Friday, February 28, 2014

Teamwork in Teams and Alone

The power of teamwork is very important.  It is important for everyone.  It is one of the things we overestimate all the time.  It is the power of teamwork that can change everything.  For example, if you are in a competition and it's just you, you get anxiety and pre-event stress.  Which changes your performance and emotions.   Also the only way to help this, is to have a good self-esteem.  Now, if your are competing as a team, your levels of oxytocin increases and pre-event stress decreases.  Also when you play as a team, there is more people to support you.  This video explains the power of teamwork.   The differences between being in a team and being alone.  The differences of performance. And also how the chemicals in your brain changes.  Now watch the video.

After you watched the video, you can see how important is teamwork.  How it might change to person to person.  And also do not blame your mates for your mistakes.


Smack Cam by a whale!

So I was going through youtube searching for some interesting videos for y new post, and I came up with lots of videos that were entertaining but not as much as this video. When I saw the name of this video, "Girl gets slapped in the face by a whale" I thought "I got to watch this vide" so I did, and I saw a whale and the whale was swimming really relaxing until the whale smacked a girl in the face with its tail, I think it is really funny how the whale smacked the girl, and when they put it in slow motion and the girl yelled, it was hilarious. I love whales they are really big and there are lots of species of whales that is really entertaining to look at whales swimming, but if they smack you I bet it would be really funny but at the same time people would be laughing at you, especially if they videotape it and post it in youtube that must be even more embarrassing, but for me watching the whale smack the girl it was hilarious! Hahahaha this is so funny! I love whales! I wonder how does a whale's tail feels when they smack you?
-Gaby Paredes

Taxi Cab Prank

People might be afraid of the sole existence of zombies or any other mythical creatures, but what would happen if you were trapped by a mythical creature inside a cab? I don't know about you guys, but I think I would be terrified. Like in this Video, many people wouldn't believe the existence of these creatures but once they see them, they look terrifyingly afraid. It can even break you in tears. I would like to be honest, but i would love to try this prank out. When i grow up, and get a lot of friends who would cooperate with me, i would love to recreate this prank.

So from now on be careful when you enter a Taxi cab... you might not know when a mythical creature would come and eat you.


Knife Guys

How would you like to have the perfect aim? Have you ever tried throwing a knife, do you know how hard it is to get it to land where you want it to? This may look weird but man they have talent. Imagine how much coordination and patience to do this type of activity.You are risking many peoples hands and even lives. I don't see how these people do it. I would run away if I were the guy in the first one. Actually never mind, they would probably pin me DOWN with knifes. LOL. Well this is just nerve racking. I hope your stomach gets queasy! It is difficult to get through this video without somehow having your hands hurt. It actually hurts to type at the moment. My hands are shaking! Well I hope you enjoy this crazy video! Hope these very talented people don't slip while doing a trick or something. That would be sad. If you don't have a strong stomach don't watch this. Who am I kidding. You will be fine. ;) Have fun!

Btw...  I was not able to find a longer or scarier video to post. This is probably the only video of these guys. I hope they post more though. For the millionth time... THEY ARE AMAZING. I am going to stop talking now. Enjoy!

-Rebecca Orozco-

Trends That Never Get Old

By: Ricardo Quinones

  In the 1960s, cars began to evolve into what is
know as a species of class. The brand Jaguar and Porsche, began sketching and creating cars that would become classics for the end of time. We see ourselves in 2014 with new cars that can almost fly, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley, have created cars that, well, from my point of view do not have to much of a figure. These current cars in other words, look fake. They are sketching cars that look like toys, and there is no real beauty in things that look fake. If you look at it this way, when you see a certain someone with an operated face, does this look beautiful? Know it looks fake but in some way it seems nice. The same with cars right now, they are drifting into a trend with no real beauty. Now the difference with the cars in the 1960s, is that they have a real artistic design. These are classics that will never get old. What do you think of classics when it comes to comparing them with 2014 Coches?

How to make Fondant Chocolat

Everyone like chocolate right? This is how to make chocolat. I was just really hungry so I decide to post this. For me it just looks like chocolate cake. Chocolate was started in Latin America. The first people who cooked it was Mayans. They made hot chocolate and drink it. To america, Christopher Columbus brought it. I hope you enjoy it. :D

Monday, February 24, 2014

Bets You will Always Win

We all have bet at some point or another.  And we also have lost it or win it.  What if I told you that you can always win your bets.  If we talk about history, there has been series of fraudulent negotiations. By that I mean that those people who won the negotiations knew very well their tricks.  Knowing the tricks is everything.  If you know what your doing, you can beat anyone.  But this is not something that you learn from night to morning.  You have to practice a lot to improve your abilities.  And at the end it my help you to get some easy money from your friends.  This video shows how easy bet can be very hard and it also shows how easy they can be.  This video will show you some tricks you can use.  And trust me they will help you.  At some point or another you will use this to win a bet.   Please comment about the video.


Friday, February 21, 2014

Tribal and Choir Version of Frozen

I found this while I was surfing the internet one day and I decided to share it with you guys. I know there has been a lot of remarks about frozen, the movie. Some like the movie, and some don't. I personally love the movie, because it has beautiful music, and very great moral. What I loved even more, was the song "Let It Go" in 25 different languages. When I came across this story I was surprised to see this beautiful version. It is mixing different cultures, but still creating beautiful music. These young children have so much talent, it is crazy. I love to see people showing their amazing talents in a good, sane way. This tribal style that was added to an amazing choir and a very talented little girl was so creative. Who ever came up with the idea is very creative and has a very big imagination. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did. This choir is a great by the way...

-Rebecca Orozco-

Yuna Kim (The Queen) Unfairly judged?

     To have imagined that Yu na the Queen lost the gold medal in the Olympics just astounds me. There are many people in the internet that are saying that the scores or judges were wrongly given. Like in 'click here' is an example of how many people thought that Yu na's performance was the best. I, in my opinion, think that Yuna should've won the gold medal. Compared the the Russian winner, Yuna's figure skating style is innate. All i think is that Yuna should have won this Olympic's Golden Medal.

by: SJ

A Venezuelan Hero

By: Ricardo Quinones

For the past two weeks I have been posting intense videos, music vibes and my thoughts on it. Well I think this week awaits a more serious matter. As many of you folks know, a tragic situation is roaring through Venezuela. There President Nicholas Maduro has been acting very irresponsibly, and has shown that his intentions are not for the people but for himself. People are being injured and shot daily because of the protests, which they have the utmost right to do. Uncountable amounts of people are out on the streets, fighting for a resignation from the president. The thing is that the president refuses to do so and so is doing everything possible to keep his position. Even if this means having the entire government army outside, attacking there own people. So far there have been very little politicians fighting to support the people. Except for who we see in the picture, Leopoldo Lopez. Leopoldo Lopez was one of the candidates for presidency in Venezuela and he has been fighting for his people for the past month. This includes huge protests, interviews with great courage that attack the president with the truth and therefore risking his life. I would like you all to visit this link and listen to how Leopoldo Lopez attacks the truth. A true hero from my point of view.

Some people should not sing.

Today in computer class, Juan Fer and Jorge found this video. I thought it was funny so I'm posting it. The thing is there is about 5,000,000 people watched this video and around 50,000 people likes it. I thought this is just ridiculous. Also, the thing that made me really laugh is that you can buy this song in itunes ( What do you guys thing about this song?

-Cindy Kim

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Guardians of The Galaxy

Tristan and Jacques told me about this new Marvel movie that is coming out, and they told me that I should do a post about it, so I watched the trailer and I actually thought it was good. This is a new Marvel movie that is coming out August 1, 2014. If you did not know Chris Patt is an American actor and he plays the role of Star-Lord in the Guardians of The Galaxy. I really do not know what this movie is going to be about but it is probably going to be that the Guardians of The Galaxy have enemies and they need to kill them, like almost all of the Marvel movies. Karen Gillian plays a role in Guardians of The Galaxy and she is also in the series of Doctor Who. I really think that this movie is going to be really good but not as much as The Avengers or as the other Marvel movies. I am actually really excited for this movie, it seems really interesting and with a lot of action. I love action movies especially the ones of Marvel movies. I personally like a lot Marvel movies they are full of action and they make my adrenalin go up! Hope you like the trailer, Enjoy!

-Gaby Paredes

Friday, February 14, 2014

Talent Vs Training

Many people are concerned, due to the fact that they can't be good at something, because they do not have talent. Well talent is something that really few people have.   And sometimes they don't develop it. Talented people had been admire by humanity for many years.  Well, I come with an answer for those people that use training to create their own talent.   This video shows that even though you might not be as talented as Messi, or CR7 or Picasso, you can still develop your talent.  Watch the video now.

It's all about genes.  Genes tell us who we are.  For example, if your dad or mom was good at a sport or a activity, it is more likely that you would be good at that as well.  Therefore if any person of your family was a artist, or a soccer player, or even a businessman, you have an open world to whatever you want to be. 


Climbing the 2nd Tallest tower in the world...

        These people are awesome, I wouldn't even dare to climb a tower that big. People who aren't afraid of heights I would envy them. They could climb this tower by just climbing them. I would pee my pants not even half way up the tower. I guess this is what people life for, Experiencing exciting things throughout life. Enjoy life by doing extreme things like climbing the 2nd tallest tower. I don't know about you guys guys but I would cry and die before climbing this huge Tower.



Photoshop Does Not Make You Perfect!

What if you had the opportunity to change your entire image with a computer... Its called photoshop. Most if not all models don't look like what they look like in a magazine. Most of them look like us. They all have imperfections. In this video, some women went to a photo shoot, got makeup, hair and clothing done, and then got pictures taken. After the photos were taken, they got photoshopped. They look completely different. Im not going to say much more. You will see the girls reactions for yourself.

-Rebecca Orozco,
Remember! Your perfect in your own strange ways!

Oldy Vibes At It's Best

By Ricardo Quinones

 I do not know how many of you have heard about earth wind and fire. Anyway I heard of them just recently, when my vieja(mom) showed me one of there songs. I know this type of music can relate very little to our vibes now, but you need to learn to like every type of music. I am pretty sure, Earth Wind and Fire was one of the popular groups back in it's age but from my point of view, there songs never get old. It is something about the perfect blend in the band that forces me to listen to this song daily. I am anxious to know from you guys, if this music still feels right in your body. The video is very funny and particularly the base player, he has his own way of moving. Tell me what you think...

Konapun- Self making jelly!

Few month ago, I found this cool stuff called konapun in Facebook. It was made in Japan and there is many versions. Those are jelly not clay which means you actually can eat it. But I don't think people would eat that... and some people who actually tried it said that it taste horrible.

-Cindy Kim :D

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Shirtless men in Abercrombie and Fitch store!

First of all there is nothing inappropriate with this video. In this video a lot of men enter to an Abercrombie and Fitch store without shirts. The store always has this model having photos taken for promoting clothes, there are a lot of photos all over the store with shirtless men, and there is this sculpture of a bronze man without shirt. This guys are not promoting anything but it was just for fun or a prank. The guys were told that it is not illegal to go around New York without a shirt, and the Abercrombie and Fitch store has no sign that says that either so they are going to figure out what happens if all these men go into the store all shirtless. First two of the men that were trying to buy a shirt were kicked out of the store, then almost all of the men were kicked out specially the ones that went with the model to take pictures. I think these prank or just for fun thing was hilarious! If I were one of those guys and they kicked me out when I was trying to buy a shirt, I would have said that there is no sign in the walls that says that no shirtless men are allowed to get in the store, and I would have said it is a free country. It was hilarious when the model was taking a photo with the fat man, I was laughing so much. Hope you enjoy!

-Gaby Paredes

Friday, February 7, 2014

The Most Expensive Propaganda of History

Throughout history many propaganda have been used to motivate people.  But I am here to debate which commercials are the most expansive ones.  First place we have the "Pirates of the Caribbean: At world's end".  Made in 2007, 300$ millions.  The second one was made in 2010, for 260$ millions.  It was the movie "Tangled".  And in the third place we have, Spider-man 3.  Made in 2007, for 258 millions.  All of these advertisements were made to influence the people to come to watch the movie.   For a commercial to show on the Super bowl, you have to pay millions of dollars.  This video was made by "Budlight", it is 3:44 minutes long.  They made it for the Super bowl, and they sponsored a beer.  On the video, there is a guy called Ian and the rest are actors.  They asked him, are you up to whatever comes next?



Trypophobia is fear of bunch of holes. So if you have Trypophobia, you'll get scared of dots or holes. I found this phobia in Korean site and I got pretty interested, so I tested my self with pictures and I really didn't got scared but some of them were really disgusting for example holes on people's skin. Belive if or not this Trypophobia is one of most common phobia but still it haven't studied scientifically yet. Here is some test pictures for Trypophobia, if you feel disgusting you probably have this phobia. I couldn't post more disgusting picture, if you want to see it you may look for it in google :)

-Cindy Kim-

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Luxury Life

By: Ricardo Quinones

When people go beyond the impossible and risk there life, like in this video it really catches any person's attention. The first time I saw it I can tell you I felt the chills, that sensation of how these people are in fact insane. I had never heard of this so called sport because what it seems like is risk of you own life for a few minutes of view. I have to say that these two guys are not only great skiers but incredible paragliders. If you take a close look at the video you will se how steep the mountain actually is. You know how people say that on tv thing's seem to be exaggerated, well not on this video, if I could say I am sure the mountain is ten times steeper than how it appears on the video. What is most impressive though is when they reach the end of their skiing journey. Please tell me your comments on how impressive you think this actually is. Gratzie

Looks Aren't Everything

What do you think when you see yourself? A lot of things probably, good and bad. Now what does a model sees of themselves. You probably think they see perfect barbie dolls with a perfect body. You and I probably would never expect to hear a model say she is insecure. Cameron Russell, a model, said looks aren't everything, and I really do agree with her. She has been a model for 10 years, looks amazing in all pictures, and naturally, and is still insecure of herself. There is nothing wrong with you I promise. You are perfect in your own way. Be happy with yourself. Watch this video, and this will tell you a lot about what models go through, and how just a pretty face can literally get you free stuff. Hope you enjoy this video, even though its a bit long... :) 

Rebecca Orozco

The Brightest Thing In the Universe

          Some people might say, the brightest thing in the universe are the stars. I also thought that, I thought that the brightest things in the universe were the stars, until i saw this video. To come to think that the brightest thing in the Universe is the Black hole itself, would be amazing. I would never imagine that the Black Hole is the brightest thing in the universe. The black hole itself is not the brightest thing  in the universe but it is what the black hole causes. When a star is devoured by the black whole, the particles that are going around the black hole are so fast that it creates heat, therefore making the surroundings bright. Called a Quasars.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

I have watched almost all the movies of Spider-Man. All the movies of Spider-Man are very good and interesting, but this trailer really grabs my attention. Spider-Man 2 has a lot of action and the graphics are really good! Electro, Rhino, and The Green Goblin are the three enemies of Spider-Man in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. I can not wait anymore for this movie because I love Marvel movies, though I am not an expert in them when it comes to asking hard questions about them *cough* Jacques and Tristan. :) Maybe The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is the opening for Sinister 6. My opinions of this trailer are that maybe Spider-Man is not going to defeat his enemies because maybe they wanted to do like different things in their movies, like not always the good guy kills all the bad guys, and the good guy always wins as it always happens. I really like this trailer because it has new stuff and it looks way better than the first movie. I really wish you like this trailer as I did because it really does look good, and very interesting.  I can not wait anymore for the movie to be out in theaters. Almost all the marvel movies are coming out! I am so excited!

By: Gaby Paredes