Monday, September 17, 2012

Iphone 5

In the picture above we have two examples of Iphone 5, the new release of apple, this Iphone was released together with a new Ipod nano, and a new Ipod touch this September twelfth. The new Iphone has been waited since the release of the last Iphone, which did change that much and many people was unhappy with it. 

The new Iphone actually changed a lot since we know how apple style was before. One of the most interesting fats about the new iphone is the screen, the screen changed a lot, it it is much longer and it makes it easier to write. The new iphone, like always comes with a new IOS, IOS 6. The new IOS will bring new and better maps that will work as real GPS. Now that you have heard about this, are you going to buy this new model or wait for another one?

Posted like a boss by Cesar Benito.

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