Thursday, September 13, 2012


I thought I'd like to discuss a fad that's infecting the minds of our youth on a global scale: YOLO. I know other people have probably discussed this before, but I thought I'd like to It is supposed to mean, You Only Live Once. For me, that is incentive to live a full life that makes you happy and put value on your life. You should be a successful individual, get out in the world, make something of yourself, or release your inhibitions and do something you'd never thought you would do. For example, go dancing with your friends or flirt with a cute guy. This saying does NOT (I repeat: DOES NOT) give you the right to drink yourself into a stupor, try drugs that could kill you, or put yourself in any harmful situation. The point is to live LIKE you were dying, not to "live" for a moment and die as a result.
And what is up with people getting a YOLO tattoo? I don't think those people understood just how meaningful the  expression is. What I think is that they went out with a bunch of friends, got inebriated, and we're dared to get that tattoo. No one in their right mind should get a YOLO tattoo. In my opinion, no one should even get a tattoo. It looks cool while you're young, but I can almost guarantee that it won't look as cool when the skin starts to sag and bag. If you know that life is already fleeting and you want to make it something amazing before you die, then kudos, but that tattoo is still not gonna look so hot when you're 60 and you can play connect-the-dots with your sun spots or flap your skin around like a flying squirrel. It's gross.

Victoria Arroyave (12th)

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