Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Hendrix History Channel

It all started with a question. As many of you know, school days can grow stressful beyond compare. Sometimes, you feel as though you are racing from class to class, barely able to catch your breath. About two months ago, the 11th Grade had a day much like this as we trudged into U.S. History. 

And then, Sofia had an idea. Being her ingenious self that she is, she decided to ask Mr. Hendrix a question: “Can we just color today? We’re losing creativity because we just sit in class all day long.” This then sparked a discussion. Dania suggested we do a project in lieu of our final exam. Lindsey suggested we do a video as the project.

So Mr. Hendrix thought about it. He sat and thought for a good several minutes. At last, he accepted the idea on condition that Mr. White would likewise accept (which he did!). And thus the Hendrix History Channel was born!

For nearly two months, we worked tirelessly to research and gather information, assign jobs, craft a storyboard, write a 14 page script, film scenes, take and photoshop photos and record audios. Then, Lindsey spent three weeks on compiling and editing the entire project. Finally, the video took 24+ hours to upload to Youtube under a channel called “Hendrix History”. The video can be found by searching “Hendrix History Channel”.

In this video, we cover major events and topics of all that our class had learned this year in U.S. History. Please enjoy the final product of all our hard work and effort. Be sure to watch all the way to the very end for bloopers!
Perhaps this can begin a tradition in future years at Equity.

It was a long and difficult process but very entertaining and completely worth the effort in the end. Creativity can be expressed in many ways. So long as you put in your hard work and effort, you can accomplish anything. 

- Lacey Duncan (11th Grade)


  1. The video came out great good job with the editing!!! The project was a lot of fun except for the beginning when we had to do all of the research. I hope people can understand when I speak I did my best to be old.

  2. I know you guys spent a ton of time on this, and it shows! the green screen effects were so realistic, nobody would ever guess that our green screen was just green paper that we taped together! I hope this starts a new trend, where instead of finals we get final projects!

  3. I love this video! We all had such a good time fliming this although I messed up a lot! I enjoyed getting out of the routinee and doing something finally creative. Thank you twins for your wonderful filming!

    1. You guys definitely got creative with this. I loved it. I can't imagine all the fun you had filming this. Definitely sounds like a great project.

  4. I had such a good time doing all this. Thank you Lindsey for the excellent editing and Lacey for producing it with Lindsey. I loved the project and I think that this wouldn't have been the same if we didn't put so much effort into it.

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  6. I like this video. It looks like a real news. It has really high quality. How did you edit it?

  7. Great job juniors!! The video is awesome! I loved the editing and everyone did their roles amazingly. Who knew that you all had hidden talents for the TV. Anyway, I think that this would be a great project for future generations to do so as well.