talented. He was one of the two freshman admitted into the Advanced Placement program at Juliard.

        Williams's tragic death will leave a vacancy in the realm of great actors, may he rest in peace.

-Gabriella Loosle

The Mad Drummer

         I saw this video on youtube, I think it's a really funny video. This is supposed to be a rock band concert, although the matching suits and the guy who presents them kind of kills the vibe. The drummer though, is pretty awesome. He really entertains the crowd, and makes it a lot funnier. Unfortunately, the drummer was fired by the band because they said he was distracting from the guitars. I think that the band should have kept him, because the drummer has over 25 million youtube views, and the band could have become more famous and successful. Be sure to watch at minute 1:25, when he literally unleashes the kraken.
-Sofia Lippmann