Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Studying at Night?

CC Image Courtesy of scui3asteveo on flickr

Has it ever happened to you that it is 10:00 in the night and you still have a pile of homework to get done? Well you probably asked yourself should I stay up as late as I need to to finish up the work or should I wake up early to get it done. Well although it’s up to you, scientists have proven that studying at night is your best choice.
Well according to studies it is better to study at night because if you wake up early in the morning to finish up work, you have less blood sugar in your body at that time. This means you would have a harder time trying to think and concentrate and will probably want to fall back asleep. While studying at night will help you retain information better,due to when you study during the morning, you are then distracted by other things making it  harder to retain information. And when you study at night you will not have any other distraction other than your dreams. Although this may not work for everyone, it is proven to work for the majority.


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