Thursday, April 26, 2012

Many youtube singers have become famous, such as Justin Bieber.  But there are a few who are not famous but are just as good or even better!  Christina Grimmie is one of those few.  Although she has opened for some tours she is not widely known.  What about Austin Mahone or other youtube singers?  Do you know other youtube singers that are also good?  Who?  Do you think they deserve to be more famous??

- Ganzie

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Michael Jackson Dance

This is a dance done by Taylor Lewis.  He imitates Michael Jackson but also adds his own style.  He was my brother's best friend back in the states.  I absolutely love him!  Knowing him and watching this video from when he was 15 years old makes it even better.  When you get to know someone and you see them do something it adds more personality to it.  He did this at my old high school Mountain Crest.  He won an award called Mr. Freshman MC for being the most talented person at our high school.
Do you have any hidden talent that most people do not know?  Have you ever thought about sharing that talent?

Ganzie Brough

Friday, April 20, 2012

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Starcraft showdown!

Since 1998 three distinct races have waged war against one another, seeking to prove their dominance over the others. The Zerg, a race that infests and consumes to become stronger. The Protoss an ancient noble race with psychic abilities, and The Terran, a left over human expedition that has survived to set their dominion. Click on either race to see a video overview of each and decide, who is better? It's all up to you!

Boring People

Have you ever heard of outrages fact about something you've never heard? Facts that look like they would take days upon months to make. And no matter how bizarre the facts may seem you accept them. I have seen these facts again and again while doing my research and I simply have to ask; who are these people? Who of us has the gut wrenching patience to sit down and sift through all of the data, no matter what your talking about, and come up with a fact that could be later tossed around the internet without any credit to the original author. Who's life is that boring?
Businessman Yawning at Work    Stock Photo - Sin royalties, Artist: Masterfile, Code: 600-01083268
By Gio

Faith in humanity...

American comedian, Tom Mabe, shows us through this video a simple prank that teaches us how to feed the homeless. A third of the food in restaurants in the United States go to waste. If people weren't that heartless, they can realize that they can decrease food portions and give food to the homeless without loosing any money.

D.I. Tournament

On Saturday the 14th, 5 teams from Equity went to a D.I. tournament. Each team did wonderfully. 3 teams won second place, and had very good scores. The other two teams one first place. Congratulations Ghost Toast United and Top Bananas! 
That Saturday was a lot of fun, I got the opportunity to watch some of the performances. They were all great! D.I. is a wonderful opportunity to use creativity and to just have fun. I had an awesome time this year, and it is something I look forward to doing again.

If you were on any of the D.I. teams, what was your favorite experience? And if you weren't, do you think that you would be interested in doing it? 

Reading is Decreasing...

In Literature, we have been working on speeches. I chose to write my speech about reading the books before going and watching the movie. While researching, I found some pretty interesting information about reading.

One-third of high school graduates will never read another book for the rest of their lives.
42% of college graduates will also never read another book for the rest of their lives. 
80% of families in the U.S. have not bought or read a book in the last year. 
In the last five years, 70% of adults in the U.S. have not stepped inside a bookstore. 
Only 57% of books newly published have been read completely. 

I found this information pretty crazy. I love to read so it seems pretty weird to be reading information about many people are hardly reading at all.

How much do you read? Do you find this information unbelievable, or do you find it expected?

Thursday, April 19, 2012


 Rethink the way you listen to music in the car. Why not utilize the car itself to play music? I have never heard of this band before in my life but Edie introduced this video to me. It is really cool the way they played this song. I don't particularly like the song but it is amazing the extent of coordination, planning, and materials they must have used. Check it out!

By Josh G.

KONY 2012

People are very narrow minded and gullible. Most of us know by know about the Joseph Kony(warning may contain somewhat graphic images) killings. First of I would like to say that I am all for stopping Kony. However the sheer empathy that these people felt was appalling. There are millions of other of problems facing the world but because somebody rapped the solution in a pretty bow thousands of people and millions of dollars were spent on the projects for these people.
"More children die of malaria, diarrhea, and nodding disease in northern Uganda on a daily basis than the monthly average of Kony's 25 years of killing" reported CNN news article. If half the man power or even 1/3 of the money was spent solving world hunger the world would be much better. The sad part is our generation has grown up with these problems, so we consider them a fact of life. Once we realize that we can think for ourselves we won't need to blindly follow anybody. Again, I would like to say that I am a full supporter of TRI, I just think I can support more valuable movements.

By Gio Aboujaoude

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Among the most influential people in the world there are talented artists, reputable politicians, and outstanding thinkers. But among all these great people, Time's 100 Most Influential People in The World is leaded by a young athlete. Jeremy Lin is a 23 year-old Asian American basketball player, currently playing for the NY Knicks.While nobody expected it, Lin led his teams winning streak promoting him to the starting line-up. His popularity gave birth to culture "Linsanity". The Associated Press praised him by saying "the most surprising story in the NBA". Bloomberg News said that Jeremy "has already become the most famous [Asian American NBA player]". Jeremy Lin has been one of the few Asian basketball players to achieve such accomplishments. Lin has shown the world that no matter what your race is, there is no thing that a person can't because of people opposing you.
Alexx Alexxander is an illusionist from Norway. He, like other magicians perform magic tricks and amaze the audience. The cool thing about this guy is his audience is almost always random pedestrians on the street and most of his tricks he uses the pedestrians for the magic trick. Its always cool when a magician pulls a rabbit out of his hat but its even cooler when the object that it "magical" is in your of your possession. Like it this case, a Norwegian coin.
By Josh

Monday, April 16, 2012

How different are we from them?

Picture from Flicker by whitecat sg

TED is a community that spreads really interesting ideas. One of the ones that interested me was one of how animals can be moral. At first I was skeptical about where animals could be moral at all. But just this way of thinking is wrong. Why should an animal, specially an ancestor of humans, not be capable of things that we experience and think? Anyways, in this TED video titled Frans de Waal: Moral behavior in animals, the speaker talks about several experiments that they ran on animals to observe different if there were similar moral reactions with animals. It turns out they are as capable as we are to make moral decisions, at least based on the standards and understanding that Frans' team established. So the question is up, why do we think animals are incapable of being like us? If we were in their shoes, how would we feel regarding this matter?

Monday, April 9, 2012

Living Zombies!

Clairvius Narcisse was a Haitian who was turned into a living zombie. As the extremely well documented story goes he checked himself into a hospital complaining of benign symptoms like headaches, a sore throat etc. Within two days he could no longer feel his body, his lips turned blue and he was shivering dramatically. A day later he was pronounced dead by two American educated doctors. 18 years later Clarise found his sister in a market. He claimed that instead of being dead he was actually in some form of a coma and although he was aware of everything happening he couldn't move. He was then dug out of his coffin by a bokor(witch doctor) who proceeded to some how revive the 'deceased' and put him to work at a plantation. Later an investigation showed that the bokor had many zombie slaves who managed to escape after one zombie retaliated from repeated abuse by the bokor. The investigation also revealed that the poison used to 'kill' Clarise was tetrodotoxin(puffer fish venom) and the chemical used to revive him was bufotoxin(toad venom). Although the final conclusion was that he did not technically die the toad venom put him in such a suggestive comatose like state that to the average person he was the very meaning of the word zombie, even though he didn't bite.

courtesy of Virtual Line
By Gio Aboujaoude