Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Picture taken from Paranerds.

This time Ima talk about "LAWL", actually "LOL" or League of Legends. Many people in the whole world are playing this game that I personally found weirdo, really weirdo, because I find it nonsense at all, I mean is not bad, but it is just that I can't get it! Everyone who has played it tell me to play, but I'm just slow playing those kind games.

When I first played it, I uninstalled after two minutes, it was just to complicated for me, and I like more war games. If you are used to play the kind of games like "Battlefield" I totally not recommend it to you, but if you used to play "WOW", YOU SHOULD TRY IT! LOL....!!

Amazing, and super amazing post by Cesar Benito.   

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Gangman Style

The Gangman Style! Most of you must have heard this song. It is on the radio, TV, and, well, it is pretty much everywhere. This song has its own choreography and I bet that you have probably tried to do it. If you have not tried this, than you should! It's really fun! You are probably going to fail the first few times, but you'll get it. It is not that hard. Meanwhile, just take a look at this video. It is Britney Spears at the Ellen Show with Simon Cowell. She is trying to do the  the Gangman Style and she is doing it with heels! That just makes it funny! Still, she has the best teacher ever: Psy from Korea! I think he is a really funny guy. What do you think about him? Anyways, look at the expression on Britney's face. She is lost!

Gaby Maldonado

Monday, September 24, 2012

Taylor Swift

One of my all time favorite artists happens to be the one and only Taylor Swift. How many of you like Taylor Swift's music? I had the lucky opportunity to go to one of her concerts back in the States earlier last year, and I can say that it was by far my favorite concert I have ever been to.

Have you heard that she is coming out with her new album called "Red" on October 22nd of this year! That is only about a month away! And to lead up to her release date, she will be previewing a few seconds of a new song each Monday on Good Morning America leading up to it! I think that is really neat! I am really exciting for her new album, and I personally I think with every new song/album she keeps getting better and better. Below is the Taylor’s album cover to “Red”. 

By Lindsey Duncan

Friday, September 21, 2012

The most hated thing for middle schoolers

Image taken from Google

THE MOST HATED VIKING IS HERE! Ten thumbs, a program used to learn how to type and type fast on computers, according to Miss. Vary has been bothering 7th and 8th grade, SINCE 2004! This program uses ten minutes of our peaceful, fun, and amazing ICT time. Without this app we would have more time to work in more interesting stuff like how to program computer or use them like a hacker, like a boss. 

Even though the hated app has given me really hard times I feel it has helped me to type faster, and nowadays that is a really important when getting a job. I have never heard, I repeat NEVER HEARD! that someone actually likes to do this. But everything that starts has to somehow end unless is a science book, they are really long, so don't worry that much about ten thumbs because you won't have to do them after 8th grade YEAH!! So 8th grade we can make it until next year, but 7th grade I'm sorry about you. What do you think about ten thumbs??

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How do you choose best friends?

I remember that I once asked my (now) best friend, Keiran, if I was his best friend. This was anonymously on his tumblr page because I was too afraid to ask him myself. I asked him, "Who are your best friends, and how do you choose your best friends?" About a week later, I found his reply, which stated that he was best friends with about 10 girls and I wasn't included in the list and that he does not choose who his best friends are. I thought about the last part of the reply, Surely, on some subconscious or even biological level, we all pick our friends. I mean, you can choose the people who you do not want to be friends with, so why shouldn't we be able to choose our friends? I think it goes like this: we organize a set of our own attributes in our brain and juxtapose them with other people's attributes to see if they're a good match. Even if we don't realize just how meaningful their actions will be to the friendship, we know what turns us off from a friend. I suppose this is why people make a big deal about first impressions, but I'm super awkward so I was always terrible at that.


Victoria Arroyave (12th)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tornado In Guatemala!!

Ok, so many of you probably thought that there couldn't be any tornadoes here in Guatemala, well, I thought so too, until I saw this video in Youtube. I couldn't believe it when I saw it. Do you think this is real? What would you do if you saw one?

Click Here to watch (technical problem enabled to post video)

By: Pablo

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Are Cellphone Bad for You?

CC image courtesy of JonJon2k8 on Flickr

Are cell phones bad for you? According to some scientists cell phones can increase the risk of people obtaining cancer. This is due to the radiation from the cellphone that is caused by the radio waves that are transmitted from cell phone towers.  This radiation can damage genetic material found in blood cells which can possibly lead to cancer. This radiation has been found to be at higher levels when the person is in a car during motion. Aside from this they also affect the brain, long term cell phone use can lead to being hospitalized for migraines and vertigo.

To avoid all of the above, scientists recommend this:

  • Try to shorten the time you spend talking on your cell phone
  • Avoid sleeping with your cellphone
  • Avoid calling while driving (this is also for your own safety)

Did You Know?

  • Studies have found that children under 8 absorb twice the radiation from cell phone use
  • Long term cell phone use increases the risk of having a brain tumor.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Twin Babies Dancing

The other day my mom showed me this video, and I thought it was super adorable!! This video on youtube almost instantly become viral after the parents uploaded it, with more than  10,000,000 views!! After you watch this adorable video you will see why!! Just imagine if your parents ever put up a video of you when you were a baby and it instantly became viral? Anyway, I thought this was super cute and I wanted to share with you all!! :) Enjoy! 

By Lindsey Duncan

Little Mix

They're good right? Rapping with a British accent! I think it's pretty cool. 
These girls didn't arrive to the X Factor together. They first auditioned as soloists and were later on put together as a group. They seemed to make a combination, so they created their own band and now have a really awesome song called "Wings."
It is amazing how the X Factor helps talented people become successful. All of the girls from Little Mix are very talented and they deserve all their success. They might not be very known now, but just hold on. If they keep making songs, I am sure they will even reach the top of the Billboard list. One Direction is another example. I am not a huge fan of them, but I do recognize that they have great voices and good songs and they have a bunch of fans after them. 
Anyways, I hope you enjoyed Little Mix!

-Gaby Maldonado

Monday, September 17, 2012

Iphone 5

In the picture above we have two examples of Iphone 5, the new release of apple, this Iphone was released together with a new Ipod nano, and a new Ipod touch this September twelfth. The new Iphone has been waited since the release of the last Iphone, which did change that much and many people was unhappy with it. 

The new Iphone actually changed a lot since we know how apple style was before. One of the most interesting fats about the new iphone is the screen, the screen changed a lot, it it is much longer and it makes it easier to write. The new iphone, like always comes with a new IOS, IOS 6. The new IOS will bring new and better maps that will work as real GPS. Now that you have heard about this, are you going to buy this new model or wait for another one?

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Social Learning Theory modeling process

There is no psychology class here, so I thought I'd introduce a concept I learned about last year. It is called social learning theory. This theory explains how norms are learned in society. Norms are a set of rules based on socially or culturally shared beliefs of how an individual ought to behave. Social protocols, like manners would count. There is a basic modeling process that shows you the steps through which information can be learned. First, one must pay attention to the model of a norm. Take manners, for example. You'll watch your mother and father say "please" and "thank you". You must also retain the information provided, so you'll remember that your parents said "please" and "thank you" under a set of given circumstances. You must have the physical capability to reproduce the model. It would be easy to say those things under those same circumstances, but you wouldn't be able to replicate, say, a flip you saw in the gymnastics competition at the Olympics. You would also have to be motivated to do it. Motivation can be provided in various forms. You could find the model appealing. You could identify with the model. You could be rewarded when you reproduce the model or be punished when you don't. You could simply be exposed to the model consistently, and, thus, you have "learned" a norm.
Albert Bandura exemplifies this modeling process of social learning theory through his "Bobo the Clown" experiment. He divided a group of children into two groups: the control group and the experiment group. The control group was led into a room filled with toys, one of which was a "Bobo the Clown" doll and a mallet. The experiment group was first made to sit down and watch a film of an adult doing violent acts on the doll like throwing it, punching it, and hitting it with the mallet. Then, they were sent into a similar room. Both rooms were observed for the same time interval, and results showed that the experiment group was more likely to do violent acts to the doll. By following the modeling process, Bandura showed that it was one way to teach norms to society. 


Victoria Arroyave (12th)


I thought I'd like to discuss a fad that's infecting the minds of our youth on a global scale: YOLO. I know other people have probably discussed this before, but I thought I'd like to It is supposed to mean, You Only Live Once. For me, that is incentive to live a full life that makes you happy and put value on your life. You should be a successful individual, get out in the world, make something of yourself, or release your inhibitions and do something you'd never thought you would do. For example, go dancing with your friends or flirt with a cute guy. This saying does NOT (I repeat: DOES NOT) give you the right to drink yourself into a stupor, try drugs that could kill you, or put yourself in any harmful situation. The point is to live LIKE you were dying, not to "live" for a moment and die as a result.
And what is up with people getting a YOLO tattoo? I don't think those people understood just how meaningful the  expression is. What I think is that they went out with a bunch of friends, got inebriated, and we're dared to get that tattoo. No one in their right mind should get a YOLO tattoo. In my opinion, no one should even get a tattoo. It looks cool while you're young, but I can almost guarantee that it won't look as cool when the skin starts to sag and bag. If you know that life is already fleeting and you want to make it something amazing before you die, then kudos, but that tattoo is still not gonna look so hot when you're 60 and you can play connect-the-dots with your sun spots or flap your skin around like a flying squirrel. It's gross.

Victoria Arroyave (12th)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Guatemala's Victory!!

Did you hear the great news?? Guatemala's soccer team is victorious! On Friday, September 7, there were many "Chapines" soaked in rain water as they were celebrating this victory. They beat Antigua y Barbuda 3 to 1 at the stadium Mateo Flores. Then, on Tuesday, September 11, they played against each  other again, but at Antigua y Barbuda. As I was expecting it, Guatemala won again. Guatemala beat them 1 to 0. This only goal was made by Carlos, "El Pescadito," Ruiz. The whole country is now celebrating this victory that might, but just might, lead Guatemala to the Soccer World Cup, Brazil 2014.

In this video, "El Pescadito" is interviewed. He is saying how the team should have done better and that the show they presented is not what people came to see. "We should have made four goals," He stated.

-Gabriela Maldonado

The Hunger Games

Tribute. Victor. Panem. Capital. Bread. Fire. 

Do these words ring a bell or mean anything to you? Perhaps it reminds you of The Hunger Games? How many of you have read this incredible series, or happened to watch the movie? I personally am I huge fan in every possible way. To me, not only are the books absolutely amazing, but the movie (and soon to be movies) are just as moving! Specifically in the movie I enjoy watching my favorite actors/actresses and listening to the very inspiring soundtrack. The Hunger Games series is absolutely great in every single way! If any of you have not read this remarkable series or heard of it yet, then please run to our school library (where they are available) and check them out! What are you waiting for?! Get off your seat and away from your computer and go read these books, you won't regret it!

By Lindsey Duncan

Monday, September 10, 2012

Dark Energy

Since the Supernova universe was expanding, the space continued to expand unstoppably, the scientists called this expansion Dark Energy. "Dark energy has so much of dark matter that is associated with it and we still don't know much about it. Though, man has made such large strides in astronomy and has been able to find out so much, at the same time, there is so much more that remains and that is the dark matter. There is the mysterious and unknown form of energy in the universe that man has not been able to fathom much about.
This energy is in the form of one that is made by heavenly bodies like neutron stars, the sun, Galileo Galilei and the various black holes that abound. " ( 
There is a great abundance of dark energy within us, but we don't even know it! Our eyes are so undeveloped that we are not able to see these types of things. 
Would you like to develop your eyes in such a way that you could see dark matter? 

What would you do if you could see it? 

By: Pablo

Friday, September 7, 2012

Halo 4 and Blackops2

my blog post idea is what video game will be better cod black ops 2 or halo 4 they are both futuristic and cool stuff like the guns and technology it is my two favorite games but it is hard to decide what i like about halo is that the guns are really cool but in black ops has the guns cool two but some stuff is cooler in halo than cod halo guns are cooler and better i will choose halo becuase for me the armor and everything is better and online is funner and the missions are cooler and it is kinda like minecraft when you play in forge and there are better players and the conversations are funner and there are more people plus the graphics are better and so are the mods plus halo has more modes than cod black ops i hope i make the right decision but i can by trying out the demo this is how you can make the decision that is good and plus master chief will come out in the game this is my blog idea i hope everyone likes it and that they subscribe plus in cod mason and woods come out in the game.

By Gabriel Richmagui

How to play soccer.

Hi my name is Jarle Eskeland i  am going to talk about soccer. i like soccer because i think it is fun and i have played it since i was about 5 years old.i don't really have a favorite team but if i had to chose it would have been manchester.i don't think all of you know the soccer rules so i'm going to tell them to you the basic rules.first of all you can't touch the ball with  your hand. the second rule  is that you can't  play dirty because if you do so you will get an yellow card and if you get lucky you will get a red card.the only one who could touch the ball with their hands is the goalie . When you have the ball you want to get to the ball and kick the ball into the goal and if you have done that you have made a goal


Taken from Images from Bulgaria via Google Images

Have you ever eaten a potato? Well, I think so. There are many types of potatoes, there are little ones, which are cute, big ones, and normal size. But what they all have in common is that they grow in poop. Yes, you read it well! potatoes grow beneath the dirt, which is mostly made of poop. So now you won't ask why potatoes have black dots!

According to love to know garden, fertilizer is made of poop, of course animal manure, but still, it's poop! Potatoes are some of the things we eat that grow under the ground, that is why they are even more in touch with the poop than other veggies.

So next time you eat a potatoes chips thank the poop!
Why do you think potatoes chips are so good?

By Cesar Benito!  

Childhood Fears

A few days ago, in computer class Mrs. Vary was showing me this really cool short animated film by Pixar. It's completely different to any other short film by Pixar. This one actually has some symbolism and it's actually pretty creepy, as long as you understand it of course.

Now that you have watched the video , let me explain if you didn't understand. First of all, the little girl did get inside the doll's body once she had touched it, and all of the other dolls that where in the store were also children stuck in those dolls. If you ask me, it's incredibly freaky if you think about it. Since childhood, I think that we have all had this fear. Childish objects are creepier as I keep growing. They might look innocent, like children themselves, but you never know their intentions. It's like in scary movies, the spirit of a children is always the one that makes the most harm.
Do you agree? Share your thoughts!

By: Pablo

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Lion King

LIONS ARE DANGEROUS!! Just in case you were not aware of that. I know, I know, they don't have to be. I mean, if you are smart enough, a lion can be no threat at all, but if you're the video and you'll learn. So, just a small piece of advice, don't start fooling around with a lion and be careful to not get too close. Things might end up REALLY bad if you do.

-Gaby Maldonado

One Direction's Second Album

CC image courtesy of Zap 2 It

You’ve all heard about One Direction, right? They’re pretty much all over the world. Biggest pop band right now. And we know how we girls are crazy about them, their music, their good looks, their sense of humor, pretty much everything.

Anyway, their first album was called “Up All Night”, with about 12 songs, including “What Makes You Beautiful”, which is one of their most popular songs. Now, making all British boy band fans crazy, the second album will be coming out, called “Take Me Home”. It will be coming out at the end of the year, and there will also be a new single coming out in October. For those of you that are interested,, here is a picture of the One Direction’s new album. I like it, I think that it is a very creative picture for an album, I think this picture is better than the picture for “Up All Night”. Please post a comment or a question or something like that about the picture, telling me what you think about this picture.. Please don’t post any comments that are mean. This is only for the ones who are interested. I will reply your questions if I can, so yeah. Uh, thank you! Have a good day everybody! :D

By Ivette Galvez

The Eggs

When you crack an egg what are you thinking?
 Art Photos and Pictures via Google Images

What do you think the eggs are thinking?
Moolf via Google 
Moolf via Google 
Moolf via Google 
Moolf via Google 
Moolf via Google 

I hope that these picture give you an idea of what they might be thinking. An egg is always fragile and very sensitive dont yell at an egg! Next time you crack an egg think twice about what you doing. these poor little ones have been through so much, they lost their mother and never got the chance to grow!

Just Kidding!!!! These pictures are brilliant and eggs are yummy and you have all the right to eat them don't let these picture scare you. Everyone know that these eggs never hatched so they send them to the factory to be sold: to be eaten, but we eat chicken and eggs. i don't know a single person that doesn't eat eggs or has never tried them. People eat eggs all over the world, cooked, poached, fried, sunny side up, boiled, and many more! i hoped you liked me “reaserch” project!

no eggs were harmed in the making! ;)
By: Isabella Diaz

Can Music Help You Work?

CC image courtesy of Tim Geers on Flickr

  Scientists had proven that music can help you study because it relaxes your mind and you would start to concentrate better in what you are doing. Even though we all like our own music, the best songs that can help you study is classic music like Mozart effects because this types of music make you relax. But it really doesn’t matter what music you listen the thing that matters is that you are concentrated in your work. For some people music can”t be the best thing to listen to  because they will probably go off track on what they are doing and lose their concentration. If you concentrate with music the best thing to do is wear headphones so you can actually get to hear the music but in another side people do not like using headphones because they can not listen to their own thoughts. The only thing that will be hard to do with music is reading because its hard to concentrate when you read and hear music. I knew a person that was in a test and she was listening to a song and at the end she ended up putting the lyrics as the answer.


The Piano Guys

How many of you enjoy listening to music on YouTube while you're doing homework or just surfing the web? Do you like country, pop, rap, or classical? Well one day I was just looking all over YouTube for any kind of music like any one of us would do, and I came across an incredible channel called, The Piano Guys. If you have not heard of them, then I HIGHLY suggest checking them out! This channel is run by two incredible artists, Jon who can play the piano like there's no tomorrow, and Steve who is one of the best cello players I have ever heard! They make great videos and covers to famous songs, and they also compose their own! Check them out, you won't regret it! 

Below is one of their videos they've made! Enjoy!

By Lindsey Duncan

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Why Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3 is the best

I usually spend my time sleeping, playing sports, and most importantly playing video games; I play the Xbox 360, if you haven't heard of it, it is a console that plays games if you put a CD (That of course contains special Xbox 360 games). I have a lot of games i can play, but the only game i seem to like a lot or play a lot is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. I am choosing to write about Call of Duty because It is the best modified/ or created game ever made. Despite my like for games, the best Xbox 360  game is COD:MW3 (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3). As you can see in the game title it is called a MODERN warfare. What makes this game awesome is how modern the gameplay is, how  modern the guns are, and most importantly; how modern the GAME is in general. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is the number 1 best selling game of 2011. There is a new Call of Duty coming out,  COD: Black Ops 2. This game might actually surpass the popularity and sold copies of Call of Duty: MW3, but if it does, i will still love and play Call of Duty: MW3.  Thanks for reading my blog post, I hope I convinced any gamer that COD: MW3 is better than any other videogame.

By: Fares Mubarak

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

I love playing video games. I really enjoy and have a good time playing a game called Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 on my PlayStation 3. This game is a very modern fast-paced game. It is a first person game and it has 1080p graphics. I am a serious gamer because i play this game in a 52 inch tv with a pro gamer headset. Fares and i usually play against each other and we also make competitions. This game is violent and based on war. Modern Warfare 3 is based on what would happen if there were to be a WW3. Call Of Duty also makes games for other consoles like the Xbox,Wii, and PC. Call Of Duty has made 8 games so far. They are about to release a new one the 13th of November 2012. Call Of Duty has sold millions or even billions of copies to fans all over the world. The game is rather expensive standing at Q800 in guatemala. One thing that I love about this game is that you never get bored of it. It is always fun to play. Overall I think Call Of Duty is a very fun, interesting, fast-paced game.

By: Nicholas Mainsbridge

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Paralympics

For those of you who don't know, the paralympics are held right after the olympics. In these competitions, people who are disabled mentally and physically are able to compete. This way, they feel like they are involved in something important. You can see people who are in wheel chairs playing basketball or ping pong, or even people without legs riding horses! The one that impressed me the most was people without either legs or one arm swimming! There are even blind people doing sports!!
I think that watching these people without half of the body parts we do doing all of this. While we are complaining about being tired, or that we don't want to go to our sport class because of a small equipment thing that we don't have, they don't let this things stop them.

What do you think about this people competing? Would you conceder it a good idea? 

If you had any type of disability like these people, would you let it stop you? Why or why not? 

By: Pablo 

Studying at Night?

CC Image Courtesy of scui3asteveo on flickr

Has it ever happened to you that it is 10:00 in the night and you still have a pile of homework to get done? Well you probably asked yourself should I stay up as late as I need to to finish up the work or should I wake up early to get it done. Well although it’s up to you, scientists have proven that studying at night is your best choice.
Well according to studies it is better to study at night because if you wake up early in the morning to finish up work, you have less blood sugar in your body at that time. This means you would have a harder time trying to think and concentrate and will probably want to fall back asleep. While studying at night will help you retain information better,due to when you study during the morning, you are then distracted by other things making it  harder to retain information. And when you study at night you will not have any other distraction other than your dreams. Although this may not work for everyone, it is proven to work for the majority.


Why do I like Photography?

By: Hanna Lee

I started liking photography since I was on google looking for wallpapers. Suddenly I found this picture of flowers and I really liked it! I started practicing photography, after one year had passed my friends told me that I am good at photography so I kept on doing photography since I was 11 years-old. When I come back from school I tell my friends to be like the models and I am the photographer. When I grow up I want to be a photographer but not a paparazzi. I love taking pictures of nature and people. Photography is my hobby of all time. I use a Canon Rebel T3 for photography, my camera is like one of the most important thing ever! My favorite photographer is Kitty Gallanaugh, I learn photography by looking at her pictures. She’s like the best photographer ever! My mom says that I am too wild for photography but you know photography is my hobby. I will always love photography!

CC Image Courtesy of Kitty Gallannaugh on Flickr

This is one of my photographies! Hope you enjoy it!