Thursday, May 21, 2015

There are no words for this kind of Shame.

Now, here's something I'm really excited about. OWN GOALS!! AUTOGOLES!!! This is a post that is one hundred percent about soccer/football. So, read on everyone because soccer/football applies to everyone.
The role of defender is a pretty difficult position to play. You work hard, knowing one mistake can cost you the game. What's more, you don't get nearly enough recognition. Only people who actually play the game know how valuable a good defender is. Everybody else just drools over the next big striker.
Anyway, for a forward, scoring a goal is everything. Sure, dribbling past everyone is fun, but it only counts when you put the ball in the net. For a defender, the perfect tackle is the constantly sought after dream. Now, imagine how a striker must feel when he misses a goal, yeah, it feels bad. For a defender, the same could be said for letting a striker get past you, or losing the ball on your side of the field. Now, imagine a striker missing a penalty, or the most easy goal in the world. There are plenty videos about that, that I could share, but this is a post about defenders, so... For defenders, the worst you could feel is scoring an own goal. It sucks, I've done it before.
There are no words, no excuses. It is your fault. So, here's a video about the best own goals ever. Most of these are so good that if they had meant to do it, they would be some of the top players in the world. The rest are just sad. Click here for enlightenment!

- Christian F. Galvez 12th

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