Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Guatemala's Victory!!

Did you hear the great news?? Guatemala's soccer team is victorious! On Friday, September 7, there were many "Chapines" soaked in rain water as they were celebrating this victory. They beat Antigua y Barbuda 3 to 1 at the stadium Mateo Flores. Then, on Tuesday, September 11, they played against each  other again, but at Antigua y Barbuda. As I was expecting it, Guatemala won again. Guatemala beat them 1 to 0. This only goal was made by Carlos, "El Pescadito," Ruiz. The whole country is now celebrating this victory that might, but just might, lead Guatemala to the Soccer World Cup, Brazil 2014.

In this video, "El Pescadito" is interviewed. He is saying how the team should have done better and that the show they presented is not what people came to see. "We should have made four goals," He stated.

-Gabriela Maldonado

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