Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Brightest Thing In the Universe

          Some people might say, the brightest thing in the universe are the stars. I also thought that, I thought that the brightest things in the universe were the stars, until i saw this video. To come to think that the brightest thing in the Universe is the Black hole itself, would be amazing. I would never imagine that the Black Hole is the brightest thing in the universe. The black hole itself is not the brightest thing  in the universe but it is what the black hole causes. When a star is devoured by the black whole, the particles that are going around the black hole are so fast that it creates heat, therefore making the surroundings bright. Called a Quasars.


  1. INTERESTING. Although I will probably not remember most of this video, it would take 2 move replays for me to fully understand how Quasars are produced fully. I really had no idea that something dark could produce the brightest thing! This is an example of how we diminish things because of their appearance without really investigating them.

  2. Quasars are cool beans. I wonder how that would affect our own ecosystem if the black hole in the center of our galaxy ate a star

  3. Black holes are the brightest objects in the universe? They glow from the light that they absorb? What sorcery is this?! And seriously, what's that light-tunnel thingy in the middle of the black hole? What is that?