Friday, September 21, 2012

How do you choose best friends?

I remember that I once asked my (now) best friend, Keiran, if I was his best friend. This was anonymously on his tumblr page because I was too afraid to ask him myself. I asked him, "Who are your best friends, and how do you choose your best friends?" About a week later, I found his reply, which stated that he was best friends with about 10 girls and I wasn't included in the list and that he does not choose who his best friends are. I thought about the last part of the reply, Surely, on some subconscious or even biological level, we all pick our friends. I mean, you can choose the people who you do not want to be friends with, so why shouldn't we be able to choose our friends? I think it goes like this: we organize a set of our own attributes in our brain and juxtapose them with other people's attributes to see if they're a good match. Even if we don't realize just how meaningful their actions will be to the friendship, we know what turns us off from a friend. I suppose this is why people make a big deal about first impressions, but I'm super awkward so I was always terrible at that.


Victoria Arroyave (12th)

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  1. Hmm, that's a very interesting reply. I believe that we're the ones to choosed our friends. From my understanding, we have been able to control our own mind, and perceptions of how we view things. We can actually tell our selves to love or hate someone. Yes, we defiantly always look for people who share our same interests, but I think it's also a good idea to be friends with someone who doesn't necessarily share our own interests. As long as there's respect, it's a good friendship.