Thursday, May 21, 2015

Paying Homage

The topic to discuss is very important to many people of our generation worldwide. I speak of a teacher of most unorthodox class. This man-child has taught me more about how to live life than:
Mr. Rogers,
Steve from Blue's Clues,
Dora the Exploradora,
Master Splinter from TMNT,
anyone from Teen Titans (close second),
Recess (tied with Teen Titans),
El Pajaro Loco,
Looney Tunes,
Ed, Edd, and Eddy,
Hey Arnold,
The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy,
Dragon Tales,
and many others. Disney Channel isn't even in the running. This post is about Spongebob Squarepants. On second thought, I can't put into words exactly what Songebob has taught me, but this just feels right. I can't think of any other shows I used to watch as a child off the top of my head, but none can top Spongebob Squarepants.
Anyway, here's a video of some of their best moments.
Of course, my personal selection of Spongebob stuff would be a lot longer and funnier, but this will do for now. Please. Please enjoy. Please.

- Chris Galvez

DC's Legends of Tomorrow First Look Trailer

Jacques suggested me to post this so i thought it might be a good post. This video is about how Green Arrow or Oliver Queen stated to fight against crime alone in his city but now he is going to do it with his team. He formed a team with the requirements he was looking including speed, flight, size, precision and I believe experience. He forms a team with Flash, Hawkgirl, the White Canary, Captain Cold, Heatwave, the Atom, and Firestorm. Green Arrow got the instructions to unite them, the person who got the idea was Time-Traveling rogue Rip Hunter. He forms this because they have to stop an unstoppable threat to the planet, and maybe even to time itself. Rogue Rip Hunter doesn't have to convince them because their job is to protect people and the world. The last this Rip Hunter says in the video is " In the future you are not heroes, you are legends."

Daniel Radcliff Raps Blackalicious "Alphabet Aerobics"

In this video Daniel Radcliffe raps the alphabet aerobics while Jimmy Fallon shows which letter of the alphabet is Daniel singing in that moment. This video is funny because you don't expect the actor who interprets Harry Potter to know how to do this without mumbling. Still the bad part of this is that you can see that he starts to talk really slow but later he goes faster and after he slows down. After this he actually does it pretty well because he wasn't ready or expecting this so it was really amazing that he wasn't prepared and he wasn't nervous of showing how hi memorizes the song lyrics perfectly.

Another Post About Soccer

Here is another post about soccer. No doubt most of you are thinking, "hey, Chris must really like soccer." That is true. I like soccer. I also have to reach a certain amount of words to make this post valid.
Anyway, this post isn't so much soccer as it is CGI effects. or some type of computer-generated effects. But it still includes soccer!
There are various ways to celebrate a goal, some players have their own trademark ways to celebrate goals, and the rest just come up with increasingly ridiculous ways to celebrate. The most ridiculous and extensive way, however, is to edit it.
So, some genius did that. This is the original video. There are other videos that have more edited celebrations, but they either aren't as funny, are kind of unnecessary, or will get me an infraction.
Even in the original, VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. However, I'm confident that no one will see it, because there is one day of school left, so no one will see it. I'm doing this for a grade. :)

- Christian F. Galvez

There are no words for this kind of Shame.

Now, here's something I'm really excited about. OWN GOALS!! AUTOGOLES!!! This is a post that is one hundred percent about soccer/football. So, read on everyone because soccer/football applies to everyone.
The role of defender is a pretty difficult position to play. You work hard, knowing one mistake can cost you the game. What's more, you don't get nearly enough recognition. Only people who actually play the game know how valuable a good defender is. Everybody else just drools over the next big striker.
Anyway, for a forward, scoring a goal is everything. Sure, dribbling past everyone is fun, but it only counts when you put the ball in the net. For a defender, the perfect tackle is the constantly sought after dream. Now, imagine how a striker must feel when he misses a goal, yeah, it feels bad. For a defender, the same could be said for letting a striker get past you, or losing the ball on your side of the field. Now, imagine a striker missing a penalty, or the most easy goal in the world. There are plenty videos about that, that I could share, but this is a post about defenders, so... For defenders, the worst you could feel is scoring an own goal. It sucks, I've done it before.
There are no words, no excuses. It is your fault. So, here's a video about the best own goals ever. Most of these are so good that if they had meant to do it, they would be some of the top players in the world. The rest are just sad. Click here for enlightenment!

- Christian F. Galvez 12th

The Scorch Trials Trailer

So, the other day, I was talking with my sister. She forced me to guess what exactly is coming out on a date that I can no longer recall. I was hoping that some cool new movie was coming out, but all of my guesses seemed to anger her. Not really, I think I just overrated the quality of the news I was about to receive. Apparently, the Scorch Trials is coming out! The long-awaited sequel of the Maze Runner will reach theaters sometime soon! Or so, I thought. What actually came out is just the trailer, and surprise, surprise, the movie is deviating from the book. again.
For those of you who don't know, or momentarily forgot, or just like hearing it, The Scorch Trials is the second part of the Maze Runner trilogy. The Maze Runner follows the story of some guys who are being thwarted by a mysterious organization called W.I.C.K.E.D. Then, they meet some girls, and the story gets REAL.
Anyway, there are actors and directors in this move. There are also some CGI effects, and some tension. That's basically all the trailer tells you.

Unfortunately, blogger is being a bit dysfunctional, so if you want to watch the trailer, click here.
Don't click the link that is not a link, I just put that to mess with you guys.

- Christian F. Galvez 12th

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Hendrix History Channel

It all started with a question. As many of you know, school days can grow stressful beyond compare. Sometimes, you feel as though you are racing from class to class, barely able to catch your breath. About two months ago, the 11th Grade had a day much like this as we trudged into U.S. History. 

And then, Sofia had an idea. Being her ingenious self that she is, she decided to ask Mr. Hendrix a question: “Can we just color today? We’re losing creativity because we just sit in class all day long.” This then sparked a discussion. Dania suggested we do a project in lieu of our final exam. Lindsey suggested we do a video as the project.

So Mr. Hendrix thought about it. He sat and thought for a good several minutes. At last, he accepted the idea on condition that Mr. White would likewise accept (which he did!). And thus the Hendrix History Channel was born!

For nearly two months, we worked tirelessly to research and gather information, assign jobs, craft a storyboard, write a 14 page script, film scenes, take and photoshop photos and record audios. Then, Lindsey spent three weeks on compiling and editing the entire project. Finally, the video took 24+ hours to upload to Youtube under a channel called “Hendrix History”. The video can be found by searching “Hendrix History Channel”.

In this video, we cover major events and topics of all that our class had learned this year in U.S. History. Please enjoy the final product of all our hard work and effort. Be sure to watch all the way to the very end for bloopers!
Perhaps this can begin a tradition in future years at Equity.

It was a long and difficult process but very entertaining and completely worth the effort in the end. Creativity can be expressed in many ways. So long as you put in your hard work and effort, you can accomplish anything. 

- Lacey Duncan (11th Grade)