Thursday, May 21, 2015

Another Post About Soccer

Here is another post about soccer. No doubt most of you are thinking, "hey, Chris must really like soccer." That is true. I like soccer. I also have to reach a certain amount of words to make this post valid.
Anyway, this post isn't so much soccer as it is CGI effects. or some type of computer-generated effects. But it still includes soccer!
There are various ways to celebrate a goal, some players have their own trademark ways to celebrate goals, and the rest just come up with increasingly ridiculous ways to celebrate. The most ridiculous and extensive way, however, is to edit it.
So, some genius did that. This is the original video. There are other videos that have more edited celebrations, but they either aren't as funny, are kind of unnecessary, or will get me an infraction.
Even in the original, VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. However, I'm confident that no one will see it, because there is one day of school left, so no one will see it. I'm doing this for a grade. :)

- Christian F. Galvez

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